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NEW GUNS…have RUINED Black Ops 4?

TAH DOI EEZ A DOIK DAY FOR BLEK APS 4 *English translation* Today is a dark day for black ops 4 What’s up guys This is M3RKMUS1C and welcome back to black ops 4! the few people who have actually consistently play black ops 4 There’s a new event. It’s the days of summer event guys prayer gaps will be taunted with the days of summer event That’s how everyone is feeling right now everyone’s just so thrilled everyone’s so happy and pleased with how this turned out just this days of summer event is actually one of the most frustrating things that they’ve done with black ops worn I don’t even know where to start but I’ll try I’m gonna get out of multiplayer cuz well You gotta see this not too long ago. I got like this tabletop punching bag thing from Hobby Lobby now I think it’s really gonna come in handy today so right off the bat one of the things that infuriates me so much especially because people tweet this n was the fact that Treyarch Added ground war back to black ops 4. Oh boy, except they didn’t charge added ground war It’s a blackout not multiplayer round war for this game is 50 vs. 50 in black out now to be fair I haven’t played it. I don’t know if I’m going to a guys this is not crowler This is not the ground where we asked for How my friend could break something with this good? Let’s just put this away. He’s over here. Did you see how that’s infuriating though? The multiplayer fans have been asking for growler for so long and they put it in black out This is just one of the prime examples of how much neglect there is for this game It shows how much emphasis that Treyarch has put on black out this whole time and how little they put in multiplayer What are we almost eight months into the lifecycle of black ops war do you want new game mode? We got 4 multiplayer 4 days of summer. We got capture the flag. Oh boy, cuz everyone misses this I’m actually half tempted to just play it once for this video as a joke Oh really guys who once capture the flag CTF has traditionally been one of the least played multiplayer game modes in every Call of Duty Usually having 1% or less of the community playing it. Yeah, I’m gonna play today The only reason people would be playing it now is because it’s a featured game-mode I just can’t imagine it playing out that well for this game as I’m sure you guys know by now I don’t really care for 5 you 5 in this game? but in 5 V 5 for black ops for each of you can only have one kind of specialist whereas if you’re doing 66 you Can have at least two I’m gonna play Tork. I’m gonna do it pretty IRA joking We were saying like if you could have 6 torques or even 5 players you could put Razer wires and barricades all around the flag No one will even be able to get the flag. That’s actually kind of what I wanted to test right now I wanted to see how much I could ruin capture the flag. Oh my get over here I’ve got my warrior Lookouts capture-the-flag seems sweaty in this game. Can I just put it on the flag? Oh Come on, I can’t put it on the flag Well, that’s kind of disappointing oh I just watched a guy grab it as I’m putting my razor wire down get out of here I could put my barricade down. Can I at least put it facing the flag? Why? Come on, dude, how am I gonna troll the enemies? There we go. Okay. I don’t know if that’s gonna reach the flag, but I’m about to be the sweatiest capture the flag play Right now yeah, everybody microwave someone. Yep. What a great game Oh, this is you’re just gonna get melted before they can even have a chance to have the flag but the stupidity of capture the flag and ground war in black ops 4 is just the beginning wait until I tell you about the Reserve crate only weapons. Oh boy, since I personally find seeds you have to be a really stupid game mode for them to add I’m gonna be that dude who plays torque and just camps back here and puts all the razor wire and barricades down and uses a breccie and kills people I’m so just gonna put it down here. Oh No, my first kids gone we gotta fix that oh my oh He’s gonna microwave. Why didn’t it kill him? Is this like a bargain bin microwave? That was like hold on eBay for 5 cents absolute garbage Hey, so back there someone’s day. I can’t wait to knock her someone’s day. That is just I’m so happy for that Can you just die you little kill the flag, dude, please? Okay, you poo in my grave killed someone No, you’re not That’s ready D. Okay gravity Spiker nice old bike this mode is so horrible. Oh My lord, no do not lose this round. I don’t wanna play more of this. This is a mistake Why did it why did I play capture the flag? This is such a bad idea. Do not get it. Okay Well, there you go. Oh, oh boy over time can’t wait for this. This is gonna be so much fun We’re gonna play playing we throw in your Tramp over there my barricade down over here. I’m just gonna camp again I really just wanna talk about the reserve great guns But I’ll try to play this capture the flag game all the way through I am. Oh you’re not blowing this up. I Will camp here for as long as I can. Oh my He’s from a barricade Where are you gonna hate this if this gets any more infuriating I’m done. We’re down a player – yay Go return it you noobs we won. Okay now we just have to defend this seemed better not mess this up Mon guys Whatever to the kill camp, oh, is that Oh Normally, no effort time for capture the flag. The other team would get two minutes in 23 seconds And instead we got a June 144 major overlord Love gotta love the days of summer update. I don’t think I got any tier progression for that. Probably nothing Thank you so much Von D But aside from them messing up ground war and adding a game-mode that no one cares about you got four new weapons and reserve crates Only so if we