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il est comme une pâte, mais vous avez – mais il suffit de faire de cette façon tout le temps cette zip et voici comment nous le faisons kappa oui ce uh film doit me laver plus ce soir donne-moi me donner un film hein vérifier tout film ou rendez-vous sur tout le monde dit O’Brien John gestionnaire perruques Ce n’est pas bon Cory oui wait wait wait pourquoi oh pas bien tous ces vieux taters connard wow qui a frappé pour seulement 120 Huh Votre Honneur l’autorisation d’opposition à pousser mince et bonne nuit que ma pensée est que vous vraiment ne parlait pas seulement cette bonne nuit pour moi En effet, où nous identifions réel BOTS lorsque vous voyez une façon dont les tours tables ha ha ha viennent vous vieux dinde il est la saison de chasse Oh Je suis arrivé que yo vous étiez pas horrible homie utiliser c’est la façon de le faire, je suis fait d’avoir beaucoup de plaisir que je pense que je suis just gonna keep on creating new accounts I’m playing fucking like hobbits with this like a pub but you have this – I just do it this way the whole time this is it man this is how we do it bot Knight 3000 I mean yo the alternative is we sit in 10 min accuse even longer probably directional though you know she bless you guy that was a guy oh we’re just here what was ease what are we doing so long oh yeah I love it I love it when you ready oh well you know edit it be some very nice should learn manners I think there was a ball down here shit L – L – L – oh yeah hey ma’am hotdog fuck was there to meet yo what was that way I’m dead Johnny movies I say give me movies you guys give me sharknado this is why I don’t talk about movies with you guys because you it’s never it’s like John wick sharknado Pocahontas yeah it’s real weird what’s a weird was rounders is a good one show her to that she fell asleep like three times so just to give you an idea when I went there I showed you rounders gambling yeah yes I did the blackjack movie with what’s-his-face Matt Damon and you can’t just always say it’s not true it doesn’t make it like not true yeah I mean and that’s how you argue but not a valid it’s not see that’s not a good way to argue you hit like if you’re wrong he’s back that’s not true the notebook yeah we’re on doing that shutter island and she liked that I think actually you said it sucked shutter island’ sucked another idea of who you’re dealing with it was so boring just nice little idea who deal with over here Chad Rina shutter island’ was boring just then it’s a big guy Zeus [Music] power I’m not nice fucking me holy shit [Music] Oh Nick you suck give me that foot that big-ass foot big bohemian foot from Bohemia typing this game is so fun it really did a good job with that [Music] and then the last melon where’s yeah where’s a little watermelon out what I’m alone you killed I’m always like a little baby fish just doesn’t know any better let’s go teach him a lesson that’s why you don’t swim in deep waters you should be scared honey Oh what the fuck hey wash you back just accept it you accept your fate old grasshopper stop it stop it grasshoppers operatic will grass up – oh shit gotta crank up more injection oh man [Music]


  1. NICK if your looking for a GOOD MOVIE then watch “Law Abiding Citizen” 👍🏼 if you haven’t seen it your in for a treat. It’s with Gerard Butler.

  2. Nick check out the movie "Book of Eli" by Denzel Washington…best film ive seen in a long time…0% predictable cgi…class 😎👊

  3. could you plz move your pop ups a little off center soo wee can see whats going on?(the gifts) <3 no hate just wanna watch some gameplay

  4. Ok did everyone miss that he said Rounders was a blackjack movie?? He just lost me as a viewer with that comment haha

  5. Nickmercs is the only code I use in the item shop. My son and I both use it and he doesn’t know who you are. He’s only 8 but in time he’ll know.

  6. hey i think your goated but of course hes a little fish your like a great white in a fish pound bro when you smurf

  7. Sending my regards and respect from SanDiego. Love the community and what you guys built. Got that hustle mentality.

  8. How terrible it is when good to great players cannot handle it and need to smurf. You people ruin the game for people wanting to play. you are too skillful to do that. I had suspected that was the complaint the whole time about all the changes. Thanks for proving me right! You just want to kill noobs. smh

  9. hey nickmercs, it's texas hold em they play in rounders, not 1 hand of blackjack in tht movie lol

  10. But “Rounders” was a texas hold em movie. I like how nick started using snipers once he figured out how OP quickscoping is

  11. Rounders is about Texas hold ‘em not Black Jack hahaha. Check out Green Street Hooligans tho. That’s if you even see this haha

  12. Your aim is insane Nick but u should rly be better at building by now. You’ve been playing so long. U still can’t do 90s

  13. John Wick > Bourne. A. Keanu actually learned the fighting skills and rifling skills actually did his stunts so he could actually kill you B. Old dude Bourne didn’t practice any actual fighting for his movies and all of its fight scenes were heavily faked using chop edits. C. John wick killed 36 ppl at once the most Bourne ever fought was like what 5-7? D. Bourne got knocked on his ass in one punch literally and was also captured twice. John has been captured zero times and knocked down once after being shot twice. There’s no shot Bourne beats wick.

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