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NRA – Sunday with Lubach

Dear fellow Europeans. A devastating humanitarian crisis is threatening
the small country on the coast of North America: The United States of America. 24,000 injured, 11,000 dead.
This year alone. Every day 40 US citizens
die because of a terrible epidemic: Nonsensical Rifle Addiction. NRA is a constitutional disorder… caused by a dysfunction of the prefrontal
second amendment in the nonsensical cortex. Causing patients to shoot people. It starts with an innocent Colt, but soon patients
show signs of shotguns, sniper rifles and M-16’s. Often, patients use silencers
to hide their condition. People who suffer from NRA
have a big impact on their environment. Family, classmates and random strangers
struggle with fatigue, anxiety… and the feeling of getting shot in the face. NRA is highly contagious.
Parents often pass it on to their children. This happens automatically
or semi-automatically. Scientists still can’t explain why, but while it’s
spreading like wildfire throughout the US… NRA seems unable to cross the Ocean.
Or the Canadian border. Nonsensical Rifle Addiction is hard to eradicate. People with the most severe form of NRA
are often in hard to reach places like… rural areas.
or Congress. Many Americans are desperate. But… we Europeans can help. Programs have been initiated, like the Nonsensical
Rifle Addiction Anonymous, the NRAA. More help is needed. Urgently.
We cannot turn away, so donate now. Text STOP NRA to zero zero three one
twotwotwotwo nine. With your contribution the Red Cross
can send airplanes to drop water… blankets, facts, insights, statistics
and truth bombs. Yes, those are bullet points,
cause bullet points don’t kill people. Ignorance kills people. Let’s help the American people
fire congressmen instead of guns. Say nay to NRA.

100 thoughts on “NRA – Sunday with Lubach

  1. I live in Europe, and it sure is nice going to school every day without having to worry about getting shot to death by some retarded kid who happened to get his hands on his dad's gun.

  2. So many butthurt americans 😂 to funny!!

    P.s. don't get me wrong. I know enough americans who don't suffer from NRA.

  3. Wanneer 13% ongeveer 50% van de moorden maakt, dan zou ik ook wel een wapen willen…..

  4. A "Silencer" doesn't exist, it's called a suppressor. You can't fully remove the sound of a firing gun.

  5. Uh uhm want er worden natuurkijk niet 3 miljoen onschuldige mensen gered elk jaar door de nra. En je kan natuurlijk een automatuisch wapen krijgen.

  6. Dutchman now living in the USA here, we'll keep our guns you keep your 52% income tax and triple gas tax and 21% sales tax and… never mind.

  7. Wat is gevaarlijker? Mensen wapens geven met alle gevolgen van dien, of mensen geen wapens geven en onderwerpen aan een toekomstige tiranny?

  8. You know, a lot of these comments actually display the same ignorance and entitlement mocked in this video. If all of you could just agree to mandatory registration at the very least, just watch how the gun related deaths would decrease.

  9. I get the Euro joke, and mind our news media maintains a steady stream of rating enhancing hyperbolic promotion of the negative. We shall see how it pans out for them as their internal makeup change with immigration.

    We will have to go many 100's of years before we begin to approach Europe…. Don't be so smug Europe, scratch the surface and your veneer of sophistry falls to tribalisam in short order….

    WW I estimated to be 10 million military dead, 7 million civilian deaths, 21 million wounded, and 7.7 million missing or imprisoned. Over 60 million people died in World War II. Estimated deaths range from 50-80 million. 38 to 55 million civilians were killed, including 13 to 20 million from war-related disease and famine.

  10. This video genuinely has some of the most flawed logic I've ever seen, but a majority of the video was entertaining so I'm just gonna take it as a joke and be on my way

  11. Cool, so instead of being shot, we can get beheaded. Wonderful. We're less dead as long as the death isn't a shooting, right? WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  12. I'm a liberal American and I just want to say thank you for this. This is comedy and yes I laughed hardcore at this, but they're right about the ignorant NRA.

  13. Americans are not very different from other western countries. Studies have shown that Americans are not more mentally ill or suïcidal. The only difference is the number of private guns.
    If you deny that, maybe you suffer from nra 😉

  14. Weapons have been around humans for a long time. We just aint perfect. There is evil i n this world. Its a fact that the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.

  15. I guess the “it starts with an innocent Colt” joke kinda slipped by the Dutch studio audience but I thought it was hilarious 😂

  16. Let's see who's yucking it up when Europe as a whole is an Islamic State. Go ahead and sir all the highly prized blonde haired blue eyed children you can.
    Muslims prefer then over all others as sex slaves.
    Get started on your Arabic studies as a first language also.
    Nothing wrong with getting prepared for the future.

  17. Americans, hold on to your guns. Statistics clearly show that they save more lives than they take, and that the highest accident and murder rates are in the states with the strictest gun legislation. Don't fall for leftist propaganda with the only intent to disarm you (not protect you).

