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Newtown Firearms – SHOT Show 2014, What the Stuff Outdoor Adventure

California’s Newtown Firearms returned to
the show proudly displaying their awesome NF 15 Rifle. What we quickly found out is
that this is no ordinary AR15 – and it all starts with their operating system. “This
is our piston operating valve and piston rod. This design allows the shooter to adjust gas
pressure by just turning the knob. So when its’ all the way shut down it shuts off
the gas pressure completely. When you open it up, it lets more gas through the valve
to operate the valve with more pressure. So you can tune for ammo or any condition in
the world – high elevation, low elevation, humidity – any ammo. It will feed any ammo
because you can regulate the pressure. It gives the shooter a very big window to adjust
their gun – which is very cool.” With 42 positions, Newtown Firearms’ gas piston
operating system is infinitely adjustable – ready to meet the needs of every shooter,
any conditions, any ammo. And yes, Newtown Firearms’ NF-15 is top-of-the-line, but
this company is also acutely aware of the needs of your everyday AR enthusiast. “This
year were offering a forged rifle, upper and lower forged, that were using from Barnes
Precision. He does a great job on his forgings. Using our complete operating system and parts
that we manufacture. It gives the shooter the ability to buy into a piston rifle with
high accuracy at a lower cost. So this year, we’re kind of targeting a window to get
more guys in the club at a lower price point. Now this gun is around $2000 with a piston
operating system. But in a direct impingement it drops to around $1400.” State of the
art design, built for all levels of shooters…that’s how you change the game…and that’s how
Newtown Firearms does it.

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