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NEW SNIPER RAGE! (Call of Duty WW2 Type 38)

What’s up guys this is merkmusic and today we gonna play some cod world war two i apologize in advance if this video is kind of off i haven’t been feeling the best end it’s really rainy outside to the point where the mic might actually pick it up so kind of a weird day kind of sucks we’re pushing through it man mostly because i’m pumped because i got the brand-new arisaka or as i like to call it the harry sakhaa i did some kind of weekly order for two epic weapon bribes and then i got this wait i’m pretty sure this is going to be a piece of shit oh shit thats the Arisaka i actually really fucking what did that i got the variant called the black hornet looks pretty cool i’ve only used it once it was On shipment i’m gonna do that again why because i like a challenge because it’s fucking hilarious of all the maps you could play play The smallest one to snipe on oh yeah i’m gonna Try to fuck some people up with it one thing i wish you could do with the arisaksa i wish you could have iron sights i mean i wish you could have iron sights on all the snipers in this game it would really make the game feel a lot like world of war i just generally think it’s kind of stupid that you can’t have iron sights for all the snipers in this game feel like sledgehammer bring the arisaka back into this game as their way of saying hey this was missing from world of war Here it is now and granted you have to try to get it from a supply drop or just complete the collection oh might what is this acog scope oh that’s kind of slow i’m still gonna try to make shit happen like this this feels weird by the way, oh Three two one? god’s plan oh shit hello oh you sniping i have to reload already shit dude fuck not that bad of a start though three two one where are they take a flag god they’re all in the corner dirty dirty clip city Know this truth quinn guys actually pretty good sniping you don’t see too many people snipe on shipment you mostly just see lmg camping yep, there it is again oh my fucking god oh please pop out fuck now just say that you’re a bad person if you can’t with an lmg on shipment and so many people do It so there’s a lot of bad people stop throwing the fucking fire at me i’m gonna switch to the fucking reg scope so here’s the actua-oh if i can get a Second to live so here’s the actual arasaka scope looks really bizarre i don’t personally mind it all that much might be kind of distracting For other people i don’t know what the fuck was that oh? oh my fuck i’ve got the worst fucking team right now i- (voice crack) great why can’t i ever have a oh that was a collat yeah well this one was a triple for first game on this isn’t so bad
sniping on shipment is not easy your shot has to be on point your reaction time everything better when you’re playing against players like these Oh, my i don’t feel like i’m actually ready for this oh? oh no I’m sure a lot of you guys have played video games in your sick dude it’s just you don’t like feel the same you don’t Play the same when you’re sick oh? (orgasm?) So good oh fuck yeah oh look at that clip i just hit oh Shit, i’m on fire my ass my ass i just wanna hit a dolphin dive noscope on one person What the fuck even is this i’ve got To see this well there was my first flop where’s my second one where’s the next flop come on show me? You didn’t mean to hit me oh my can you stop fucking camping there i love this lobby that was this great time oh My fuck i’m going back to acog dude i can’t i don’t know if i should be sniping on shipment if i want to show This thing off i thought it’d be a fun idea at first i was like okay i better get some good gameplay be really fast-paced And stuff that’d be a good challenge whatever this is the fucking bad idea they’ll throw some ground war oh? which by the way i know they added ground war a lot of people have been o Suggesting i play it so yeah i’ll check it out after this there’s just too much shit going on and shitmint i can’t fucking Handle it maybe i can fuck your killstreak oh absolute piece of shit i could have gone off as the best thing i’m gonna do all game i promise you and that wasn’t even good Okay i couldn’t drag to him ho i got my sensitivity is so low oh Triple almost lined up it actually feels so weird to play cod right now i don’t know why i’m not regularly playing it anymore i don’t Feel the best so it seriously just feels so weird what are you doing she’s giving me a look oh God simmer down young lady i’m going 31, to 60 oh i did not realize i was going 31 to 62 doesn’t even feel like i’m doing that bad though just feels like a typical shipment game fuck this dude just snipe you cunt oh Dammit i’m out of ammo already the thing that surprised me about the hairy sakhaa is that it basically performs oh i got punched in the dick it performs just like the lee-enfield except you only have five rounds i would say that if for whatever reason You’re still playing call of duty world war 2 and you want to try to get the sniper it’s really not worth it man it’s neat if you miss the arasaka that’s fan oh i was glad you’re not gonna get that much out of this gun though oh Can even line a collateral up cuz i’m terrible we might actually win this game if we hold these flags come on the one thing? we can do right this game don’t fuck this up three two one We’re gonna lose we’re gonna win we’re doing last-second and where’s my dolphin i no sco- and i didn’t get it we won by one point 44 to 74 solid first game me oh sick emote great yeah That’s that’s really nice to do what do people actually choose that shit you are such a look at all