  18. Europe is burning and women are being sexually assaulted and we're supposed to take this anti gun propaganda from you losers? Cucks. You losers don't even have freedom of speech and can't even defend yourselves.

  19. Europe is filled with people that love being told what to do and think. Sadly all the good stock went overseas a hundred years ago.

  20. My God given rights are not subject to the approval of foreigners.
    Yes, I know this anti-civil liberty propaganda is supposed to be funny.
    For me defense is a real issue.


  21. Yes, let's ban guns. Surely nobody will ever hurt people with knives, trucks and vans or even sulfuric acid, will they? No, sir, that definitely never happens in the "civilized" European countries (soon to be caliphates).

  22. 75% of gun murders in the USA are committed by blacks and hispanic gang members involved in drug trafficking, not NRA members.

  23. Compare american murders per capita to european murders per capita overall after taking out gang violence (since that is done with illegal guns anyways.) Also if someone breaks into my house in the night I can shoot them dead instead of being dragged out in a body bag. But whatever idc what a bunch of idiots living in the decaying shell of former empires think about us anyways.

  24. Gun crime/deaths have gone down in the last century, also crime in general has also fallen. Nearly 500,000-2,000,000 people are defended by a firearm, that also includes the saving of lives due to a threat to a persons life or defending themselves. Sorry that you don’t want to stop the tyrannical government that has been taking our rights ever so slowly and cautiously because they do NOT want an uprising.

  25. After watching this video and reading these comments, it's weird how much Europeans think about us.

  26. Damn, all the newest comments are full of trolls and sensitive American conservatives without a sense of humor or satire.

    EDIT: don’t take everything so seriously guys!

  27. Americans are proud of having the right to possess a means to defend themselves without having to go mother-may-I and we are laughing at them for it? Oh how far has this continent fallen. Orwell is rolling in his grave.

  28. 1900s Europe – Americans need to disarm. We are totally not pushing propaganda so your country gets weakened
    2000s Europe – Americans need to disarm. We are totally doing it for your own good and not to weaken your country
    same shit different century

  29. Don't worry Europe, we laugh at you harder for being at the mercy of your own governments, for allowing Islamic conquest of your own lands and the defacement of your landmarks, for not being allowed to defend yourselves, and for being unable to defend your own countries without American aid. Remember to pay your NATO dues. 🙂

  30. The problem isn't guns. America has always had guns.
    The problem is society. Society is changing.

  31. Wait, people are taking this bait seriously? Aight, let me give it a try.

    My country isn't getting cucked and raped by those sand people from star wars as well as legitimately having defence against government tyranny.
    oh wait shit… that's 100% true

  32. Quite funny, we should make a video telling them how to stop gays, drugs and prostitution 🙂 .. nah, we do not care, just like they should not care what is NOT in their country.

  33. Everyone should have the right to wear defense meganism.

    Most time police cant help you so they take the freedom to protect urself or property.

    Too many time police fail, goverment fail.

  34. I'd much rather have a firearm to defend myself than wait for the police to arrive a gazillion years later. Don't even get me started on the UK police, fuckers could barely handle one man with a knife and another with a machete. Its becoming too lawless and weak

  35. Het is heel raar om hier in Nederland een mening over te hebben. In Nederland zou de wapenwet voor niet veel goeds zorgen, omdat de politie altijd 10 minuten weg is. In Amerika wonen mensen echter vaak in de countryside, waar het wel 45 minuten kan duren voordat er een politiewagen ter plaatste is. In Amerika hebben ze die wapens dus nodig, om hun huis en hunzelf te beschermen

  36. Dit bewijst nog steeds dat als lubach Engels was geweest dat zijn show gigantisch groot zou worden ik bedoel het is al groot maar nog groter.

  37. Een studie in de VS, door (crime prevention research centre) kwam tot de vaststelling, dat in de zes staten van de VS waar je zonder vergunning een wapen verborgen mag dragen, daar ook de minste gewelddadige delicten voorkomen. Criminelen veranderen hun gedrag, passen zich aan en denken blijkbaar tweemaal na voor ze daar een slachtoffer aanpakken. De angst van de crimineel om onverwacht met één of meerdere gewapende tegenstanders te maken te krijgen, schrikt blijkbaar af. Wie had dat gedacht.

  38. Beste Lubach: een beetje een late reactie maar via een NOS link over “toprioriteit” kwam ik bij dit filmpje.
    In eerste instantie spreek je over 11.000 doden per jaar en 40 doden per dag echter dit moet zijn 30 doden. Rekenfoutje?
    In 2017 heb je dit filmpje gemaakt en in datzelfde jaar voltrok een ander groot probleem namelijk het drugsprobleem. In dat jaar stierven 70.000 mensen door een overdosis drugs en dat zijn er zo’n 190 Amerikanen per dag.
    Elke onnodige dode mag niet vergeten worden … toch?

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