28 thoughts on “Nightcore – Angel With A Shotgun – Lyrics

  1. I´m an Angel with a shotgun
    Fighting till the wars won
    I don´t care if heaven won´t take me back
    I´ll throw away my faith
    Baby, just to keep you safe
    Don´t you know you´re everything I have?

    And I want to live, not just survive, tonight.

    I love the video, too.

  2. So unfair how you only have 27 people commented. You deserved way more subs and views. btw I'm an angel with your shotgun ❤️

  3. To the people who wanna repeat and repeat the video again

    The girl in the picture looks like Momo Yaoyorozu

    Hi to all MY HERO ACADEMIA FANS season 4 is comin' omagashyay

    I love it like a lot this is actually my favorite song tho

    welp all I wanna say baii

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