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New Vegas Weapon Guide 5 – Energy Rifles

While traversing the Mojave wasteland one
will undoubtedly run across a copious number of firearms. Choosing the right one for your
tastes can be difficult, especially when faced with the gamut of firearms available. Among
the weapons though energy based arms likely tickle the fancy of many people. If you’re
interested in loading up a battery instead of of a clip of bullets in the heat of combat,
then check out these powerful two handed energy weapons in Fallout New Vegas; Keeping in mind
that One Handed energy weapons have their own video. First off is the enhanced version of the laser
rifle called the AER14 prototype. Most enhanced energy weapons consume batteries more quickly
than the softer hitting models, and the AER14 is no exception. However the AER14 has a plethora
of advantages which outweigh the battery consumption rate. These pros include a much higher damage
per shot, heightened fire rate, better chances to score a critical hit, enhanced critical
damage, and finally the beam’s spread is even smaller than the traditional model. These
pros by and large make the AER14 laser rifle a worthwhile armament.
To find this Energy arm you need to head to Vault 22, also known as the jungle vault,
located almost directly east (

100 thoughts on “New Vegas Weapon Guide 5 – Energy Rifles

  1. I know this video is talking about the main game, but my favorite energy rifle would have to be LAER from Old World Blues. Elijah's advanced LAER, to be precise.

  2. Of all the weapons, the Gauss Rifle should be considered as more of a "Energy-Based Projectile Weapon", more than a strict energy weapon.
    It's supposed to fire 4mm needle-like bullets down a magnetically-charged barrel ( a miniature, hyper-speed, linear-accelerator, to be exact…), as the original description of the weapon suggests…from several sources…
    But, I suppose this would run into the problem of needing two types of ammo for one weapon…just to fire it once, in the game…but, still, as strong as it is…that sort of thing would be justified.
    It's kinda like the Dev's got lazy…I dunno, maybe they didn't consider it at all…who knows?
    Would have made more sense…


  3. So I'm just curious, what is everyone's favorite Energy Weapon in the game overall? Doesn't matter if it's from add-on or not.

    My pick: the AER14 Prototype. Why? Because it has a decent DMG output, doesn't take much ammo to use, can be repaired with easy-to-find AER9 Laser Rifles, has a decent item HP, has lower spread, and gets benefits from Laser-weapon-based perks, most of which (if not all) I have. Plus, it's DMG and DPS are pretty insane when paired with Max-charge MFC ammo, considering that it's only a single beam unlike the Tri-beam LR (Which is also awesome with MC ammo and mods)

  4. whats the name to your video intros its good and thanks for the weapons show case can you do a rare weapon show case and location?

  5. i would like to point out that the Q-35 is basically the A3-21 from fallout 3 but just redesigned to fallout new vegas's updated plasma rifle texture…considering how much i used that gun in fallout 3 GOTYE i would def. say it is worth getting

  6. Get ED-E and then go to lonesome road and find 2 eyebots, which then he can produce 20 (35 with a check) energy cells or MF cells (for people with not much caps)

  7. The YCS/186 Gauss Rifle is Obtainble Even with the Wild WasteLand Perk Active It is Found on One of the BrotherHood Scribes in The Hidden Valley Bunker (Just to Point out so who ever watches this Doesn't feel bad about choosing a one Handed Energy Weapon over and Way more powerfull Two Handed Sniper like Energy Rifle)

  8. Q 38 matter modulator refers to the Looney Tunes case in point Marvin Martian always wondered or look for and demanded the Q 38 matter modulator stick of TNT that destroys planets

  9. now im sad because i really like the gauss rifle and i wanted this upgrade BUT I TOOK WILD WASTELAND. damnit. im level 39 right now x.x

  10. I like the tri-beam laser rifle (GRA) with attachments even better gonna do fallout 4 vids when comes out ?

  11. You can get the better version of the gauss rifle, AND the alien blaster. All you have to do is have the old world blues dlc, go get the upgraded gauss rifle, and then start up old world blues, and change your traits, to select wild wastelands, after you finish old world blues, go back to where the camp should be, and the aliens will be there, kill their captain, and take the alien blaster.

  12. I really want the AER14 Prototype in my collection of Energy weapons, but I'm way to much of a Pussy to go inside the Vault 22 🙁

  13. still coming back to this game and these videos. I've watched your videos for ages and really like them and I forgot to subscribe ages ago so here you go! By the way, keep up the good work. I respect the amount of time you into your videos, something I hope to see more of n the future, unfortunately few youtubers spend this much time on their vids.

  14. my favorite energy weapon? well at this point in time I usually never touch energy weapons, that was until I got the dead money dlc, and the holorifle was given to me. at first I though, "please let me find a revolver" but after a while when I finally used it, I really enjoyed it. so much that it became one of my 6 main weapons on the weapon slot.

  15. Favorite type of weapons in the series for me. It also helps that aside from the very rare NPC, the enclave are really the only faction to primarily use plasma rifles. Van graffs are a bunch of scumbags who stole them so they don't count

  16. Elijah's advanced LAER with all upgrades/mods is the greatest energy weapon in the whole fallout series especially if ur character is built around the energy weapon catagory.

  17. I love the AER14, only problem is the durability. Wish it can reload at least 120 times before breaking, it would be so nice.

  18. A gauss rifle isnt a small railgun, the differences between railguns and gauus guns are mainly the shooting mechanisms becuase the railgun uses 2 electro magnetic "barrels" set horizontally around the main barrel.
    A gauss rifle uses electro magnetic coils around a barrel activatet shortly after one another from back to front to propell a projectile forward.

  19. If you are going to use lazers, go for crits, you can get around 40% or probably higher crit rates and its insane.

  20. Laser rifle x2(one without scope) and quickdraw(with high agility) to switch between them instead of reloading. YCS just has too many bugs, like reduced VATs damage, shots passing through enemies(deathclaws especially) using no VATs, slow fire rate, ammo consumption, higher skill/strength requirements and is more difficult to repair.

  21. full modified Laser rifle is bugged outside of vats , each beam can crit individually . so it can one shot every enemy in the game with a full crit build

  22. I use Elijah’s advanced LAER, it’s just OP, but the condition deters faster that a 90 year old walking up 10 flights of stairs.

  23. Boy, you did NOT just say the Q-35 is only "marginally" better than a standard plasma rifle. The thing uses half as much ammo with every shot. That's a massive pro, son!

  24. For ammo and guns go to van graff silver rush and after doing the body guard mission grab things off the shelves off the tables and out of the lockers without putting them in your inventory bring them to the bathroom close the door to get in and then open the first door to the right and then put the items behind the door crouch down behind the door wait till your hidden and start stealing them then

  25. Oi lads i have a problem
    I started old world blues after I required the ycs and then halfway through the dlc i cahnged some of my traits and i got wild wasteland now can i find them pesky aliens there or nah?

  26. The tri beam and multiplas rifle have nothing similar to shotguns besides multiple projectiles being shot with one trigger pull. It may seem nitpicky but it's not, the way those multiple projectiles are generated is completely different and it changes everything about the weapons. They're not used for similar purposes, in the game and in with real life analogues. Completely irrelevant to the video, which was great, however! Saw this on my feed and got so nostalgic, I have over 2000 in New Vegas and it is by far my favorite video game. After that fallout fell to shit unfortunately but New Vegas is that one game I can always come back to every few months and binge on and still enjoy it greatly.

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