100 thoughts on “NRA Members Are Losing Perks

  1. Liberals remind me of kids on the playground. When someone does something they don't like they result to insults. Seems all they can do is make fun of people rather than actually fixing problems.

  2. just this week china let their president be a dictator and banned the Letter 'N' and banned the book 'Animal Farm' by Orwell. I think the NRA is something we need

  3. 3:08 PLEASE GOD tell me the next words out of the interviewers mouth were "But, I'm not asking the presidents daughter, I'm asking the senior advisor to the president her opinion".

  4. *Kurt Richard Haskell: I just updated my false flag indicator list for the first time since Trump took office.
    False Flag Indicators:
    1. The perpetrators have had recent arrests and have gotten very lenient sentences for what they were charged with.
    2. The government has been warned of the attack and done nothing to stop it.
    3. Eyewitness accounts differ on key details from the official version.
    4. The perpetrators don't go to trial (dead, escape or take a plea).
    5. A victim from the crime that should have been killed miraculously lives to give out details of the event.
    6. Key video is hidden. Still pictures, which are often grainy or unclear are repleased to support the official story.
    7. The perpetrators are tied to ISIS or Syria or racially divisive groups.
    8. The perpetrators are identified in record time.
    9. Dropped identification of the perpetrators is found.
    10. DNA from the perpetrators is found in too many places and is run through lab tests in record time to make an identification.
    11. The attack was on or in public transportation or a building where many people gather (school, mall, concert, etc.).
    12. The amount of dead shrinks as the event plays out.
    13. New laws or military action take place as a result of the event.
    14. The event receives an abnormal amount of press coverage.
    15. The country where the event took place has recently irritated Israel in some way.
    16. The event and perpetrators are set up to cause conflict between several different religious, ethnic or sexual orientation groups.
    17. The term "assault rifle" is widely used to describe the perpetrators weapon by eyewitnesses.
    18. The friends and family of the victims do interviews that are not believable.
    19. Suicide vests are used and at least one doesn't detonate.
    20. One or more bombs do not detonate.
    21. A gun jams, thereby saving someone from death.
    22. An unbelievable hero story is released by the press on day two, usually accompanied by a gofundme account.
    23. A manifesto is released by the perpetrators.
    24. A drill is taking place at or near the event at the same time.
    25. The US Government gives an incredible amount of money to the victims families or to the area where the event happened.
    26. The victims in hospitals miraculously heal and disappear in record time. The hospitals provide no update or 'one' large press conference is given to discuss the progress of their imaginary patients.
    27. Little to no amateur cell phone video footage of the event is released.
    28. The perpetrators have recently disappeared for at least two months.
    29. An online video is found of the perpetrator acting crazy.
    30. The details of the event make it impossible to not be reminded of other recent false flag events.
    31. Friends and family members suddenly change careers to become professional anti-gun lobbyists.
    32. The perpetrators wore body armor or it is found at the scene.
    33. Former military members play key roles in the event in some way.
    34. There is little to no proof that anybody died or was injured.
    35. Federal agencies are on the scene in record time and numbers that would not normally be possible In a short time period without prior knowledge.
    36. Federal agencies take over the scene even though it is an event not normally under their jurisdiction.
    37. Rita Katz and S.I.T.E. immediately "find" evidence that ties the perpetrators to radical Islam.
    38. No tears are shed by family members in the immediate aftermath of the event.
    39. Footage from other events is passed off as actual video from this event.
    40. Unverifiable social media posts pop up immediately after the event to point the finger at the perpetrators.
    41. Uber is involved in some way.
    42. An ar15 with excessive ammunition is involved.
    43. It's reported that the event should have been much worse.
    44. A cell phone, iPad or book miraculously deflects a bullet to save somebody.
    45. The families of the victims immediately forgive the killer or place no blame on the killer from the start.

  5. god damn im so fucking done with jon baptiste. i have to unsubscribe!!! 3:33 he fake laughs for 20 fucking seconds!!!! he laughs over stephen!!!! stephen has to stop talking in order for fucking jon to stop laughing

  6. Let’s all cheer and clap as these corporate sponsored entertainers ‘joke’ the rights of the people away, all while being protected by armed security.

  7. Haha only 13 people ever used the discount most didn't know it existed. But now delta loses $50 million in tax breaks from their hub in Georgia . So who won that round delta

  8. The nra does alot gun safety stuff it would be wise the do business with nra members who won't accidentally shoot your foot off

  9. Every talk show has a side man that laughs and jokes and makes noises, what's different about Jon that seems to trigger douchebags?

  10. You know what america? Your weakling behavior as of late makes me hope, and pray that you get your ass fucked by a mad tyrant. I really hope so much.

    Behold your work around the world liberals. In Europe people are being thrown in jail for tweets. Your party is a modern Bolshevik type party, and you dont even realise it. I stood with the left, but now all i see is weakness. I refuse to live in a world where you are jailed for a tweet

  11. And to invanka's statement, I'd say to her "Well, I think it's inappropriate for a daughter of the President to have an official role in the White House that is not First Daughter."

