NEW GUNS! (Call of Duty WW2 New Guns)

There’s a queue to play Call of Duty? *s h o o k* Why oh, thank god, fetch my online profile DADDY!!! Welcome to the winter HQ. It’s completely empty right now. I don’t know why yeah, we got Christmas Tree, uhhh, we got SPARGLE as usual! I’d be curious to see if they changed- That looks more terrifying for some reason. *it 3 confirmed* huh, I think that is different though But obviously the main focus to this video is going to be the new weapons that were added to COD so obviously now if you Go to your soldier And you look at your classes say edit the Gewehr they added the Sten they added the GPMG ons the ice pick in the trench knife And I’m gonna see what I can try to get for free today. Let’s go check out the orders Okay, so you can do these for winter supply drops and you can do a special order? And you just get the sten you just have to play fifty games, and you get a free weapon. Dopelage popelage sign me up I am too major. Ho-ward I’ve been bad about completing my orders im going to have to get rid of all of them or at least most of them Yes, okay, we got all of them now. i just got to do whatever they say play hardcore game That’s easy 30 long range kills 250 kills with armored and 250 kills with infantry It looks like it has to be on snow maps though, so you have to play Ardennes Forest Gustav Oh, my god, Gustav and winter carentin said that shouldn’t be so bad. Let’s see here I have over 24,000 Armory credits So I should be able to unlock something cuz you can just go to the collections and unlock stuff I think I’m gonna take the Gewehr the Sten can be unlocked for free so why oh my god. qwack shot Yeah, who’s gonna unlock all this just to get the sten. That’s ridiculous the trench knife is also gonna Take a ton to get icepick doesn’t look so bad. That’s like roughly 4,000 credits and the Gewehr here Okay, that’s that might be around like 8000 I’m just gonna go for I’m just gonna unlock it goodbye Armory credits on this here So I think when you unlock like this epic variants here you also get the base one. I don’t know for sure though Let’s check it out. Okay, so guevara yep You just well actually okay, so it looks like the standard Gewehr is actually just rare and Noble – oh my god That’s clean, but the kapitan. Oh my god short variants are just ridiculous. Let’s check out the chiller Okay, oh This is just like world at war holy shit Yeah, that’s gonna be fun Let’s check out the other variants in the other weapons rooted what the hell the barrel looks like a muffler And then you just have the regular sten okay, so this is the standard one then you have the heroic Which is taking a little bit to load? Okay? That’s not so bad are there variants of like the ice pick and stuff. They don’t look too different They’re all pretty much the same. I think I might wait on getting the trench knife for now I’m just gonna no life with the Gewehr. We have winter all winter keratin hardcore Oh, yes, I didn’t think there’d be a hardcore playlist for this. Let’s go. It’s been a while since I played Carentan I think the last time I played it was cod 2, and I don’t have the season pass installed So I can’t play the standard one. I still think that we should be given standard keratin for free Yeah, can I spawn it’s a fucking invisible hand oh, my god. What what is I? Play the game. I don’t know look at this man’s and invisible gun and hands oh No my feet have no idea where the spawns are way back here. Okay. They are fuck you over there? oh my god I’m going to fuck it in right now. I Dig this dude Hold the long shot there we go bitch ass This game started so strong now. I can’t find anyone How is that not a one hit okay This thing is actually kind of a monster for hardcore fire rate look at that. Oh No Where do they spawn oh hey, buddy oh My god. Oh, there’s another one. I think I end up turning over here though play the game dang, dude I dig the gewehr. Yeah, if you’ve earned eight thousand credits, then I would definitely recommend the gewehr Look how they’re camping up in these buildings Oh Fiery like that it can actually compete at close range like damn. I dig it man OOF-ulonimbus Honestly the most time I have spent on a map like this is Chinatown from cod4. Oh Okay, well there’s a game. Oh my god. It is this quad play the game one is it only gonna be three I think it’s only gonna show three. I want to wait one. I wanted to see if there was a fourth Ok we’ll never know but for those that don’t know Carrington is actually been in five call duty games including this one It was in the first and second call duty