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New gun laws will make New Zealand safer after Christchurch massacre says Jacinda Ardern

Cabinet today made in principle
decisions around the reform of our gun laws. I intend to give further detail
of these decisions to the media and public before cabinet
meets again next Monday. This ultimately means
that within 10 days of this horrific act of terrorism
we will have announced reforms which will, I believe, make our
community safer. As a cabinet we were absolutely
unified and very clear: the terror attack in Christchurch
on Friday was the worst act of terrorism on our shores. It was, in fact, one of the worst
globally in recent times. It has exposed a range
of weaknesses in New Zealand’s gun laws. Today it was also agreed that there
will be an inquiry to look at the specific circumstances
leading up to the Christchurch mosques terror attack on 15 March. The purpose of this inquiry is to
look at what all relevant agencies knew, or could or should have known,
about the individual and his activities, including his
access to weapons and whether they could have been
in a position to prevent the attack. The inquiry will also look
at the individual’s travel movements to and from New Zealand
and internationally, his activities in New Zealand
and his use of social media and his connection to others. The government has also had
preliminary discussions around ensuring New Zealanders
have the ability to commemorate as one they lives lost at Deans Avenue
and Linwood mosques. A number of vigils have already
been held in local communities throughout New Zealand, I have
no doubt that these will continue, in fact, I encourage people
to come together.

100 thoughts on “New gun laws will make New Zealand safer after Christchurch massacre says Jacinda Ardern

  1. Jacinda Ardern says cabinet agrees New Zealand gun reform 'in principle' ►

  2. Incredible to see so many Americans failing to get a grip on this. In Australia and the UK mass murder with guns led to a blanket ban, since then no more massacres. Which is how we like it. Arming a society? We look at America and honestly, the tragic mess of it all makes us very disinclined to take any lessons whatsoever from the US. You have atrocity after atrocity and still try and tell us that somehow we have got it wrong. That's a stunning lack of self-awareness.

  3. Anyone that believes this are very gullible, this is a hoax, watch the video, no blood no panic from the reported 300 people of which you only see 30 at the most watch the aftermath video as well some of the worst acting I have seen, wakey wakey

  4. Murders committed by guns in NZ is almost non existent, most of the 32 average murders per year is not with guns…it doesn't have a gun culture and or/problem so banning them only service to punish the majority of law abiding citizens along with the people who make a living off selling them whilst encouraging more state interference in our lives

  5. As a Muslim and on behalf of all muslims over the world, I would like to thank prime minister of Newzelanda as well as all citizens for their support and for their wisdom, support and kind feelings towards Muslims..

    We really appreciate that 🌹❤


  6. Elitists planning to carry out globalism and taking away gun rights. This whole incident stinks of it, who knows also may be a hoax.

  7. A Noble Prize winner, Thomas Carlyle, said: “He was to kindle the world “. He described him adding “… as if he had lights within him to illuminate the darkest of nights.”

  8. The Famous Russian writer Leo Tolstoy believes that Mohammad's religion will prevail over the Whole World as it is in conformity with mind and wisdom.

  9. Leo Tolstoy, the Famous Russian writer, stated that he is one of those who look up at the Prophet Mohammed who has been chosen by God to be the last prophet

  10. Michael Hart said: “He, meaning the Prophet Mohammed, was the only man in history who was supremely successful on both the religious and secular level.”

  11. Goethe, the German poet said: “I have looked in the history of humanity for an example and found that it was Muhammad.”

  12. George Bernard Shaw, the British philosopher said: “The world is in dire need of a man with the mind of Muhammad.”

  13. Islam is the only religion that motivates you into creativity and opens all doors of success in all the walks of life.

  14. Those who support everybody should have guns are potential terrorists. Who will give me an insureance that one or two of y'all turn into a mass murdering maniac?

  15. As a nz citizen I can tell everyone here that nz isn't the safe place its advertised as. I've been mugged twice in the last 7 years in broad daylight.

  16. I had no idea the person of New Zealand were so dumb. To allow your government to take your guns is insane…ask Venezuela…ask Brazil. Ask Australia why their home invasion crime rate has exploded since they made it difficult for its people to protect themselves.

