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Ninja RESPONDS To Backlash After Stream Sniping Accusation

twitch superstar ninja has responded to
an enormous backlash after he reported another forum night player for stream
sniping welcome to inform overload I’m your host jöhnny Rogers and if you’re
new to the channel we tell you about the most interesting news stories we find on
the Internet and we make them more entertaining the
phenomenon and fortnight known as stream snipers is changing the playing field
for popular live streams for those of you who don’t know what this is allow me
to explain the stream sniper is the practice of playing a game against the
streamer while watching their broadcast to gain an advantage
so basically screen picking taken to the next level this is a big topic of
controversy especially involving the popular streamer known as ninja who
recently reported someone for stream sniping which resulted in a player being
banned until an investigation by epic proved him to be innocent however this
did take some time to clear the players name and in the meantime ninja felt the
fury of what feels like the entire fortnight community on top of him the
incident occurred when ninja was killed by another player and as he was
celebrating the win they believed he was stream sniping the gamer in question is
known as ic5 and the controversy came down to that emote celebration its
timing was almost too perfect at the time ninja and dr. Lupo were in the game
and both had been killed by ic5 when dr. Lupo asked ic5 to do the emo dance
trying to bait a stream sniper to confirm that he was watching their
stream ic5 did just that what they didn’t know was that ic5 was just
celebrating his win over the two players he then posted this on Twitter
attempting to clear his name by directing an at ninja and dr. Lupo he
states that he would upload the video from his end to show that he was only
doing the dance to impress the six people that were watching him take them
both out the original tweet garnered three thousand likes and over 388
retweets it also brought the two streamers into the comment section to
have a dialogue ninja then responded by saying talk about timing when he emoted
when Ben asked odds were in my favor but I guess I was
wrong good thing epic just investigates when I question a player and not ban
them immediately this response was good enough for some for Knight fans to
forgive him but for ic5 it’s just angered him further
I see five Ben responded saying I don’t understand why you raged called
me an idiot and then said you were going to try and get me banned I know that you
can get me banned because of how much power you have within epoch you are the
face of fortnight now ninja has assumed that this comment warranted enough of an
apology to the gamer but many don’t think so he even went on to blame
alcohol for the actions and words about the accused stream sniper following that
with calling people too sensitive and then leaving the comment section but
what do you guys and gals think about this should ninja have to put out a
public apology for reporting people with no evidence or should everyone just calm
down because it’s only a game the backlash on ninja didn’t just exist on
Twitter either most of his critics took to Reddit and started a number of
threads some with more than 44,000 upvotes
people were really starting to worry that because Ninja is one of the top
fortnight users that he would be working with epic to ban people whenever he sees
fit this is a rumor that ninja constantly denies stating the epic
investigates all claims and is standing within the company has nothing to do
with their final decisions epic games actually commented on reddit by saying
that ninjas report had been investigated by IC 5 had been cleared due to the lack
of evidence which also poses another issue with stream sniping the ability to
properly prove when people are actually doing this is an issue it’s easier to
point out when gamers are using an aimbot and move to direct locations but
unfortunately other users will always be thrown into the mix even if they’re just
playing normally with that let’s entertain your brain with some comments
unknown one says hand over the Batman shirt Johnny never Batman is mine
forever mister nobody says as much as I enjoy
watching these videos I hate when the hosts read the comments just report the
story maybe make a special comment response video once a month well do you
care less now that you’ve been featured na huh avi Cobb says how do you guys
determine which backgrounds to use well we pray to the background gods and just
take what they give us be emerald potion says what if the potato King and Queen
II potatoes off-camera who told you now got 101 says you is
Taco King nah be the taco king is old El Paso get your facts straight
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thought do you think that ninja went too far or do you think that his actions
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100 thoughts on “Ninja RESPONDS To Backlash After Stream Sniping Accusation

  1. When did playing games become capable of controversy like this?

    I don't remember this much drama playing New Zealand Story or Super Mario…. Now I want to play Super Mario… Time to break out the NES.

  2. Isn’t the idea of “ninja” to conceal your movements and be quiet. Not stream your movements to the world and yell when they find you?

  3. Ninja cant handle his fame. He let it all go to his head so now he thinks EVERY PERSON who kills him and emotes is stream sniping, even though EVERYONE emotes after a kill. Spectating is a thing and thats exactly what emotes are for.