the attachments neat ballistic Calibration extended mags and rapid fire mate oh i don’t know if bullets of calibration is actually necessary maybe try fmj instead i don’t know Hot dog on the side for good luck alright let’s do some ground war aww evie looks So cute in your bed i’m gonna eat evie oh boy paladins update i heard that paladin’s is apparently gonna have a battle royale mode that’s like ripping off fortnite that’s the only reason I redownloaded i think it’d be funny as shit to play that fuckin put me in the game (lets get the intel and get out. MOVE!) I’d like to get the intel and get out but i can’t fucking play the game ohh my god Call of Duty You wonder why everyone the fortnite oh my fucking god i don’t like attacking on this operation at all oh my word fucking why can i hit shit i know it’s cuz i suck oh (wait wat) I’m so good i don’t know if i like to scope now i’m kind of getting a feel for it bad enough i’ve to get Used to a new sniper i don’t have to get used to a new map anytime i rage quit tho people say ehh i seen you rage quitting The game? you’re so salty you’re such a bad player like fuck off i want to play an enjoyable game i wanna bring you guys dank clippy poos not fuckin garbage oh Oh, no evie calm down what the fuck is that thing What is happening what this game confuses me i have no idea where like a spawn snipe might be but i would like to go To it oh fuck Oh, no, oh! fuck why are you barking, can you stop barking please That doesn’t mean continue i dont know whats gonna make me rage worse oh no scope oh more (loser) she’s trying To be intimidating it doesn’t work tho listen to that No, one that’s right are you leaning fuck bitch what what are you doing there fuck off, oh popping off How the fuck?! am i missing these evie please shut up i’m on a feed if evie ruins this streak i swear to god EVIE YOU’RE NOT MY DOG ANYMORE>:( I got To say i love ground war an older call of duty games i don’t know how it’s playing on this i haven’t played enough of it i don’t think i ever will why don’t take six months to get ground war like so stupid man why the hitmarker hows that another collate fucking game man it sucks too because this is not even that bad of a game it really isn’t just me personally i hate the fucking people playing then it just gets progressively worse with each day It’s so many fucking lmgs why there’s no weapon variety where the fuck is this one guy give me your goddamn lmg else pray to that there you go huh i got skill heee i’m not gonna finish it there’s fucking 18 people in here and only i’m only when the voted your name is pre-owned baby oh god some of the block list is in here oh, fuck what that would normally be a triple i dont know wrong with me man fuck out of here sodaman my fucking christ where are you vegarito?! where is vegarito where vegarito! fuck that just go to A fuck god that’s a headshot i don’t understand oh My god oh oh that was actually pretty good that’s what i like about ground war you can pretty much just look anywhere and you can expect To see someone even if your feed get split you’re gonna get a lot of kills But i think we’re gonna deliver this already damn that was fast oh see i can just blind fire i get a collate like that it’s crazy i feel like they’re not gonna be able stop us moving this tank there’s Too many people all gonna get a massive flamethrower feed let’s go Maybe not, maybe i’ll just get no one that makes sense The nade spam is so real in ground war like holy shit it doesn’t help matters what the update allows you to have the tactical And it’s a fucking lethal now i know that’s been standard for so many cod games but it’s so spammy in this game start me great start solid start fucking great start fucking hate this shit nope well as i say that quest of the command not received 0 x4 805 i’m done well thank you guys very much for watching i hope you guys enjoyed be using the new sniper on cod world war 2 just gonna be honest these weren’t the best games i’m not feeling the best i don’t think any of this is conclusive of how the new maps play or how this new sniper is just kind of ended up being a massive rage fest Who knows maybe when i’m recording and i’m not playing it’ll go better maybe this total shit i don’t know but either way thank you guys very much for watching i hope you guys enjoyed this video if You guys did and you want to see some more new cod world war 2 stuff make sure to drop a like i’ll see you guys later if i spelt your dogs name wrong i’m sorry :/

100 thoughts on “NEW SNIPER RAGE! (Call of Duty WW2 Type 38)

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  2. Sad thing is I don't have the trench knife,combat knife,baseball bat, or the type 38

  3. Sometime I feel like I am doing good when I am playing cod4 but in the end it turns out I am the reason that my team loses😂😂😂

  4. They should make call of duty based off different countries(like you'll be playing as a japanese solider during ww or a Vietnam solider)

  5. He's talking about iron sights on snipers and here we are, iron sights on snipers. Does he use it? I think not

  6. April 26 M3RKMUS1C: I really wish they had iron sights on all the snipers.
    July COD WW2: added IS to all snipey bois

  7. Shipment is my favourite map for sniping. Got all my snipers diamond by playing shipment 24/7 and was constantly hitting clips

  8. U sound like Eminem g, i had to slow down my vid u talk so fast, and I had to do it cuz I was high and couldn’t understand fast speech

  9. Pls don't tell me that she stays there all day and you don't let her out at all. I want answers about that dogo.

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