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New INSANE Glock 5 Suppressor made in Austria

Hey guys i´m John from Sapiens Para Bellum, today we´re gonna review the Fischer Development FD17 (FD19) Suppressor in a both subsonic and supersonic shootout and just for this i was able to get a brandnew Generation 5 Glock Like with a lot of great inventions when i first saw this suppressor i thought to myself, this design looks quite obvious Why didn’t anybody else came up with that well maybe anybody else didn’t figure out how to make it work yet or they came to the conclusion that in the end this construction sucks balls but we’ll see ourselves soon obvious differences first you don´t need a threaded barrel, higher sights and since sights on the suppressor where´nt the breaktrough as well this is a great thing So in the end this suppressor works with an out of the box gun i heard there are Guys out there shooting them like that What might not be that obvious on the first view is that this suppressor is not firmly attached to the barrel itself and is therefor not moving with the barrel when the gun cycles and the barrel is lowering itself into the frame So in the end there’s no chance this gun might recoil in a weird way, have a different point of impact, due to added weight on the barrel or even effect the function since the barrel moves freely during the cycling process The other big advantage of this suppressor is that it is very quickly a and detachable You might have seen this attachment system on an x300, Glock light or some other lights you might have used on your gun so far It’s still possible to mount a light on a lower frame on a lower rail of the suppressor If you were unaware that there is a new GEN 5 Glock, please unsubscribe and never come back to our channel as a result i would say, this new surpressor design – its greatness lays in the simplicity bc look you can take any normal of the shelf glock and you slide this thing on the rail and there you go You dont need a threaded barrel or any of this other nik naks For the Glock 5 I thinks ist too early to give a qualitiy review before i put several thousands of rounds through this gun I like it so far, but i´m oldschool – the old glock gen 3 is just good enough for me as well so thanks for watching stay tuned on Facebook and and we’ll see you soon

56 thoughts on “New INSANE Glock 5 Suppressor made in Austria

  1. It would be extremely interesting if you could test (using the same soundmeter, so it's possible to compare the data) how loud other weapons are – f.e. .357 Magnum revolver with 4" barrel (125 and 180 grain bullets, standard loadings), and 12 gauge shotgun with 20" and 26" barrels.

  2. This is the stupidest suppressor Ive ever seen. None of the benefits of a suppressor and its even bigger and bulkier… sooooo why????

  3. It would be the only 9mm suppressor I would purchase. The QD, no piston and no threads makes up for any comparable slight db increase.

  4. They make them for VP9 and VP9sk. AND/OR

  5. Okay so, there's a much better way to design this where you can keep a light on there. I'm gonna design it at make a much better design because this thing doesn't interact with the barrel directly, it's like trying to put a silencer on a relvover.

  6. I love the concept of it, but you at least have to get it below 140dB with supersonic. It's not even hearing safe with subsonic.

  7. This guy's a cunt to be honest. Why do all these amateur 'gun nuts' think they're something they're not? Most have ridiculous ego's, over what? Thinking they're sick because they aim at a paper target from 15 metres away? What a joke of a review this is.

  8. I think I'm gonna be sick. Not sure if I should throw up or shit all over this monstrosity.
    Good Lord that's a freaking brick and it doesn't work.

  9. Interesting idea. With the huge gap between the suppressor and the muzzle it's not very quiet. Much like putting a suppressor on a revolver. It's a cool idea with the way it attaches, but anyone who wants to make a gun hearing safe will use a different design.

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