go to the contraband stream they have all the cosmetics whatever at tier 25 you get a weapon bribe Which sounds pretty cool, right? Well, not really you’re guaranteed a no doop ranged or mark – weapon from this weapon bribe you can only grind to get one of these for free and you could still just get a mark – very meaning that instead of Getting a brand new weapon you could just get the rampart 17 mark – it wouldn’t have been as bad if it just completely excluded mark – weapons and you Would just be guaranteed one of the new weapons that they put in the reserve crates, but nope That’s just not the case here and aside from some stickers and some other dabs that you get at 50 you get a new sniper and this might just be one of the saddest weapons I’ve ever seen we have the vendetta sniper rifle semi-auto sniper rifle fastest firing in Class with the larger ammo pool eliminates enemies in three shots. Who are you? It’s basically an m14 with a scope on it with a rapid-fire mod. I don’t get it. What is the purpose of its existence? I feel like the question. What is the purpose of its existence is just applied to everything for this update It was actually contemplating buying the tears again. So I get fast-track to get all this stuff, but it’s really just not worth it I don’t even care about the fact that I make youtube videos and want to cover this stuff. It is just stupid I actually liked the fact that black ops workers had some good changes We still have some fun game modes like infected and prop went to play before black ops 4 out of these fun game modes I had less than two days played on black ops 4 and I really didn’t have too much progression for the contravariant stream But once they actually had some fun game modes and they kept them in the game I now have over five days played and I think I was getting close like tier 160 because of the daily tier skips and just generally playing the game I know that I can actually get this stuff for free pretty quickly So I personally won’t be spending any money on the contraband stream or the reserved crates So that’s just personally what I’m gonna do you can do whatever you would like to I can only try to convince you not to Spend money on this game at least in its current state black ops 4 is just at that point The current ecology game is starting to die down and the new one is starting to get hyped up and Activision is trying to do Whatever they can to try to get people to spend money on this game and keep it more relevant It’s just how it goes. This has been happening for the last couple of Col 2d games. That is probably not gonna stop I just personally believe that when the games get to this stage that we should not give in and we shouldn’t be spending extra money On this it’s just kind of dumb now I know I just been kind of slamming the black ops were update up until this point, but there are some good things too If the community plays 15 million public matches in 20 days, we get the grab which if I’m not mistaken It’s just the Galil from black ops 1 so that is pretty cool They also gave us grind from black ops 2 for free for everyone. So that’s not too bad either At least it doesn’t sound too bad until you preview the reserves It’s kind of tricky to know exactly what was added into the reserve crates because when you go through your classes and stuff You can’t see the new guns But with those days of summer update Activision has put four new weapons into the reserve crates I have it pulled up here we have the Peacekeeper from black ops 2 the Stingray which I think is new the locusts type rifle from black ops 3 and it brought back the blood ignite I had heard that the ballistic knife and black ops wear has an operator MOT that makes it even stronger So I got curious I did some digging and I found this reddit post and I have to reference it because I’m not gonna spend Money on this game. I’m not gonna go to figure that out What I’ve discovered is that apparently the Peacekeeper is like the mad ox But it has no recoil pretty much making it the best assault rifle in the game right now The Stingray is apparently super overpowered with the operator mod. It fires explosive rounds in a two-round burst That makes me think that it’s kind of like the augur but maybe it’s even stronger than that From what I’ve seen with the locust that was brought back from black ops 3 it’s basically the exact same gun It might be slightly better than the Costco, but I don’t think it’s gonna be that bad But apparently the ballistic knife is where things get pretty broken It apparently has three regular attachments and then an operator mod one attachment allows you to shoot it four times before you need to reload one of the other attachments is a fast reload and the last regular attachment allows you to shoot it faster and straighter so it has Less of an arc and maybe it just shoots straight And then with the operator mod you get to dual wield the ballistic knife which really makes me think that it’s a lot like the shadow claw from black ops 3 And the shadow claw is a monster So when some reef reserve crates do not waste money trying to get these guns You are not gonna get them definitely save yourself the time and hassle and money and do not buy this it is a complete ripoff It is really stupid me personally I’m just gonna play the game for fun if I unlock something cool If I don’t whatever de7 I’m not gonna spend any money trying to get through the tiers faster and it’s a 100% Nope to the reserved crates. I think I’m done ranting about this game for now. Thank you guys very much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this black ops 4 video if you guys did enjoy this video and you don’t want them to put any More pay2win weapons and reserved crates make sure to drop a like kapala. See you guys later

