100 thoughts on “NF – PAID MY DUES

  1. This is happily to say the song that tells me NF is in my circle of rappers to listen to. I’m not blind to new rappers I’m just sick of the same old shit. But Joyner Lucas , Eminem and this guy here have bars unlike anybody. Listen to these bars over and over and over, let them sink in. They are it.

  2. I feel like NF never expected to get this big and now he's still putting all that he can into his songs and he's acknowledging how big he is and how famous and how much money he's gonna make off of it but he's still being his real self and not striving for clout or money and actually trying to make his songs well unlike most artists who just don't care and just put out trash songs.

    Also thanks Nate for helping a lot of through depression and other hard things in our lives and just putting absolute banger songs ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. i know this is a serious vid but honestly, every time the other nates pop out of the background i cannot stop laughing

  4. I was coming home from mcdonalds(im a Muscian/Writer) and i heard let me down. and i was like who is THIS is writting is so easy to relate too.. I got home. searched his albums and became a hardcore fan. Great music NF Try focusing on changing your mindset. LET GO OF THESE BURDENS


  6. NF hits me so hard man, his music is so real and inviting. I relate to literally every single song out there. The only artist I've ever listened to that I can relate to and expresses their pain in a real way. Glad to know NF is real and cares. Glad to know i'm not alone

  7. Lol I hat this song I had to buy fireproof eatbuds just to listen so they wouldn't burn bc of the heat they are producing…SMH

  8. "Let it fade, yeah let it fade
    Once it's decimated, then we drop a new album out of nowhere and all the fans embrace it"
    Leave me alone

  9. Nate I know you probably won’t ever see this message and that’s ok . You talk to me through your music . You are amazing man and I just sit here and listen to you all day at work man … real music doesn’t need cursing in it for people to feel what you are saying ! Please don’t change “ I wrote a song about that you should play it “ …see what I did there lol

  10. I like the song, but I don't get why he has that black stuff around his mouth, reminds me of the joker or something!?

  11. Saw this on trending. Omg. Started listening to your other songs. Love your message. Insane skill. You def deserve respect and the haters can drown under your flows, not to mention the support of a great fan base.

  12. @Nfrealmuic bro I thought u was going to be ass but hell naww u sum heat bring more we need it out here fuck the hater

  13. This probably is the only NF song i have ever felt the need to criticize. A lot of this songs slower parts simply sound like the beat was recycled from Leave Me Alone (Woo woo woo). Don't get me wrong, NF is great and i love every song of his. This song just seems to lack the unique feeling that all of his other songs give.

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