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New Zealand introduces major changes to gun laws

Today I am announcing that
New Zealand will ban all military-style
semi-automatic weapons. We will also ban all
assault rifles. We will ban all
high-capacity magazines. We will ban all parts with
the ability to convert semi-automatic or any other
type of firearm into a military-style
semi-automatic weapon. We will ban parts that cause
a firearm to generate semi-automatic, automatic
or close to automatic gunfire. In short, every semi-automatic
weapon used in the terrorist attack on Friday will be banned
in this country. Details of the weapons
handed-back by owners that are covered by the ban
will also be taken to ensure that fair and reasonable
compensation is paid once the buy-back is in place. But though I think what’s important
now is that [the] New Zealand public is galvanised and I would hope
that politicians are galvanised behind these changes.
Thank you everyone.

100 thoughts on “New Zealand introduces major changes to gun laws

  1. Christchurch attacks: New Zealand brings in sweeping gun-law changes ►

  2. Something I did not know…
    New Zealand employs a Chief Censor with an office of 15 censors…
    The censors examine books and magazines coming into the country and tear out the pages with "offensive" content…
    Can you imagine that? They actually tear the pages out of books they don't like…
    The censors also cut the R-rated parts out of movies…
    The mosque shooter published a manifesto that the Chief Censor has banned. If New Zealand police catch you with a copy of the manifesto, you will be thrown into prison…

  3. You dirty commies. A self declared supremacist and you didn't know about him sooner? Oh, and one mass shooting you start banning? Bombs and other things are way deadlier than guns/they are big threats! GUN AREN'T THE PROBLEM.

  4. William i agree with you the government needs to do more to solve the root issues re mental health and that people will use other means to kill people. Every evil act though is not down to mental health, idology is another cause of these evil acts as here in New Zealand. A person who is once sane and then turns insane and has access to that automatic weapon can then inflict great death numbers. I live in New Zealand and I would never tell you directly to get rid of your weapons. You have a vast land mass in America and I understand your need of a weapon in self protection due to the free legal availability of weapons and sometimes help from the police not being close by. My personal preference William is that these weapons in New Zealand only be available to government agencies in the use for culling pests and animal welfare. A farmer here in New Zealand said that he used to use the weapon as a convenience in the culling of pests and for animal welfare. He has turned the weapon in and now uses a less convenient weapon. We don't have the same gun culture here in New Zealand William, our ownership of weapons per person would have no comparison to your gun ownership in America. OUR GUN OWNERSHIP IS A PRIVILEGE, IT'S NOT A RIGHT HERE IN NEW ZEALAND, as it is in your country. I feel safe walking around our streets, I never fear that the use of a gun will be used against me on the street, not even in my own home "doors locked", may be in a bank!. The less access to the weapon the less likely that a mass shooting will occur.

  5. New Zealanders – you’ve been had. This con used the US method. Add the Muslim twist for distraction. Finally, knowing the majority of gun owners are men, the NZ gov used a Female PM to disarm New Zealanders. So fast, so easy. The stage is set: Say hello to Tyranny and goodbye to liberty. You won’t know the day nor the hour.

  6. The Prime minister, is now the terrorist.
    New Zealanders are now in a state of civil war.
    Resist the occupation ‘
    Form your own armed groups!
    Make em take it from your cold dead hands.

  7. If you had this mindset, why wouldn’t you ban them before the shooting? Did you not know what “assault rifles” and high-cap magazines were? You’re basically admitting to gross incompetence.

  8. The globalist government of New Zealand would of never attempted to ban guns until they were ready carry out a terrorist attack.

  9. Meanwhile, Australian racist political parties are negotiating with US weapons manufacturers in back-door cash-for-legislation deals to get more semi-autos into the hands of their white supremacists.

