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No 2nd Amendment Right to a Concealed Firearm says Federal Appeals Court

sts you’re sleeping society this week in
terms of gun control one was he and the tenth circuit united state court of
appeals found that the heller opinion of uh…
twenty ten essentially allows for um… concealed carry was essentially a prohibition zon
concealed carry laws which was it which is an interesting uh… step for this court to take because
we’re now seeing sort of like the how heller is being parsed by by laura
carlson in earlier tortured logic applying it was an individual right
which would’ve been left out of court thirty years ago or alive he did say that which is different
different area to the country have legislated over the years a rule without
concealed carry differently and chilling at least he’s got a few history books in
the nineteenth century albright is states veto from wyoming i mean kick you
when the maginnis in to kentucky and ohio and others been concealed carry
that with that you know even texted even get past the dogs you come in to dodge
caliber guns at the or whatever they did a big industry there but i’m
paying additional state because they didn’t want to spend time in the
government of texas said the only purpose for the
concealed going to kill which is of course mostly true amma
immunity for some people that now that you because everywhere else had them to
our people that you’re going to kill the protecting them telling there was a book
any statistics or anything you’d realize they’re not bike but uh… but you know that that that
indicate all that you can tell you that i know we are going to be and that was
the correct readings

11 thoughts on “No 2nd Amendment Right to a Concealed Firearm says Federal Appeals Court

  1. And you data is from whom?

    Are you quoting all murders, or just those committed by guns?
    Does your data also include non-lethal gun crimes?
    Does it take into considering nearby states with lax laws and gun trafficking across state borders?


  2. The Riddle of the Gun : Sam Harris google it, read it, he is very much a liberal, he falls more in line with the way I think. You just look at anti-gun propaganda and say well obviously thats the answer, you dont look beyond it at all.

    I can tell because the only thing you referenced was news stories and opinion articles. Of the studies(the old studies) you did site, I can find others that say the exact opposite that are newer by universities, the NAS, CDC and FBI.

  3. The data was from FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2011, I used w w w . deathpenaltyinfo . o r g /murder-rates-nationally-and-state

    For ease on the rankings. Look the second amendment comes with a cost, I am willing to pay the cost to keep it, you clearly arent, you cant set up barriers to access to non-felons and adult citizens without infringing on the 2nd amendment. It literally impossible, any barrier is an infringement.

    Get your state and 38 other ones to amend it or stop crying.

  4. According to the DOJ(defensive gun use data) guns are used in self defense hundreds of time per day in America to stop crimes and save lives, and most of the time not one shot is fired. Of course gunphobes will ignore these facts and make up their own.

  5. Just proves the courts are full of crap traitors also. What exactly, do not they understand in the sentence, the "right" of the people to bear arms "shall" not be "infringed." A right is not a privilege or permitted at an employees discretion. I also see no qualifications for infringement and shall legally is a command… Not hard folks. Treason is the order of the day for these trustees.

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