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NEW LIGHTWEIGHT VAULT CASES By Pelican – For Rifles, Ammo and More!

hey folks Ike Eastman here with the Eastman’s hunting journals and today on Eastman’s Gear lab on YouTube we’re going to talk about the new Pelican VAULT case. This case comes in ten different versions there’s single guns double guns there’s also ammo cases pistol cases double pistols single pistol there’s equipment cases that we’re using for camera equipment or if you needed to keep some of your equipment safe while travel this is all airline approved now I’m going to show you some of the coolest things that Pelican has done number one this is a lot lighter plastic than before it’s really durable I’m gonna show you that here in a second it’s got wheels on it for airline so when you fill this puppy up with rifles and pistols which I’m just about to do you can actually wheel it through the airport system now look at their clasps normally you just you know you put enough pressure in the clasps open well they’ve changed it to where you actually have a push button so it’s a double it’s a double clasp or a double clip you push button and then open it on all of these this is a cool feature because it won’t come open in the airport system along with their steel rings here for a lock so you can put your TSA lock or if you’re not going through airport system you can actually put a heavy-duty padlock on there it’s big enough for a regular master lock now inside here there is foam like most every gun case but their foam is a little bit lighter it’s cuttable and this has different layers so there’s a layer on the bottom two layers here and then there’s also two layers here now what that allows you to do is when you put two guns in here you don’t have to as much separate it like you would in a regular gun case where you have to put instead of having to do like a lot of us have done over the years put them like this you can actually put one in the bottom put a couple pistols in there so it’s perfectly separated from the other one so there’s no chances of being scopes scratching you know if you had a nice wood stock or something like that they also have well we’ve been using for camera equipment it’s got full minute that is cuttable that it fits slides in perfectly inside this case you don’t have to worry about the airport system breaking them so a week ago I put this pelican vault ammo case in my deep freeze to get it cold because as we know some plastics become extremely brittle when they’re really cold so I put it in here it’s ten below zero and I’m gonna pull it out and I’m going to hit it with a three pound hammer no crack that is some strong plastic didn’t even Mar it not even a dent crack nothing and this thing is probably twelve below zero in this deep freeze extremely durable so this is their ammo case I didn’t hit it with ammo in it don’t be afraid it’s for you so that’s the Pelican VAULT brand-new from Pelican check them out if you’re in the need for a new traveling gun case equipment case or something to store your ammo and remember to subscribe right here on YouTube to make sure that you get notifications of all the gear reviews that were coming out with new up-and-coming cool gear that you guys would enjoy

6 thoughts on “NEW LIGHTWEIGHT VAULT CASES By Pelican – For Rifles, Ammo and More!

  1. I would NEVER EVER NEVER EVER EVER put a TSA lock on a travel case filled with guns. Put the strongest lock you can find to fit those holes and lock BOTH. Wait for a go-ahead from TSA before leaving the front desk. If they need to open it, they'll let you know. ABSOLUTELY NO REASON TO GIVE ANYONE ACCESS TO YOUR GUNS WITHOUT YOU BEING PRESENT. PERIOD.

  2. The vault cases aren't waterproof though like the protector series I think, they're just rated for "Weather Resistant"

  3. DO NOT USE A TSA LOCK ON ANYTHING CONTAINING A GUN!!!!!!!!! You will be DENIED entry. They don't even trust their own people, so they will not allow a TSA lock!

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