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NEW Pump Action Shotgun In Fallout 76 BETA! (UNLIMITED MODS!)

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25 thoughts on “NEW Pump Action Shotgun In Fallout 76 BETA! (UNLIMITED MODS!)

  1. Hey what’s up bro I just explored that cave and I’m going to post my exploration in my next video but I was thinking to myself hmm I came out of here with tons of shotgun ammo and thought it would be good content and I see your on top of it bro great video

  2. I plan to hyper-specialize in shotguns with my first character (9 points in all dmg perks, regardless if that's efficient). I appreciate this video, as I couldn't find shotgun ammo in my run of the beta.

  3. I know it's a bit nit-picky, but I'm kind of annoyed the shotgun isn't like the one in the thumbnail – as in with 1 barrel, I just think it looks more 50s style!

  4. The pump action shotgun was borrowed from a fallout 4 mod that adds a pump action shotgun. The main thing to know is that the pump shotgun is almost the same as the lever action rifle, in terms of fire rate and reload.

  5. As a 30lv player, doing 180dmg with my double barrel is pretty sweet. Maxing out shotgun perks really changed my outlook on playing 76, especially after watching a 40lv player with a handmade get his a** handed to him by a legendary sheepsquach, I just walked up and started blasting that bast*rd in the face and he dropped pretty quick. At the same level first play through, I focused on maxing out Rifleman and Commando perks, I was wasting ammo on almost everything. You just cannot get the takedown power you need until you get a legendary 2 shot or gauss with that route, but that's been my experience so far. If you wanna kick a** early in the game, you can't go wrong with shotguns.

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