  10. Wow look at all these negative comments in regards to our gun law change! Our prime minister is doing her best during this tragic time and these gun law changes is what majority of our country wanted, if you hadn’t already known, New Zealanders had voluntarily handed in their semi automatic rifles and such in as soon as the gun laws were passed. They weren’t forced but volunteered because that’s the kind of people we have. In regards to some comments saying that we can’t protect ourselves now. New Zealand is not a place where you see guns on a daily basis, the crime rate isn’t that high for us to require to carry guns! We don’t need guns to protect ourselves. Also our country is not full of cowards and our prime minister is most certainly not a coward. The last two weeks, our country have united in a way that no other country could or would consider doing! So before you go talking negative about my country, check yourself.

  11. Majority of the countries don’t have weapons. Thus avoid any tyrannical massacre. All over the world people are living much better. No weapons needed.

  12. This is just the start. Within 10 years you will all be wearing hijab and carrying a copy of the Quran with you.


  14. I'd better watch myself not to injure anyone on the road with my car, man !!  we all gonna end up riding bicycles in here.  Typical response from an hoax :   loss of liberties,  getting unable to defend yourself because gov punishes you for someone else's behavior.  But !   Heard it on main news, so,  must be real, right ?!

  15. I love how we have the right to own a firearm taken away from us and any talk of changing the gun laws has the politicians saying there won't be any watering down of the gun laws. How's giving back people Right a watering down?

  16. Are you joking? With tension growing in the South China Sea war between u.s and China is inevitable and you want to take weapons away. Stop over reacting and think about this.

  17. Assault Weapons isn’t a term made up by politicians but sure is abused by them. Modern Sporting Rifle just doesn’t hit with the same punch, does it.

  18. DEMOCRACY is DEAD in NZ FALSE FLAG ATTACK AGENDA 21 to FOLLOW This women is detrying your Soverienty and turning over to the UN to run your country

  19. Well yes never heard of any gun owners any where coming to the rescue of a mass shooting as happens in the movies,because you are reasonable people too and dont want be killed

  20. Analysis of official police figures by Newshub show that over the 10-year period from 2008 to 2017, there were 76 murders or manslaughters with a firearm in New Zealand, with seven of those committed by someone who held a gun licence.

    In other words less than one (1) person a year is killed in New Zealand with a legally owned gun. Seven are killed each year with an illegally owned gun. New Zealand has 1.3 million legally owned guns.

    Illegal guns won't be handed in. Legally owned semi automatic rifles (hundreds of thousands) will be handed in. This in a land with less than one legally owned gun death a year.

    The only reason for this move is power, not for the safety of the New Zealand people from the danger of legally owned guns. The Christchurch killer came to New Zealand and committed his terrorist massacre here precisely to achieve this result. He said so in his manifesto.

  21. Sad to live in fear of guns in United States we embrace gun ownership and if they voted to take that away witch is impossible because there is about 3 guns for every 1 citizen we would have civil war and the military would not side with politicians when it comes to 2nd amendments so the rest of the world can lay down and be raped but not in my country Thank god

  22. i used to think guns needed to be banned but i was naive. you can ban anything you want it wont stop peoples minds from doing what they want. i dont own any firearm but it takes guns to stop guns… the cops have guns. they want to live . i want to live too. the world is not perfect , will never be. most dangerous weapons are the human minds. not guns, not bombs.

  23. Soooo she says every semi auto weapon used in the shooting will be banned, then does that include semi auto shotguns?

  24. Guns are made to defend your country not for the civilian to fight against each other . My motive is to ban guns and just provide it to only militaries/police/ LEAs all around the world except selling guns to civilians

  25. As we see the people of new zealand ban away there self defense their next generation will weep of the liberties so easly given away by their parents.

  26. When the government take away the people's right to defend themselves
    People should take away the government's right to govern

  27. Next, they will be banning Ford Trucks and taking away the rights of honest individuals to own one, because some maniac mowed down 50 people at a wedding recption with it…I know, cut off the trigger finger of every person in county so they can't shoot, ya may get a few criminals in the process. Austraila banned semi-autos in the 90's and crime, shot up afterwards…well, imagine that. Criminals may be paying these dense do-gooder politicans to get the guns out so they can get in…

  28. Bye bye new zealand , it was nice to know you. Now more muslims will come and push your citizens away . mission acomplished.

  29. Our country is ruled by Marxist globalist shills who want us dead.
    You want my weapons, Jacinda?
    Come and get them.

