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NRA Selling Hoodies With Handgun Pocket

the n_r_a_ has begun selling herded
sweatshirts with a pocket for concealed handguns yet you know this was what this sort of
stick they think that they are in this but they’re like we were bubble like but normally this would be i’ll horrible time to defuse something like that you’re all begin in
the face of all the people who care about tray bombardment satara obviously
police have been a huge part of the story especially at the roar of error maybe clown
comments about other bodyguard farewell martin phil and they’re like snickering in the
background of akka ap will come over the newly any good idea
got into all what what you see there would have helped rerun clinton can add
a very bad as countries for such more honest people right because they are
like making an argument that all of this has nothing added to trade
on march and why do you say not you know i don’t like what’s
happened in it for now at everything is alike other excuses
include allowable maybe they’ve been selling the study for a while that may
be they started selling it before a trail of marketing accepted you know the n_r_a_ website and you but for this product it’s tied so it’s a new product updates its
something that they’ve just started selling it sweatshirts before but this one is specifically is for
concealed carry right and look that in the past they
might have been reluctant do something like this because when you do something this insensitive at a time when the nation is
paying attention they would have been political
consequence straight but now there are never any political consequence for the
n_r_a_ because the republican backed them a hundred and twenty eight percent no
matter what what the there’s nothing we can do that
would cost of a single republican vote and then the democrats of course are
generally speaking keep it real towers so they’ve been running away from this
issue for at least the last ten years and so in in fact they have signaled
through you know the press et-cetera that they
have a complete and utter surrendered here and so then i_r_a_ can run anybody’s face in it and the democrats whatever fight back of
the new no new laws they will remain in our area
and and know what the sticker about are isn’t it funny that word now you can put
your gun in your buddy opted for a month and not only will the prop republicans
not fight back and also this includes democrats democrats as well uh… concern is what make sure to that
guns at their or need that so for instance alan west i had a town
hall in south florida attendees were instructed to leave their
weapons at home okay balmoral don’t you think that country would be much safer everyone had
a gun and they were able to terry dot concealed gutter wherever they
go now wait a minute i thought the perfect safety situation was if
everybody has got solution the message hit the send out by
on west have said everybody brings it bring as
many guns as possible and it’s ok al list also begun and he
has security that also is guns as well as everybody in the crowds that
goes on but nothing would go a long and we all know how it works if someone
pulls out a gun to do something on the dollar hurt someone i mean everybody is perfectly trying to pull out their own
guns and it’s like it will be right they don’t you like it perfectly and effect apples out a gun you know
what he’s going to get a stand your ground and do some potential him
immediately and when that guy shoots that somebody
else had plotted on a shoot him immediately in self defense when he
pulls out a gun someone else to pull a gun issue demands of the best
immediately attrition standard rapid diet down what’s the best under stalin with the republican
positions what it’s supposed to be that more guns keep you safe i don’t believe that position and apparently neither does alan wes has won his his ass online all the
citizens on give her a little bit anywhere near
me brand mayor of the people date but not near me because i’m precious sort on west offices on pressures

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