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NFA Side-Charging C9 [Review]…The BIGGEST Knob We’ve Ever Seen

– A 9mm pistol caliber
carbine with the best side charging feature that
we’ve ever seen coming up. What is up guys? My name is John with, your definitive source for
gun reviews, gear guides and all things that go bang. PCCs have pretty much
been the go to it fad for the past couple years and as such, almost everyone and their mothers have released some sort
of 9mm AR-15 variant. But what sets one apart from the other? Well, one solution is to
refine the fire controls of the AR-15 to better
suit the smaller package that most PCCs come in and the folks at New Frontier Armory have
built probably the most ergonomic, sight charging
upper receiver we’ve ever seen. We had the opportunity to
link up with them in Vegas and get some rounds on
steel at Gunship Gun Range who normally specialize
in letting tourists fire machine guns from a helicopter. For those not in the know,
pistol caliber carbine ARs utilize a direct blow back system which are generally a bit stiffer feeling than your average BCG
and buffer spring saddle. Combined with the fact that
many less expensive PCCs don’t have a bolt hold open feature, charging the gun on a closed
bolt can be a bit of a pain and will probably cost you
some time if you’re an op. The side charging feature
allows you to charge the gun and load a fresh round without coming up from having the gun shouldered and it’s much more
ergonomic than frantically racking the standard
T-shape charging handle that you’d find a normal
AR and a phase take on the side charger is to make
the charging handle itself pretty dang huge ensuring
that finding and grasping it when you’re moving quickly is a breeze. Though we didn’t get
the chance to experiment with multiple different optics, we suspect that the charging handle may
not play nicely QD lashes but you can lock the bolt to the rear if your optics mount is pumping up against the charging handle during installation and obviously this is
not a reciprocating bolt like you’d find on the SCAR series rifles so you don’t have to worry
about giving yourself an impromptu root canal
when you’re firing it. One thing you’re definitely gonna notice is the gun’s relative heft. This is certainly a
chunky little 9mm pistol. But weight saving measures
have been taken here and there such as the very aggressive
cuts on the M-lock handguard. Although we obviously don’t recommend it, the included linear compensator mitigates enough recoil and sound
to make standing behind the gun sans ear pro totally tolerable. Again, you should always
be wearing ear protection when shooting but you’re
probably not going to have time to grab it in an emergency. Shooting the NFA C-9 is a ton of fun. The linear comp all but
eliminated vertical recoil resulting in a slick, hot
right wurst on each shot because of how I C-clamp
with my left hand. This made running the plate
rack on a range a breeze and without much effort, I had the gun trained on the next piece
of steel pretty quickly. It should be noted that
the gun had some issues with Arms Corp. 115 grain nine mil producing two squibs
within maybe 10 rounds. We’re unsure what exactly caused this but switching to American Eagle 9mm ball and Hydro-Shok 147HST
cleared the issue right up and the gun ran great afterwards. The C-9 includes Magpull
MBUS Pro flip up sights which aren’t bad perse
but I personally think that shorter PCCs shine with
a red dot or holographic sight for faster target acquisition. The gun features a bolt hold open feature but it does seem to be a bit finnicky depending on what
magazines you’re running. It definitely seemed to prefer
OEM Glock stick magazines over other after market
mags such as ETS and a MEN2 in terms of getting that bolt to hold open but they did all feed admirably. NFA also offers the side charging C-9 in a full length carbine variant and why its recoil
basically nonexistent there. We didn’t get too much trigger time on the 16 inch PCC but
it was just as much fun to bang away with as its smaller cousin. Obviously you’re not gonna
be punching out super far with nine mil but both
guns performed great and accurately in the close up range steel plate courses we ran them in. NFA also informs us that
their sight charging upper receivers should be cross compatible with lower receivers
from other manufacturers but as with any time
you’re doing a kind of Frankenstein build, your mileage may vary. If you’re in the market for a new PCC or you’ve got an existing
pistol caliber lower receiver that you would like to add
side charging functionality to, we would absolutely
recommend taking a look at New Frontier Armory side
charging C-9 upper receivers. Alright guys that’s
gonna do it for us today. Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed this
content, please go ahead and subscribe to the channel as we’ve got lots more reviews on the way. We wanted to give a huge
shoutout Gunship Gun Range for letting us play, Battlefield Vegas for letting us shoot B-Roll on their armor and Battlearms Development for welcoming us into their studio. Once again, my name is
John with Pew Pew Tactical. We will see you next time. (hip-hop instrumental)

28 thoughts on “NFA Side-Charging C9 [Review]…The BIGGEST Knob We’ve Ever Seen

  1. You got to check out the American Resistance Gear AR9. Made by a couple of my buddies here in Texas. Absolutely the best LRBHO on the market. Bomb proof even on FA. Tell them I sent you and they'll charge you double🔫🤠👍

  2. Why buy cheap, finicky guns? If it's not eating everything it's a pos. Forget that. Buy something reliable.

  3. Love PCCs it’s been my truckgun for about a year until I recently just finished my 10.5” 556 pistol. My all time favorite is the mp5 of course but that’s not very customizable lol

  4. Overheard at a 3gun match in Southeast TN last year:
    "John, are you shooting PCC division?"
    "F*#k, no. I'm a grown man!"

  5. I just want to add that I had a similar issue with my .300Blk and Armscore ammo. It would not run the Armscore ammo at all (as in, didn't not successfully cycle a second round one single time out of 3 boxes). We swapped out almost everything and the issue continued. Switch to American Eagle ammo, not a single FTF and ate everything we threw at it. Perplexing.

  6. I'm finding it extremely difficult to formulate my opinion of this firearm without the aid of fresh fruit comparisons.
    Alas I just bought a Ruger PC carbine so perhaps it's best I not being watching this video anyways.

  7. Looks fun. On a budget, trying to keep your mags the same for your pistol, or working with range steel, it's a great idea. On an unlimited budget, I'd prefer .556.

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