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New Upcoming Weapons – Apex Legends

Upcoming Weapons Each season of Apex Legends will be bringing
with it new features, including new weapons, but what could they be? We’ve collected clues from the Titanfall
games as well what has been found in Apex Legends itself, so let’s take a look at what
you can expect to see in the near future. [The L Star] Almost every weapon that Apex Legends launched
with is based on a gun from the Titanfall games, however there are still some missing,
such as the L – Star, a light machine gun that can also cause enemies bodies to explode
upon death. In Titanfall 2 it had a fast rate of fire
and good damage, but it’s projectiles were slow moving meaning you really needed to lead
your target, something that was quite tricky in a game with incredibly fast and varied
movement. This gun is almost definitely going to be
in Apex soon as it’s actually featured as part of the loading screen, being held by
Bloodhound. There have also been references found to it
in the games files. Now this is always subject to change but the
datamined information suggests the weapon has no attachments and some very high stats,
meaning its likely a Legendary Weapon. [The Smart Pistol] Probably the most famous, and controversial
weapon from the Titanfall games is the Smart Pistol. This gun had a fairly limited range, but when
close enough to targets it would actually begin to lock onto them, given enough time
you could line up enough shots to instantly kill another player. Of course this was controversial with the
community as many players felt the gun required very little skill and was unfair. The counter argument was that the lock on
time was slow giving the gun a fairly slow time to kill overall, especially in a game
with quite a number of ways to be instantly killed. Now could this gun turn up in Apex? Well it’s a pretty iconic part of the Titanfall
series, however in Titanfall 2 we saw the gun removed from the main selection and instead
turned into a boost, a special ability that needed to be charged up, similar to an ultimate,
and that is one way we could see it in Apex, as a specific new characters ultimate ability. There is always the chance of it becoming
a standard weapon, but with the drastically larger map of Apex I actually wonder just
how effective it would really be. [CAR SMG] The Combat Advanced Round Submachine Gun is
a hard hitting, but slightly slower firing SMG. It exists as somewhat of a bridge between
guns like the R-99 and the R-301. Just like the L-Star this gun is also very
likely to be added in the near future as references to it have been found to it inside the games
files. It would be a great addition, its an SMG that
rewards a steady hand and good tracking, the recoil is more manageable than similar weapons
and it’s a fairly easy to weapon to use when in its optimal range. [Grenade and Rocket Launchers] Another type of weapon that’s currently missing
from Apex is any form of Rocket or Grenade Launcher, but we’ve seen a number of these
in the Titanfall games. In Titanfall 2 these came in a mixture of
Anti Titan ones, like the Archer, and anti infantry ones like the EPG-1 and Sidewinder. I think if any of these are added to the game
they will likely be Legendary Weapons, this avoids the need to add a new type of ammo
and keeps them from being overused and overshadowing more precise aim based weapons. [Ordnance Weapons] [Gravity Star] There are also a number of thrown grenades
and similar weapons that could end up in Apex, for example the Gravity Star. This is one of the more unique Titanfall weapons,
on the surface its an effective way to pull people out of cover and get an easy shot on
them, but the gravity warping effects also allowed you to curve bullets for some insane
trick shots. [Satchel Charge] The Satchel Charge can be stuck to any surface
and then detonated at will causing a substantial explosion, great for setting an ambush or
using against a player who doesn’t know you’re there. [Pulse Blade] The Pulse Blade was a tactical ability in
Titanfall 2 that was a thrown dagger which would emit a sonar pulse upon impact, revealing
nearby enemies through walls. This is of course similar to what Bloodhound
can do in Apex, but would also make an interesting single use thrown weapon, able to deal damage
if you hit a target but more importantly providing information on enemy positions. [Electric Smoke] Electric Smoke was also a popular grenade
in Titanfall 2. It functioned almost exactly like Bangalore’s
smoke launcher in Apex, except a smaller radius and the smoke dealt damage. There have been references found in the games
files to a Smoke Grenade of some kind that is unrelated to Bangalore’s ability, so it’s
likely we will see something like this in the future, but i’m a little disappointed
that there is nothing to indicate that it will be electrified. [Ticks] Another piece of datamined info references
a Frag Drone called a Tick, something you will be familiar with if you played Titanfall
2. Just like the Smart Pistol this was an activatable
boost that would release these spider like drones to hunt down targets and explode near
them. [Proto Hold Beam] A number of other weapons have been datamined
meaning they are likely to appear in the game, such as the Proto Hold Beam The description for this gun claims it “drains
energy from Robotic Targets” which is a bit of an odd design choice unless the developers
really hate Pathfinder. This probably relates to some kind of currently
unreleased gamemode, possibly something that uses Titans or Specters in some way. [Orbital Strike] Another weapon that’s been found referenced
in the games files is called “Orbital Strike”. This appears to be a thrown projectile that
marks an area, which is then hit with rockets from above, a similar, but no doubt weaker
version of Gibraltar’s ultimate. [Other Rumors] There are some other rumors linked to files
found within the game, such as a reference to a Flame Thrower and a Remote Turret. The information about these is far more limited
than the Orbital Strike, Proto Hold Beam or Smoke Grenades for example, and that could
indicate that these are possible abilities for future characters rather than normal weapons
that anyone can use. [OUTRO] So which of these weapons are you most interested
in being added to the game? Do you like the idea of the Lstar? How do you feel about a Smart Pistol? Let me know in the comments below! As always this is James for Curse saying thanks
for watching, and enjoy the game!

31 thoughts on “New Upcoming Weapons – Apex Legends

  1. The Smart Pistol won't be added because in the lore of the game Smart Pistols are reserved for Pilots only.

  2. L star
    Smart pistol
    C.a.r smg
    Grande or rocket launcher
    Gravity grande
    Plus blade
    Electric smoke
    Tick drone
    Proto hold b
    Orbital strike
    Flame thrower
    Remote terret

  3. Silencers would be nice even if it was only for the small light ammo gun like the Alternator, P2020, RE45, Maybe the R99 "not the R301" it would add some more fun to the guns. Maybe a decoy grenade that causes no damage but treats the players screen as if. was so, but we do have a character

  4. Getting a rocket launcher in a drop would be cool but it needs to be more like a thing that is kind of rare but takes a weapon slot and only has like 5 rockets or like 1 rocket per backpack slot

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