game as Carentan It was in Call of Duty 4 and modern warfare remastered as Chinatown in the most experience I have with this map is on Chinatown so that’s how I try to see the map when I’m playing it I don’t know if that makes any sense, but whatever well. I should have that okay. I got two orders done I got a regular da plen in a winter da plen. It’s da plen Palooza I’m stupid. Okay, okay the HQ SFIL now here. Let’s drop these dumplings in comes our winter supply drop Hopefully I can actually get something decent from this There’s a heroic I Get a fucking heroic svt, and then a common pistol-grip from the fucking winter supply drop. That’s my luck right there Let’s check out the heroic. Okay. That’s pretty fucking nice . o.0 Fucking die Who does that eh we’ve got the hack of 7209 here tactical equating behind this tree little just you God, I don’t like how people are playing this map right now sorry Pedro That wait that counted as a kill. I can’t find anyone dude got here Whoa it worked Wait when did they add this okay? Okay? The way the people are playing this map is gross I want to play it for the extra XP, but at the same time. I can’t find anyone. This is a nightmare Look at this come on die come on I’m out of here not doing it nope nope no. I’m just gonna try regular hardcore Dom What was that inspect well done? What was that? What I would that be the inspect. That’s so douchey. Oh my god They’re not won’t hey you’re not wait one more come on You you wouldn’t move Can they just have a flag jeez they let them have C there you go, there’s your consolation flag alright so frustrating Oh, that’s actually kind of cool. No. I’m gonna use this really cool calling card. There’s winter seige emotes. Oh my god They have a backflip now Holy shit. They have hardcore hardpoint Why is it always just hardcore TDM we get something other than fucking TDM or fucking hardcore TDM I? Click that course can they please fix that I get so tilted I’m just trying to click fucking public match I don’t want to go to the headquarters the first thing that everyone wants to click is fucking public match I’m going to lose my mind Michael corn bread. Please fix. Oh, baby a Supply Drop Ha ha 10 credits. That’s depressing. I’ll just go play a game now hardcore, Dom. Please just stop giving me nothing but hardcore TDM Oh, my I can’t handle much more of it. It’s it’s too much I just want hardcore Dom hardcore hardpoint hardcore Co confirm, just no more hardcore TDM Please is just nothing but camping or aimless wandering. Oh my Think I mean how am I gonna last this weekend is name is foopa chalupa foopa chalupa on our team. That’s a solid name, bro. Oh great There’s a dead horse over here covered in snow my horse love to do cocaine. Okay. Oh wait you oh, it’s cut open Oh God and there’s rats I Don’t like this map anymore. I’ve only been moderately enjoying this in the first place. I mean fuck I’m outta here. No no no you not just fucking do that it just occurred to me I’m not I can’t even get the special order done because I’m not even completing these matches. I’m just raged quitting everything I can’t handle it. It’s okay. It is it really just is TDM. I’m not gonna do it I? clicked headquarters Great I could play the game now my plan dab-dab These okay okay playing this game today is gonna take 20 years off my life. I’m going back to character I don’t know what to do the first game was so good And it’s just been nothing but downhill from here look at this teammate. How’s it going bubba gut 280? Hate everything I do came in for a fucking concussion It’s almost all their team off the radar like holy shit how and why oh? E Is that almost on screen oh? My god why and and and this game why the fuck okay least we won I think I almost had something maybe but yeah, those are my first couple of games using the new Gewehr It’s actually pretty good in hardcore, but I was just getting some really bad lobbies. Hopefully I’ll have some better luck this weekend, and I’m pretty sure for future videos I’m gonna be covering like all the new winter content, and I’m also gonna try to get these new weapons for free, but yeah That’s gonna do it for this video. Thank you guys very much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this Call of Duty World War 2 video if you guys did and you want to see more of the New winter stuff make sure to drop a like. I’ll see you guys later MUTHA *FAMILY FRIENDY CENSOR* I’M plz help me this is your family friendly BRAYDEN make sure to like the video to help me come back and make MORE roblox viideos

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