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New Shotgun – Orion – Guns of Boom

A shotgun with a collimator scope? Are you kidding me? Introducing Orion. А one of a kind mid-range shotgun equipped with A COLLIMATOR SCOPE Orion deals massive damage at both mid and close range. The motto of this shotgun is only 4 words ‘There’s nothing more dope than the collimator scope’ Maybe, that was 8 words. When you aim down sights, Orion deals critical damage to the head. But you need to skillfully switch between the scope and no scope To unleash its full potential. Okay, I repeat: it’s a SHOTGUN with a COLLIMATOR SCOPE. That you can AIM with. That is fantastic. It doesn’t matter what your enemies are trying When you’re holding The ORION

100 thoughts on “New Shotgun – Orion – Guns of Boom

  1. Esta bien lo malo es la ruleta parece wue esta arreglada para que no salgan los fragmentos huuuuuu que mal guns of boom

  2. I would pay for the tokens to get this but nah. I won’t be able to enjoy this gun because the game’s crashing a lot. Thanks to the devs ignoring the complaints about this problem. 😂

  3. Another vastly overpowered shotgun for us who have to daily grind super hard to afford. I like this game but requires a ton of work for tiny cash / gold rewards.

  4. Super high maintenance, short range damage without scope is horrible like 700. Max damage is at long range with scope headshot 3k.
    The hype is over folks

  5. the event is awesome Stanis but can you guys bring back rocket party? also a new gamemode like one in the chamber would be cool where you arent wearing armor but you have The E.Y.E. and the cheetah but you spawn with snipers only preferably the thanatos.

  6. Only one way to find out! I’m going to need for you to give me one tho’. Cool? I’ll give it back when I’m done with it.

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