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New Zealand’s Push for Gun Reform, Explained | NowThis World

New Zealand is making some big changes. [ARDEN]:
Every semi-automatic weapon used
in the terrorist attack on Friday will be banned in this country. [HOST]:
The Prime Minister made the
announcement less than a week after a white supremacist allegedly
carried out a mass shooting that left 50 worshippers dead
in two New Zealand mosques. So despite the typical calls
to avoid ‘politicizing’ attacks like this…. we need to get political for a few minutes. Because – thanks to a push from
New Zealand’s Muslim community, gun policy experts and politician
alike are already recognizing that this attack was directly
connected to holes in the legal system. So what are New Zealand’s current gun laws? And how are they expected to evolve? When we zoom out, New Zealand’s
gun laws are less stringent than those in other developed
countries like the U.K and Australia. But when compared to looser gun laws, like those in the U.S.,
they could seem very strict. Gun owners in New Zealand are required
to obtain a license to purchase a firearm – and that means passing a background check that looks at your criminal, medical,
and mental health history. The next steps? Reference checks. A home inspection by authorities to approve your firearm storage system. A gun safety training course and written test. Once you’re given the stamp of approval, provided you’re over the age of 16,or 18,
for military-style semi-automatic firearms, you can pretty much buy as many guns as you want. In the country of roughly 5 million people, there are an estimated
1.2- 1.5 million guns held by civilians. But the number of licensed
gun owners in the country
is just under a quarter of a million people – so that means gun owners are
likely to have more than one firearm. And gun owners are not required
to register the majority of weapons – only certain restricted ones like
military-style semi-automatic weapons. So, of those estimated one and a half million guns, only about 4% are actually registered. It’s been called a “licensing but no registration” system. And that system made it easier for
the 28-year-old Australian shooting suspect to enter two mosques in Christchurch with guns, including semi-automatic weapons, and open fire
on Muslim worshippers during Friday prayers. [ALI]:
You don’t think something like this
could happen in New Zealand – Well, in Christchurch of all places.
We’re such a small community. We’re so kind and loving,
so I just don’t understand why someone would hurt us like this
in such a way. [HOST]:
According to authorities, the alleged gunman legally purchased all 5
firearms used in the shootings – something he wouldn’t have
been able to legally do in Australia- and wasn’t on any watchlists. The country reacted quickly. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern delivered
this message a few days after the shooting: [ARDEN]:
What I can assure you is,
our gun laws will change. [HOST]:
And indeed, less than a week after the shooting, she laid out specific legislative plans: A ban on all military-style semi-automatic weapons,
assault rifles, high-capacity ammunition magazines, as well as accessories that can
modify guns into military-style weapons. This doesn’t include smaller semi-automatic guns. Parliament has signaled support for the ban,
which is expected to pass easily. Even the leader of the main opposition
party threw his support behind it. Once the ban becomes law,
the punishment for owning one of the banned weapons could
reportedly amount to a fine of about 2,700 U.S. dollars or
up to three years in prison. If these changes seem to
be happening exceptionally fast… it’s because they are. That’s thanks in large part to
the country’s unicameral parliament, which lends itself to this type of legislating. For a bill to pass, only a simple majority is needed. Prime Minister Ardern also
announced a buyback program for the soon-to-be-banned
weapons currently in circulation. And while some gun owners
pushed back against the government’s push for legislative change, others got ahead of it. [HART]:
I’ve been a firearms owner for about
20 years, and for at least 10 of those, I’ve owned a semi-automatic rifle. For me the utility or convenience of a semi-automatic rifle weighed up against the possibility of another tragedy
like we’ve witnessed in New Zealand – Is really not a difficult comparison at all. It’s really not worth the risk to my mind. [HOST]:
According to police,
a few dozen people like Hart have voluntarily surrendered their guns,
even before the buyback program has started. It’s important to consider the
context in which this is happening. While New Zealand’s gun culture doesn’t quite rival the U.S.’s, (firearm ownership is considered a privilege, not a right) it’s a big part of many people’s lives. That’s especially true in rural and farming communities, where hunters rely on firearms to
eradicate pests like possums. But some of these farmers,
including the country’s main farming lobby, are supportive of at least some type of gun reform. [SALVESEN]:
Been a few things said these last few days, that guns themselves aren’t necessarily dangerous, it’s the people that use them,
so more careful vetting might be a good idea, too. [HOST]:
New Zealand has an influential gun lobby that has actively pushed back against
legislation aiming to tighten gun restrictions. Which is largely why the country’s gun laws
haven’t been substantially revised in decades. In fact, the last time there was real reform was in 1992, when the country found itself
in a very similar situation to today. Two years earlier, a mass shooting in the
township of Aramoana left 13 people dead. Subsequent reforms included requiring
firearms licenses to be renewed every ten years and tightening up restrictions on mail order guns. [ARDEN]:
And still none of the changes
that have been made in the past dealt with one of the most glaring
issues we have that sets New Zealand apart from many other nations. The availability
of military style semi-automatic weapons. [HOST]:
Christchurch was the country’s
deadliest mass shooting since Aramoana, and the first one in more than 20 years. In fact, since 2007, annual gun homicides in the country have almost always remained in the single digits. For a country with such little gun violence,
the Christchurch terror attack changed everything. But it remains to be seen just
how far those changes will go.

