37 thoughts on “New Products from EAA Firearms – SHOT Show Interview

  1. Thanks for the video Gun guy !!! I am a new carry from Massachusetts. I'm 50 and new to the gun world and always looking for new ideas and products. Once again thanks.

  2. Thanks for showing me neat guns we cannot buy in California. The only handgun on the DOJ roster is there 2" .38 special revolver, which their catalog says cannot be sold in California.

  3. I tried to sign up for emails from EAA and it failed saying there were too many failed attempts. The car ABDO is a prototype and I guess their website is too – LoL.

  4. Looking the link for locking holster at the end of the video the one you can mount to your auto console. Went to the link you have listed in the comments and there no mention of the product I don't even know what it is called.

  5. Petition to Repeal the NFA is at 88,000 this morning! Come on, let's finish this! https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/repeal-nfa

  6. Help spread the word…..


  7. like your content, would like if you could zoom in on the products so we can see what you're talking about.

  8. I bought a little tool/instrument pouch at Home Depot for $5. My S&W Bodyguard 380 fits right in there. Looks like a camera pouch. But it doesn't have GPS tracking, I admit.

  9. Joel does have a terrific voice! I love the products EAA is making available to us…..thx for the video Joel!!!!

  10. Hello,  question   Tanfoglio Witness P Full Size, by EAA, 9MM  is this a good fire   arm for concealed carry? Thanks

  11. Big fan big respect. Saw your other videos and had to subscribe. Great channel…. keep them coming…..

  12. Every time the police shoot at a thug, they MISS and accidentally hit a "good boy" on his way to college to be a rocket scientist.

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