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New Warehouse Deals & Gunsmith Specials Coming To Classic Firearms

Hey, everybody. Dylan from Classic Firearms here. Know what you’re thinking, “Still not Ben.” He’s coming back I promise. He’s just really busy right now getting back
from the SHOT Show, trying to get all these new ads built with a new product we’ve got
coming in. Of course, new product coming in means we
got to get something going out. With that being said, we’re putting a hold
on Fix It Friday, and we’re going to try to bring you more options. What we’re going to do is we’re going to do
a warehouse deal, gunsmith special. The way this is going to work it’s going to
be similar to the Fix It Friday’s expect we’re going to give it to you every single day. Not everyday, but Monday through Friday between
noon and 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, we’re going to put up a few guns, maybe two to four. What we’re going to do, is we’re going to
come through here and we’re going to show you, this is a random sampling, we got a lot
more guns then this here. As you see, we got an SKS, a bunch of SKS’s,
I think this is the only non-Yugo SKS we have. Some different barrel receivers, you know
complete barrel receivers with the magazine and everything intact. Like I said, this is just a random sampling,
we’re going to have a lot more. Jordan’s going to do a wonderful description
saying exactly what’s missing, what’s wrong, if there’s a cracked stock, why we can’t sell
it at normal price. She’s going to take those gorgeous pictures
that she always does. She’s going to put it on the website, so you’re
going to get a full picture of it and the description so you know exactly what’s wrong. You can see here we got, you know an M91/30
stock with a crack in it. Got something that’s just a little bit rougher
that we can’t actually do and with this it just has a tang crack, basically that fell
off. So, just again a random sampling of the guns
we have. We have a lot more. Some there’s nothing wrong with them they
just been returned that we can’t find wrong with it. The customer said it but we don’t test fire
them. We’re going to leave that up to you, let you
fix it. Again, there’s going to be a complete detailed
description from Jordan. Yeah, she does a great job with that. So, come check us out at

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