100 thoughts on “New Zealand’s Push for Gun Reform, Explained | NowThis World

  1. "allegedly"… Allegedly???? How dare you insult the deaths of these people. Allegedly… dear God in heaven.
    The Muslim community didn't"pressure" anyone, it was the pressure of everyone shocked by this gruesome act of terrorism against innocent kids, women and men. Who wrote this??

  2. Looks like New Zealand fell to the tyranny of the majority. There is a reason why the United States requires larger margins and has an electoral college.

  3. Please redo this video. Your dismissive language of the TERRORISTS actions are offensive.

    Terrorist white nationalist not gunman
    This isn't alleged, we know what happened and who did it and why. He published a manifesto.

    And how dare you paint a target on the Muslim community by claiming that they alone pushed for gun reform. It is sickening.

    I'm unsubscribing.

  4. No one talks about the 'shooters' past, like how he didn't have a job yet was an international traveller and was able to purchase all these weapons. And was incredibly calm while shooting

  5. if a person posses a gun, and has no actual purpose for it's use, it should be confiscated, target practice is not a need situation, and gun rental programs, should have to provide slug and shell markings for each to a law enforcement data-base! in my opinion! but these are not the guns that kill, when a shooting goes down in a neighbourhood, a planned format search, and seizure should be made to the homes of everyone having any connections to the scene!

  6. NZ already had a lower rate of mass killings than even AU. This was the first mass killing in NZ in over twenty years. AU, on the other hand, had 9. So please stop scapegoating guns.

  7. False Flag:  “A horrific staged event – blamed on a political enemy and used as a pretext to start a war or enact draconian laws in the name of national security.”

  8. “Since 2007 annual gun homicides have been in the single digits”. And yet everyone needs to surrender their guns now because they can’t trust you anymore not to go on a rampage.

    True story: I was in Israel a few years back and there was an attempted mass stabbing not far from where I was staying. Two Muslims yelled their “battle cry” and began to attack people with knives in a grocery store. The civilians shot them on the spot.

  9. I am from new zealand , I am a farmer and a firearms license holder, personally I am saddened and angered to see what has happened here since the shooting has happened, this knee jerk reaction to what has happened is a terrible idea , the fact is the shooter should have never gotten his license and he had already been reported for things he and his mates had said at the range , what happened was a failure of the state and the police to do there jobs properly, all this knee jerking has done is put even more once legal firearms on the black market, just like it happened 20 odd years ago , there are still unregistered MSSA firearms being found all the time.

  10. I’m a Muslim myself and I own guns and although I’m beyond upset for this terrorist attack, people should be able to keep their firearms.
    This new law is absolutely insane.

  11. New Zealand, first shooting in a quarter of a century: we need some serious reforms or else people will die and sacrificing some stupid feeling of semi-safety for real safety is definitely worth it.
    The US, shootings happening DAILY in places like schools, places of worship, public spaces, etc. : pffffff, owning a gun is a person's RIGHT. If we give everyone a gun no one will be killed with guns because OBVIOUSLY that's how it works. Also, taxes are theft and only the rich deserve healthcare.

  12. People from New Zealand believe that to carry a gun is considered to be a privilege , rather than a right !
    Well said.

  13. It sounds like New Zealand is becoming a police state. If those people had guns to defend themselves the gun man would have never have gotten as far as he did. Because guns will always be available legally and illegally. Even if it is 3D printed or homemade.

  14. A gun in hand is better than a cop on phone. God bless trump, god bless our freedom and God bless America the land of the brave.

  15. Don't give up your freedom to own guns, because you will never get it back without overthrowing the criminals in your government. If guns are so bad and your government doesn't want you having them, they should lead by example and destroy all their military and police guns.

