71 thoughts on “New Sniper Rifle – Icebreaker – Guns of Boom

  1. Looks good but if it's as equal to regular snipers I'll be disappointed we need a sniper that can challenge barracuda and Thanatos

  2. Hype hype, i need this gun.
    but they are always difficult to get weapons, they could not give me at level 0?
    I love you stanis.

  3. I like the game very much. But after Level 18 its only pay to win. I know you need money for your work, but its not possible to win weapons because to less chips. And the opponents have heavy weapons.

    Maybe Video Advertise and then some free Chips ?

    And Bug Report: Often the Game hangs after the Video Advertise. Android 7.0

    Excuse me my bad english, i am from Germany.

  4. STANIS, I THINK that the new gun has its perks and people should not criticize anything before using it. They should appreciate the efforts of the game developers. It can outshine other snipers in some situations. By the way do u remember me?? I want to play with on one of your streams but I have math tution in evening..I am THE GHOST in the game. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK 😙😎

  5. I've a lvl 3 barracuda, should i go for that new sniper, cause I've saved 3k coins for odin but they gave a sniper rifle. What should i do??(my lvl : 36😂)

  6. Hey guys my game is not working I have internet connection but it is showing that you have no internet connection please help me guys I want to play guns of boom.

  7. Stanis please help me my game is not opening when it reach to 7per it says check you internet connection please help me bro!

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