100 thoughts on “NEW GUNS…have RUINED Black Ops 4?

  1. LIKE this video if you think we should be given all of these New Guns for FREE! ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

    A lot of these "new" guns are just throwbacks, why are they locked away in reserve crates?

  2. Weapon bribes are duplicate protected as will most weekly and daily earnables new patch has more details but essentially their giving up finally and making the loot worth the time you put in now but the tiers look to be suffering idk

  3. That one kid, “I love capturer the flag”

    But you know that kid is the same kid in capturer the flag sitting in a corner with a thermal titan

    Edit I can’t spell

  4. Actually if you already have all the current Mark 2 weapons in black ops 4 then you are guaranteed one of the new DLC weapons in the game.

  5. Yeah I grinded 3 hours to get 2 tiers just to get a mk2 that I don't even have the normal gun so no attachments for me

  6. Activision and treyarch : We AdDeD FReE coNtEnT

    Community : cool


  7. Community:[Insert request here]
    Treyarch:[Insert a "DiD sOmeONe SaY OpPOsiTe oF ReqUEsT" here]
    Get many likes for generic over used comment…

  8. Uh hey sorry to make you upset or something I got a peacekeeper from that gold crate or weapon bribe or whatever

  9. These guns aren't even that rare. I managed to get the stingray, balistic knife and peacekeeper for free from the regular reserves. As opposed to the ridiculously low odds in bo3 to get a dlc guns, bo4s odds are/feel a lot higher.

  10. They added two no dupe bribes and my friend and I grinded in one day to get to tier 30 and have both of them and he got the switchblade. And the switchblade mk2. He was legit almost in tears

  11. I opened the free ultra weapon bribe from the summer event and got the tigershark and the s6 stingray. Then i opened the other free ultra weapon bribe and i got the swat rft and the peacekeeper. No money spent. Am i lucky?

  12. They probably are trying to keep blackout players so the game stays somewhat alive when modern war fare drops

  13. Honestly I miss the bo2 days where dlc guns were given to you for owning the dlc activision and treyarch and COD franchise as a whole is running itself into the ground

  14. So uh why are people mad about weapons in supply drops now and weren’t mad when they did this in black ops 3

  15. I am a fire believer that activision is using treyarch as a puppet. Treyarch wants to do good but activison won’t let them.

  16. I made a bad choice today and didn't watch your video first I have $100 less dollars now I'm on 2 hours of sleep help me

  17. You need to stop complaining about something as little as a game mode. The fact that you’re a big youtuber makes a lot of people agree with you saying that the game is bad. It’s just making the game worse

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