  17. Ideal platform for a anti gun agenda. Sickness.
    Socialism is on the rise . Sickness.
    We love you Marxism
    Time will come to defend our freedoms.
    We will have no gun.
    Totalitarian regime will destroy your individuality
    Remain a free thinker. Blessings.

  18. one name ….erdogan, love NZ and the people but i won't be fooled by mainstream media. unfortunately this is NZ's first taste of what's happening in the northern hemisphere.
    detest what happened, make no mistake, but i can't stand the hypocritical media using NZ to coin in the dollars.

  19. New Zealand's prime minister's shoes are more expensive than many Arab presidents who say they are men, but in fact they are shoes

  20. It is too bad when a politican say “ I believe …”. Meaning she made decision based on her beliefs regarding the subject matter. No proof, no reasoning, no statistics. Nothing. She just “believe”. Someone should tell her that leading a country is not supposed to base on beliefs because a country is not a church or a congregation.

  21. One lunatic uses a rifle to commit mass murder and a woman with an appendage dangling between her legs bans all rifles. Now, only lunatics will have rifles.

  22. No need to ask her politics just another globalism marxist creature intent on the destruction of western values and culture

  23. It's great what the prime minister of New Zealand is taking action after what happened following Great Britain and Australia. 🅱️

  24. We need to make guns illegal so criminals can't get ahold of them because everyone knows criminals don't break the law 😂🖕

  25. Job well done New Zealanders…….. Just How ironic that a white person wants to claim a country as being invaded by others and take lives when your own people took the land from the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand and yet they are still forgiving you by way of a native dance …….Check yourselves Anglo Christians for history tells a story that you are the true invaders of great vast of land and cultures and you think nothing of what you do or promote.

  26. Let me help you out in understanding Globalism and the New World Order.
    You could spend days investigating this topic removing the layers of lies that have been told by NWO advocates about protecting the Earth and establishing a One World Government which would bring about World Peace.
    It all boils down to one fact, that these sub-humans are Satanists and have one real goal, to remove YOU from this Earth, allowing only 500 Million Satanists to exist on OUR EARTH, until they decide to reduce the population further.
    Step 1: Remove Your Guns.  Step 2: Remove Your heads.
    Do your research, you will never prove me wrong.

  27. 90% of gun owners are law abiding
    10% of criminals use guns to commit crime
    Solution. Band 100% of guns, punish the majority for a small isolated pocket minority of crimes.

    Logic has left the chat

  28. your ears look like wings. it wasnt terrorism bimbo. it was mass murder.. different. you are exploiting mass death for your personal goals. disgusting. no shame….. yuk

  29. The only gun regulations to protect against guns is to educate on the reasons to own and carry guns, and mandate that every household own a gun.

  30. New Zealand has been turned over to the UN and is bringing in the new world order, it starts here and slowly spreads but try this in the United States and it will turn out very bad for the invaders that try to take our second amendment rights.

  31. Will New Zealand also disarm ISIS which has vowed revenge, if yes, how. Their intelligence couldn't stop the Mosque attack.

  32. Is it not strange she comes out ASAP from the Shooting and changes gun laws?? Biggest attack world wide of recent times???? She is the most fake controlled person ever this is sooooo cheesy. Have we forgotten the Muslim attack on Paris ?? The muslim attack on London ??? There was over 340 Islamist terrorist attacks in the last 20 years.<—Google it . What has been done about that??????? One white crazy does something Bad and you take the Guns away from innocent people that wish to protect themselves from criminals and murders. Funny how its the agenda world wide to take our rights away.

  33. Yeah sure new gun laws are the answer. this is typical for new Zealand cant make any real changes yet they go after something that got nothing to do with a solution. The gunman had full automatic rifle and hand granades, i dont think you can just walk in the shop and buy those. no one pointing the finger at the security or should I say the lack of it. or how this moron slipped through unnoticed for all those years, or the lack of police and poor response time, or how the intellegence agency didnt have anything about it. Sure the solution is to make it harder for innocent hunters to obtain a licence.

  34. Why so many comments from the US?
    NZ doesn't have a second amendment right & the changes to the gun laws (not an outright ban btw) have been on the political agenda since small changes were made after the Aramoana massacre.
    What New Zealand decides to do doesn't affect any other country.

  35. hmm, have you changed the ongoing attack on western civilization? No? So NZ is no more safe than it was before. Job well done, PM? What an utter failure.