  4. I think that ninja should think more rationally than acting on impulse. And his apology sounds like he doesn’t take responsibility for his own actions even if it didn’t ban the guy it still gave him a bad reputation. Which can be really bad since ninja has a lot of influence over people

  5. Want to go on an iO binge? If so, check out this video about another story about Ninja making people angry >>

  6. This is really bad reporting. He did not respond to may request to do the dance, he only did it after he made sure he was in the clear.

  7. It becomes more than just a game when you get banned for doing nothing after you have spent hundreds of dollars on a game.

  8. Ninja doesn’t have the most power within Epic Games, Lachlan does because of what he has done for Epic, he created the impulse trap stadium, went to the Fortnite Creative event for YouTubers and Bought everything in the game and own a creative mode for people to join, ninja mostly gets gifted stuff when Epic Games is trying to make the most money, not getting gifted skins that he didn’t buy

  9. Ninja is desperate to report an innocent person for stream sniping. That’s why he will watch him for 10 minutes, waiting for 1 little incident to report him.

  10. When ninja gets killed reports them then says to the report comment stream sniping he’s just raging that he got killed by icey and he doesn’t wanna get teased cause he got killed by a person so he does that to get out his stress

  11. Dude ninja just needs to stop getting buthurt and stop being toxic. Just calm down its just a game that's not even that fun anymore so that is why people are going to stop liking ninja

  12. You do have to realize the reason Ninja thought the dude was stream sniping was because Lupo had told him to 'wait for the emote,' giving him the idea that IcyFive was doing so.

  13. Epic games is unfair. They literally take weeks for some random report but when Ninga reports someone they view it in like 2 seconds… like wtf?

  14. If your gonna cry about being sniped by your viewers. Dont stream, its inevitable for ninja having thousands of very young viewers

  15. I could care less if Ninja gets salty and throws around allegations, as long as he grows from his actions/mistakes it's all good.

  16. Ninja dies from fall damage

    I got this from another comment on a different video 🙂

  17. Everyone should just calm down it's just a game and ninja needs to quit trying to ban people she don't have no evidence epic shouldn't be allowing that

  18. Well im not a gamer but i like watching gamers do there thing. And hey thanks for explaining what a stream sniper is. Honestly had no clue,i just like watching gamers and enjoy the graphics and watching gamers stretch out the gameplay. My opinion is as follows. No matter what game is being played,its the player and his/her emotions played out in real time that is appealing and sometimes not so much. In anycase im happy to see people taking action against cheats. Its not a bad thing that ninja obviously cares about the gaming experience and took action. Theres to many gamers on youtube who just play games they dont care about for a quick click. Im glad to see when gamers are emotionally invested into fair gaming and quality. It only means that he still cares about the games and upholding a certain integrity. Its when watching a gamer play a game and theres just robotic narration is when i get concerned about who really is giving a shit about the integrity of a fair gaming community. Sorry for long rant from a non gamer. I look at these gaming vids as almost like a movie. And when the actor isnt into the role,you can clearly tell. So thanks ninja for actually still giving a shit about keeping games fun and fair. Wish all you gamers the best. And please comment with some fun gaming channels i may have missed. I appreciate all of you makers of content. Thank you for the escape of daily grind of life.

  19. "Its only a game"

    Yeah a game where some people spent money on to get skins just to get banned by ninja for being better than him

  20. Am i somehow the only one who noticed there was a whole 10 seconds between dr lupo saying "do the emote" and him actually emoting, cuz according to Ninja YOU GOTTA LOVE WHN THERE'S PROOF

  21. IceyFive is actually a youtuber. He proved on youtube that he did not stream snipe ninja and he was just trying to get a win.

  22. Ninja dies from fall damages spectates someone emoteing


  23. Ninja can just never accept defeat
    When ever someone beats him
    It’s never ever his fault, he’s always got an excuse

  24. Ninja and Dr.Lup ans KingGeorge and all of them shouldn't have the power to report and ban. Epic or ubisoft should investigate before an immediate ban.

  25. Simple. Shroud for example doesnt report for stream snipers, cause he knows he expects them, plus they're funny and make his stream creative and hilarious. Ninja is just an angry little man who thinks he deserve more than others because he has contacts

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