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NEW KAR98K Sniper Variant “Butterfly Kisses” (MODERN WARFARE)

no scope let’s go split quad still
going still going Tech and not really not really a fan of like searching
destroy and stuff if I was a reg gunner yeah when I’m regular gunning I guess still going alright come back time that
was pretty smooth oh my gosh how did we get that guy that was a collat as well no way I had enough movement to not get killed some people need to turn up that sensitivity,
oh that snap though, swap dude what is that guy doing he finessed me, oh damn thought that was a triple, no scope oh a nice little 4 piece okay we still going, still going okay that was
at least a clean quad feed um okay let’s go how’s that a hitmarker there we go oh that was a clean five on still going
holy crap still going still going bro wait what did we just hit

8 thoughts on “NEW KAR98K Sniper Variant “Butterfly Kisses” (MODERN WARFARE)

  1. Zeff do you know if we can do a dueltage or no because I don’t have anyone get feeds with like you and sloth oh and this video was lit keep grinding

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