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New Year with Collaborations and more awesome content to come!

that’s a buttload of ammunition well its a
lot like diapers Santee it depends good evening cowboys cowgirls and outlaws welcome to the
slick six-guns network I’m your host slick six-guns and I’m here to provide education
tips and community for those interested in the western shooting sports if you are interested
in stuff like that make sure you hit that subscribe button and that notification bell
so you don’t miss anything also in the description section is a link to our patreon account if
you feel like supporting us now lets pack our wagons and see what is being discovered
out west Ihope you are excited about this new year welcome’s to 2020 and I’m ready to
get this year started its going to be a very interesting year a lot of new stuff coming
out gonna try and be a little more consistent with my videos I know that I really haven’t
been producing content over these last couple weeks because Ive been on vacation however,
I wanted to let you know that I didn’t just sit around not doing anything I actually went
to Arizona with my family and we actually visited the Arizona ghostriders down there
I did a collaboration video with Santee and we did one on the Spencer repeating rifle
I will leave a link down in the description to that video as a link to his channel so
feel free to subscribe to his channel because he and I share a lot of the same interests
especially when it comes to western history I hope you guys join his channel watch the
video in the description below and make sure that you say HI to Santee for me I will see
you in future videos stay tuned

2 thoughts on “New Year with Collaborations and more awesome content to come!

  1. Howdy , have a great Year and keep up …. it was mit good to see you with Santee and AG it was awesome ! see you soon amigo LOL

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