  16. The only worse thing than a male politician is a female politician. More immigration of non compatible people more chance of violence. Natural law. Sorry, fact of life since the Roman Empire and perhaps even before.

  17. Why dont you make a video about the farm murders in South Africa? How the corrupt ANC government has sent South Africa down the toilet…

  18. What a Smart Women !! I assume the Police don't need those guns either right ?? Why would the Police need them to pertect "Themself" but not a Law Abiding Citizen ?????????
    Well i'm certain the man willing to Mass Kill people just ignored that Law but OF COURSE he would certainly FOLLOW a GUN BAn Law ? Are you people ACTUALLY That STUPID !!

  19. Lets review statistic's shall we: More Guns in the Hands of the Public = Less crime or more crime ????? It's less Crime you Freeking MORON's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Gun grab based on a false flag event. Wake the f up people. At least Jessie S. wasn't lying about that Chicago noose thing…. Oh wait….

  21. Also semi automatic is not military style they use fully automatic and it is civilian grade version when they pull the trigger one bullet comes out fully automatic hold down the trigger as long as you want and bullets keep firing

  22. Being hones, the only way the US Politicians would pass any form of gun control laws is if minorities start arming themselves or school shootings take place at their children or grandchildren schools.

  23. Any kind of assault rifle or military style weapon are banned in india and even buying a shotgun or bolt action rifle isn't very easy but still at some places Maoists and naxals have m16

  24. The fact that you blame a gun an object that can.t do any action by itself shows ignorance. Look at Germany a truck was used to kill more people. New Zealand's Church massacre was done by an evil human being that should be put to death immediately. Nothing more or nothing less

  25. American's, are there any of you who solely own a weapon for security reasons ? If you have not already been to New Zealand then come for a holiday or a break from the fear of being a victim of gun violence, feal what it is like to go out at night without the threat of gun violence. Yes we had this massacre but it was not carried out by a person of this country. You can spend your holiday or break in this country without the predictable threat of gun violence as it would be on a scale in your country. Our threat of gun violence is so so small and yes I know we are not perfect.

  26. Now only the government has guns. Hundreds of millions of people murdered by their own governments.

    Never will happen in America 🇺🇸

  27. You heard what she said ! EVERY semi automatic weapon!!! That means the police should not have any also !!! You people of new Zealand better in force that ban on your law enforcement as well !!!!! They want to play games? Then make sure they play along also !!!!!!

  28. Kiwi, you have all reasons to arrest her! And to amputate her clitor for full solidarity with African Muslim-girls… Probably, it'll peace her.

  29. By irony of fate shooting in Christchurch was in the day of presentation of newest "barbaric" AK-12 for Russian market. Arden, do you want to say something about this "disgusting act"?)))

  30. “Those who are willing to trade liberty for safety deserve neither,and will lose both” Ben franklin

  31. 1911 – Turkey disarmed it’s citizens, and between 1915 – 1917 they murdered 1.5
    million Armenians.
    1929 – Russia disarmed it’s citizens, and between 1929 – 1953 they murdered 20
    million Russians.
    1935 – China disarmed it’s citizens, and between 1948 – 1952 they murdered 20
    million Chinese.
    1938 – Germany disarmed it’s citizens, and between 1939 – 1945 they murdered 6
    million Jews.
    1956 – Cambodia disarmed it’s citizens, and between 1975 – 1977 they murdered 1
    million Educated people.
    1964 – Guatamala disarmed it’s citizens, and between 1964 – 1981 they murdered
    100,000 Mayan Indians.
    1970 – Uganda disarmed it’s citizens, and between 1971 – 1979 they murdered 300,000

  32. New Zealand government is so Anti-gun and communist. Gun ownership is a RIGHT. Citizens that are armed are safer! Ban New Zealand, stop tourism!

  33. As Americans we will always fight for the RIGHT to own and bear arms. Dam communist countries! God has given us all certain unalienable rights, gun ownership is one of them!

  34. Dumb fucken yanks, shove your amendments and your cuntstitutions up your arseholes. It's such a joy watching Russia own your bum holes haha..

  35. Lol,the gun grabbing has begun.
    I will laugh when New Zealands will cry blood when this current regime masquerading as "democratic polticians" show their true colors,those who give up their guns in favor for the crooked govt to "protect" them deserve to be under dictatorship as they were never worthy of freedom.
    Remove the EU and Kebab,Islam is not welcome in the west.

