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NEW Zeiss Rifle SCOPE – Guy Eastman Reviews the Conquest V4

hey guys this is Guy Eastman of Eastmans’
Hunting Journal. Today we’re in the Gear lab and we’re gonna be talking
about rifle scopes. This is the new Zeiss v4 rifle scope. It’s brand new on the
market this year. It’s the replacement for what would have been HD 5s which is
what we’ve used in the past, but this is the new and improved scope for this year.
It’s a very well rounded all-around scope for for big-game hunting. This is a
30 millimeter tube instead of the 1 inch tube. So we can get 90% light
transmission through this scope so we only lose less than 10% of the light
through here. So very good at low-light conditions. Bigger
tube to get that light through there. This is a 4 to 16 by 44 millimeter so
it’s pretty standard what I like to use hunting. You know I generally use 40
millimeter objective. This is 44 just a little bit bigger, but the 4 to 16
gives us plenty of zoom capacity. So we can turn all the way down to 4 power if
we’re in really close tight in the brush and all the way up to 16 power for those
longer range shots. This scope is available for big-game hunting in three
different power ranges the 3 to 12 the 4 to 16 and the 6 to 24 so if you’re
really getting out there really long range or varmint hunting you want that 6
to 24 power which is a huge range 24 power and it goes up to 56 millimeter
objective lens. So this is kind of an in the middle version we’re gonna use right
here which is pretty much designed and engineered for that middle-of-the-road
cover all your bases big-game hunting scenario. There are five different
reticle options available in this scope and they are all in the second focal
plane. So that’s very important when you’re trying to choose a scope not only do
you want to get the right millimeter objective, you want the right zoom, but
also you want the right reticle. Make sure it’s in the second focal plane if
you’re doing adjustments on the turret like this scope does. I tend to gravitate
to the ZBR, the Zeiss ballistics reticle which is probably what most guys are
used to now. It has the ballistics hash marks minute of angle
in there for both windage and elevation. This scope comes standard with a
adjustable turret. Plenty of throw in this turret, but one thing that is a
little different about this turret it has a zero stop in it so you know when
you turn it it will physically stop at zero and so you can tell where your zero
is even in the dark. Right to zero every single time you don’t have turn on a
light or worry about overcompensating beyond zero. One thing I want to also
mention about this, this scope does come with the Zeiss limited lifetime
transferable warranty. So even if you sell it to somebody, give it to your kid
or whatever, it still transfers. The warranty transfers with the scope no
matter where it goes and it has a five year no fault policy.
So no matter what you do to the scope in the first five years Zeiss will either
fix or repair the scope. So that’s a very very good option to have for the
longevity of scope. So the warranty is very very solid on this product. Just a
really good all-around go-to scope for big-game hunting whether it’s long range
or just shorter range everyday use. With all these options available I’m really
excited to try this scope in the field in low-light conditions and get a few
big-game animals under its belt this fall. So remember to subscribe to our
YouTube channel for more information and product reviews just like this one.

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