  30. American gun lobby after a terrorist attack/ school shooting like this: DON'T LET EM' TAKE AWAY YA 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS!

    The NZ equivalent (which DOES exist. We here in NZ just weren't DUMB enough to let them get powerful enough to buy politicians like the NRA DOES): Crickets chirping in the silence.

  31. Hey Stupid, if someone ram 50 people with a HONDA or Truck like in France , are you going to ban all Honda's and Trucks off the road????

  32. Thank god! I thought for a minute she was going to ban GRENADES as well… I''d hate to have to drop them off at her office with the pins missing.

  33. What about hand guns 14 shot 22 are auto and can kill just head shots or go for the heart there's a smaller gun that's auto 10 shot sane as gunmen used but just smaller and still can kill as it's easy reload time

  34. This lady is being paid by terrorist, to make these laws.
    What can she do to stop bombings. Like the one today Easter Sunday Sri Lanka 🇱🇰. Protect your people do not disArm them.

  35. I'm sorry.. but as a New Zealander I am disgusted with this decision. Banning certain Guns is not going to solve any problems. Oh and by the way, assault rifles are selective fire weapons meaning that you can select the rate of fire, semi or full auto – and I and many other sensible New Zealanders know that these types of weapons have never been legal in NZ. The fact is, that Guns, whatever they are, Semi-auto or full-auto, have never been the issue, the issue has always been the person using them. Banning and Removing these types of rifles is a "Far-Leftist political scheme setup to remove fire-arms from the people in view of complete governmental control, history has proven this fact!" Removing these types of firearms is only going to encourage illegal arms dealing and smuggling.. food for thought Jacinda, how about introducing a Gun Reform that actually works! By restricting who can use them rather then just Ban them completely, and Hats off to anyone in New Zealand who refuses to hand these sorts of firearms into the police. The government will never take away our freedom✌🏼

  36. First the guns will be banned then it will be further restrictions on free speech. You gutless New Zealanders are allowing these liberal politicians to lead you down a path you will regret. When you have no civil liberties left don't whine about it you allowed it to happen so you will have to live with it

  37. Cars kill people, should we ban cars? A common kitchen knife can kill you, should we ban knives? What about pencils? hammers? Our BARE HANDS? There are so many appliances that can be used for murder so why not ban all of it. It's so sad that those citizens have nothing to protect themselves with now.

  38. I'm hardly the first to mention this, but this isn't leadership; this is emotional reaction. Emotional legislation is almost always bad legislation.

    But following the lead of western media, we are conditioned to look at crimes involving firearms and do what we don't do in any other crime – blame the implement rather than the culprit.

    We also are persuaded that the most effective means of preventing future crimes is to penalize the law abiding. This amounts to having your driver's license suspended because somebody else ran a red light. The legislator goes to bed that night persuaded that he has "made a difference" by taking one more driver off the road who might have run a red light, and he sleeps soundly in smug self-satisfaction.

  39. Has anyone remembered that someone at the second mosque was armed? It seemed to have a deterrent effect.

  40. lol new zealand already banned assault rifles. cmon new zealand politician. even this american knows your country's laws better than you.

  41. It’s nice to know I can now walk around New Zealand with a gun and rob people at gun point because the law obeying citizens got their guns taken away.

    Only gang members will have guns now!

  42. its really hard to wish death but i seriously hope they rethink this law! I mean banning it doesn't do anything.. but seriously people are gonna die from bomb attacks damn

  43. Yeah…but this is just BAD. It's stupid. Poor New Zealanders….You are being had big time. Go ahead and hand over your liberties, your rights… You'll regret this…you'll regret this slippery slope your leaping onto. It's nonsensical and it's the wrong reaction…as in NOT a solution at all. Woe unto New Zealand.

  44. Don't worry the terrorists will still get guns. So I'm no historian but when civilians hand their guns over to government what usually happens to those civilians?

  45. I wish New Zealand luck should a hostile foreign county like China sees that your country has a defenseless population and decides to launch a full-scale invasion on New Zealand. 🙂

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