  36. wait 16 ? you have to be 18 to be counted smart enough by the government to vote . are you telling me they think kids cant vote but they are smart enough to shoot people ?

  37. So glad I am a descendent of those who left Europe. It is painful to watch people willfully surrender their own freedoms. Don't expect the United States to save you again. You should know better. Our kids aren't going to die for your ignorance.

  38. Sockpuppet accounts and their scripted responses on gun control. I'm sure nobody's been killed with a truck or a machete or rock or a flail or a pointy stick or explosives or by fire when they set women and children on fire in Waco. Lol shotguns that dont break windshields. Lllllllllooooooooooooollllllllllll.

  39. The USA is thinking
    “Maybe we should require background checks and licenses to own a deadly weapon like New Zealand? Nah let’s let all our citizens get murdered by terrorists.”

  40. Congrarz NZ is doing exactly what the terrorist planned all along, or you guys are dumb, really dumb, or probably is using this as excuses, to take away personal freedoms, and push further your own agenda…

  41. A sacraficed staged EVENT like most others massacres in the world to guarantee laws changes to eventually ban and strip all guns from the public… when the time comes and the world military forcibly takes over each country cultivated by agendas promoting fear,the people's public will have no call to firearms to defend our freedom and start humanities world wide revolutions against the Jewish ashkenazi Jesuit zionist feral filthy sick murdering Masonic military slaves who are led by the pied piper leading us all over to the edge of the cliff….sticks and stones will be all that is left for us to protect our children!
    Wake up sheeple….the times are a coming and the piper is playing!

  42. Believe me, the Christchurch Mosque Massacre in Christchurch, New Zealand at Al Noor Mosque and Linwood Islamic Centre that killed 50 and injured 50 on March 15, 2019 is going to be (to borrow a term from the pop culture website TV Tropes) one of the Trope Codifers of Western domestic terrorism on the far-right end of the spectrum alongside the 2011 Norway attacks in Utoya and Oslo (of which the shooter Australia-born Brenton Harrison Tarrant was inspired by its perpetrator Anders Behring Breivik), the 1995 Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building Oklahoma City Bombing by Timothy McVeigh, the 2017 Charlottesville riots car attack by James Alex Fields, the 2015 Emanuel AME Church Charleston shooting by Dylann Storm Roof, the 2018 Pittsburgh Tree of Life Synagogue shooting by Robert Bowers, the 2012 Oak Creek Wisconsin Sikh Temple shooting by Wade Michael Page among other attacks in the same category as Christchurch.

  43. Ah yes, a logical reaction from the New Zealand government, ban and take all guns away from law-abiding citizens when one maniac (not even a Kiwi) commits an atrocity.

  44. Jair Bolsonaro has loosened Brazil’s Gun Laws so Law abiding Citizens can buy and protect themselves and their property which will help cut Brazil’s Crimewave. New Zealand is on the path to tyranny.

  45. Stupid friggin ban dumbass government. Question is will the people be smart and refuse the government or will they be dumb and surrender their guns?

  46. "After a white supremacist allegedly carried out a mass shooting." Seriously!? On what ground you assert allegedly like it is not a fact. Because for the world it is a fact. That it is an act of terrorism.

  47. I dont see how it made it easier if the firearms he used to kill the majority of people were the registered mssa's

  48. "Christchurch was the country's deadliest shooting since Aramoana…" That's an awkward way of framing the tragedy. It was four times as deadly as Aramoana.

  49. "Thanks to a push from New Zealand's Muslim community…" Where did you get that statistic? It was pretty much the whole country rallying around the Muslim community in sympathy and support that led to the gun laws being changed. The vote was nearly unanimous, with one conservative holdout on a procedural point (not in opposition).

  50. The irony when labor party in new zeland is a left wing party stage the mosque attack so they can ban gun quick. People in this world are waking up and can see the BS tho, people noways can't be fool that easy😂😂

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  52. So… let me get this straight….. if you ban assault weapons… do you think those 1,2 million guns are just going to..poof.. dissapear?
    Banning something isnt going make it Thanos snap out of existence… also.. congratulations.. you just made biggest black market with assault weapons in your country… just because of one deranged person shooting up a place….. enjoy spending trillions of $ in next 10 years to have a war on illegal weapons black market.

  53. When will the morons learn that a AR-15 or any simi automatic weapon is NOT a military weapon and never has been military weapons are full automatic!! There stupidity speaks volumes

  54. No way you can create a law in 3 days .looks like an agenda to enforce law which was already made before the event

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