  12. The Miami Herald is now reporting that the killer did not even use an ‘assault weapon’ by the definition of the old Federal 1984 Assault Weapon ban. He used a ‘compliant’ S&W version which did not have the ‘evil cosmetic features’, and only used 10 round magazines. In fact, most likely the firearm would have been legal to sell during 1984 to 1994 period of the Federal Assault weapon ban.
    However, You and I know that actual FACTS do not matter with those who are against basic human rights.

  13. Giving a bad name for all hard working women… Untruthful!

    Wearing a Olympic medal that belongs to someone else vs taking someone else's Purple Heart! What trumps the best?

  14. The NRA Didnt Kill Anyone…They Are Being Scapegoated….Go Attack Hollywood….Because They Never Promote Gun Violence…

  15. Blah blah bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla this guy is fucking horrible no wonder Comedy Central got rid of him

  16. You can take all the guns lol. That’s why your stupid everyone that needs one already has one idiots. Anyone want to buy an ak or thump gun?

  17. I think it's a little ironic that right after these airline companies (especially) but also Symantec, Enterprise, etc., retracted perks for NRA members, they've started to face repercussions, like Delta Airlines being cost billions of dollars and potentially having to move their headquarters. The NRA is impactful as a primary lobbying force in politics, yes – but not nearly as impactful as the multitudes of NRA members.

  18. High paid jobs and free trips for all the trump family. Apparently nobody cares enough to actually do anything than talk.

  19. What about Killrey and killbill ,their Clinton foundation that has received billions ,but only 10% of the funds make it to aid people🤔

  20. The follow-up question to Ivanka should have been: Alright, fair enough… what do you in your official capacity as senior advisor to the president believe about these allegations?

  21. Simple YES or NO question.

    Inappropriate question would be more like:
    Do you believe your dad approved of Jared, as many have concluded, because he knew no way that dead fish could slam anything that slammin'?

  22. Everyone quitting on trump…..he's gonna have to raise the cap on h2b visas again so he can fill his cabinet with Mexicans like he filled marlargo with them.

  23. I only know through television the phrase “going postal” because I live in the UK and the worst thing postal workers do is steal your birthday card money or leave your parcel in your trash can.

  24. The NRA and KGB are one in the same.
    Putin and Trump are one in the same.
    All of them want to see Americans shot and America destroyed.

  25. I'm glad that Stephen finally called Ivanka out for the ridiculous double standard she thinks she's entitled to for some reason. All the perks, none of the responsibility.

  26. Gus who wore the native American headdress and wouldn't apologize till he got heat… Gus is okay with problematic shit if he's the one doing it or it makes his white friends laugh.

  27. If you're liberal and you know it grab the guns!
    If you're liberal and you know it grab the guns!
    If you're liberal and you know it take your freedom and just blow it!
    If you're liberal and you know it grab the guns!

  28. NRA is so stupid… they cancel literally ANYTHING that has to do with gun control. They don’t spend a second thinking over the consequences of their decisions and has led to hundreds of gun control rights being denied

  29. I didn't join the NRA to get discounts. I joined it to fight the anti-gun Left! Go Trump. Make America Great Again!! Trump 2020!

  30. The question nobody at the NRA-or anyone else- can answer: for what reason do private citizens, of any age, need assault weapons? No good response to that thus far.

  31. I abhor violence, but wouldn't it be ironic if the next gathering of these bastard's was attacked by a Vegas-type gunman….or two?

  32. I thought "The sound of children dying" was the main NRA perk, I didn't know about all these other snazzy deals!!

  33. Why should NRA members get discounts on plane tickets again? I mean, maybe discounts on guns would make sense but plane tickets?

  34. Companies are free to withdraw their sponsorship of any organization.
    That's how they work, quit acting like snowflakes.

  35. NRA MEMBERSHIP DECREASES CRIMINAL ACTIVITY AND GUN DEATHS. CHICAGO AND DC ARE PRO GUN CONTROL CESSPOOLS OF INNOCENT VICTIMS. first lovers quarrel Steven. heartbroken and dejected I marvel at the lack of positional evidence as I join the NRA for the 1st time in my life.

  36. I noticed that's what Trump did. Everyone in his cabinet is just people he knew. Talk about laziness. "We're gonna have the best people." "Blah, Blah, whatever bullshit I think you'll believe, blah."

  37. Well to be fair, but in no defense of the scumbag trump it is kind of inappropriate to ask that of the accused's family at the same time she didn't exactly defend him.

  38. Simply, she's not that bright
    An intelligent woman doesn't put on that coy little smiley act when asked an uncomfortable question

  39. I can’t believe people don’t realize that the ‘NRA’ is just people. The NRA is your neighbors, co-workers, friends & family.

  40. You used to be funny before you became a partisan hack. You are making the world a worst place and you should be ashamed.

  41. I never understood why law abiding gun owners have had their normal perks removed just because of a select group of people who have never even been an NRA member. It just seems stupid & unproductive.

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