  36. One criminal in NZ (Same in Australia) has successfully now made the law all innocent people must abide by. What Jacinda Ardern is doing is 'keeping you safe' by taking away your ability to defend yourselves. The criminals are running the prison! UK banned guns..knife crimes escalate…OK then BAN knives. Australia bans guns because of one crazy criminal but the criminals still have guns. Drunk drivers kill people…BAN CARS? OMG the world is crazy. Who is speaking up for the innocent people. As Hitler said; "'To conquer a nation, you must first disarm its citizens."

  37. She is an authoritarian dictator, she wasnt fairly elected, she exploited the system, she has gone for a gun grab, taking people rights away from them without asking, she is jailing people for the dissemination of information, and possession of a video, she hid her pregnancy to run for office, and just recently, a citizen has ben shot dead for standing up to this and refusing to hand over his guns, note that he didnt hurt anyone and was not a dangerous person, but hes dead now.
    All of this because a non citizen gunned down some muslims

  38. Praise Jacinda and her humanity, clarity and strength. NZ has been behind on gun law for a long time, compared to many countries. Proud to be a Kiwi and receive more than "thoughts and prayers". It isn't perfect, but at least she is doing something. It's a start.

  39. Analysis of official police figures by Newshub show that over the 10-year period from 2008 to 2017, there were 76 murders or manslaughters with a firearm in New Zealand, with seven of those committed by someone who held a gun licence.

    In other words less than one (1) person a year is killed in New Zealand with a legally owned gun. Seven are killed each year with an illegally owned gun. New Zealand has 1.3 million legally owned guns.

    Illegal guns won't be handed in. Legally owned semi automatic rifles (hundreds of thousands) will be handed in. This in a land with less than one legally owned gun death a year.

    The only reason for this move is power, not for the safety of the New Zealand people from the danger of legally owned guns. The Christchurch killer came to New Zealand and committed his terrorist massacre here precisely to achieve this result. He said so in his manifesto.

  40. this woman is an idiot, she goes off on something that will not make any difference with anything because she can not think of anything else, it will just keep on being the same way because of people like this

  41. She looks like she can fly away with those ears instead of defend herself with a gun. I just figured out why gun confiscation wont bother her! LOL

  42. The shadow government brings in false flags in order to disarm & take away our God given freedoms, and it's always said n the name of keeping us safe.The NZ Gov, intelligence, Muslim Brotherhood, int banking cartel, media,& more are all in it.

  43. Humans are afraid of death and a future of loss. This makes us controllable. The whole point of terrorism is to take away your liberties and freedoms.

  44. Want to have a good relationship with new Zealand, then Australian white supremacists need to be fair in doing business. Don't rip kiwis off and try to get away, have some responsibility and honesty. However, bloody Aussie builder Onlinehomes are just doggy people. they pretend they could help but once they tricked you entered a contract they fail to deliver what they promised. it's a pity they lost confidence and trust to the world.

  45. Credit to new zealand goverment tighting there laws on automatics, shame on a corrupt us senate who lack the balls to do tbe same. If thine eye affends thee then pluck it out.

  46. Jacinta should not were the muslim head scarf, for any reason full stop! You should not identify for that which you are not and would not for any reason. To do so is to not respect yourself nor to respect that which you engage. To placate is to capitulate! Respect is given by respect for the tradgedy alone! Acknowledgement of said tradgedy is alone absolute.

  47. Muslim brothers and sisters in New Zealand, why are you afraid to go to mosque? It is exactly the same feeling we Christians in Indonesia felt when our churches were blown up during services, particularly during holy mass. Remember that we are native Indonesians. We are not immigrants. It is the same feeling my Christian brothers and sisters of the Coptic Churches, both Catholic and Orthodox had in Egypt when your Muslim brothers blew up our churches there. And the same situation my Christian brothers and sisters go through elsewhere. Now do you feel the same situation? Tell all your Muslim brothers and sisters that violence is Satanic. You must learn the Christian Golden Rule.

  48. Yeah…but this is just BAD. It's stupid. Poor New Zealanders….You are being had big time. Go ahead and hand over your liberties, your rights… You'll regret this…you'll regret this slippery slope your leaping onto. It's nonsensical and it's the wrong reaction…as in NOT a solution at all. Woe unto New Zealand.

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