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New FAL Options from DSA Firearms – SHOT Show Interview

Welcome to our continuing coverage of SHOT show 2017. That’s right, the Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade Show in Las Vegas Nevada with almost 65,000 people in attendance and thousands upon thousands of brand-new products. We’re going to cover it throughout the week with regular updates. So stay tuned. Hi this is Joel Persinger. I’m the GunGuy. Thank you very much for watching my channel. I really, deeply appreciate it. I’m out at SHOT show. This is the second day here and trying to do videos with everybody at this place is insane. But we’re having a great time cruising around. DSA is a great company. We stopped by to talk with them. They’ve got some really cool new products. I’m gonna let Mike talk about those a little bit. I notice you have the gun that doesn’t have the special stuff on it. Absolutely. But I think you’re going to show me some special stuff on another one. I am. We’re going to start off by showing the traditional FAL. This is a fixed stock 21 inch model and as stock standard as they come. This is the rifle that’s pretty much made all over… was made all over the world and all over the U.S. This is what a lot of people built out of parts kits. It’s a stock standard configuration. It’s a great rifle. For people who aren’t familiar with the FAL, it’s got a lot of great features for the classic military rifle. It has the last shot hold open on the empty magazine, which is something that the HK and the AK did not have. It has a fully adjustable gas regulator. A single shot gas plug, so you can actually turn the rifle off for single shot mode. It has a non reciprocating left side charging handle. You’ve got your bolt hold-open device right here that closes the action. It’s got a centrally-located magazine release that makes removing the magazine easy. It’s got a rock and lock design. This is actually, unlike a Mini 14 or something, this is a true tried-and-true battle rifle. Absolutely. In service for nearly 60 years. Adopted at one point in time by nearly 90 countries. Manufactured by over a dozen of them. And chambered in what? 7.62×51. .308. Full 308 power. This is affectionately known as the right arm of the free world. The Cadillac of battle rifles. So you’ve taken this and you’ve made it better? We have made it better. How have you done that? We’ve done a number of things. I’m going to set this bad boy down and I’m gonna grab something that we’re really proud of. This is the exact same fundamental rifle as the one that I was just showing, but what’s special about this is it has gone through what we refer to as an upgraded military package. We have provided the parts and accessories and upgrade pieces to foreign countries that adopted the FAL rifles in order to take it from these traditional configurations that are behind us and turn it into a modern firearm that they can use for today’s type of conflicts and engagements. Ok, one of the things I like to do on my channel is answer the why. So we’ve made a lot of changes and we’ve got rails and other things… The biggest reason that people are looking to upgrade the rifle is Optics. That is one of the biggest reasons why people want to take their rifle from these into something and make it look like this. The ability to mount optics on it whether it be scope or red dot. This particular is a Meprolight. Very popular in other parts of the world. And then one of the other things that this rifle has, is it has a full rail interface handguard 1913 picatinny spec. This is a load-bearing handguard. That means that you can mount anything that you want to it including lasers…. Regardless of weight… Laser designators, M203 40-millimeter grenade launchers. I want one of those! I’m in California. Can I get one of those? Grenade launcher? I’m not familiar with your laws, but probably not. I want you California politicians I want you to see me hold this. Haha! I can’t do it in California, but I can do it here. So there you are. I’m feeling so much better now. I interrupted you. I’m sorry. It’s really OK. So, those are some of the features that are included in the upgrade package. One of the other big features in that package is the fully adjustable side folding stock. That is extremely cool. That makes that package nice and compact. Absolutely. It shortens the whole thing up substantially. One of the really nice things about the FAL side folding stock is it locks in place unlike Galil stocks or some of the other stocks out there. So its not gonna flop back out. No, it is not going to flop around and it also gives you the ability to fire while folded. You can still get the trigger. If you’re coming out of a vehicle of any kind, you don’t have to worry about deploying the shock in order to be able to effectively fire this rifle right out of the gate. One of the reasons I like this as much as I do, is because first of all, with a 308 you can ring the gong pretty far out there. With a 556 you’re out to a certain range, you’re done and even if you get something out there at some point it loses a lot of energy and a lot of velocity. When you’re my age, I’m pushing 60, if you don’t have optics your screwed. You can’t see the impact. Right. I’m not going to make that long a shot no matter what I’m doing. So having the authority of a .308… absolutely… and then the ability to actually hit what you’re shooting at a distance because you can put optics on it, to me is huge. And this scope mount that’s featured on this rifle is our number one selling upgrade both here and abroad. This is a universal scope mount. It fits any FAL that was ever produced, whether it be metric or inch pattern. There are to very distinctive patterns that were manufactured over the years. Inch patterns are the Commonwealth guns, the guns of the British Empire. Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of them. This scope mount will work on any of them. Its universal and requires no modification of the receiver. Like I said, number one selling upgrade. I gotta to tell you, this has been one of my… not with all the goodies, because I’ve never seen that till today… but it has been one of my favorite rifles for a very, very long time. They’re just absolutely bullet proof. The balance of them; the weight to them, even though they’re a little bit heavier, the the weight actually plays out on the balance that works perfectly. Once people get ahold of FAL, they generally never… They never go back. Mike, thank you very much for your time today. I appreciate it. Please check out DSA. They do do some great stuff. They have a lot of terrific products. Whatever you do have a great time and come back, because we’re going to have more interviews and more stuff from SHOT show here in Las Vegas as we go through the week. Thank you again for watching. Have a wonderful week and be safe.

22 thoughts on “New FAL Options from DSA Firearms – SHOT Show Interview

  1. Always loved DSA. They make great FAL parts. I slapped a DSA dust cover (aka scope mount) on an old fal and scoped it, works great. Super quality company.

  2. Joel great job as always sir keep up the good work and keep fighting for California maybe one day I'll return there

  3. keep up the good work and thank you so much for the information =) i love seeing things like this do to me not being able to go all the time

  4. Going to have to say, whats the point of these anymore? the FAL is a design that has not aged well in the least, and in today's market, the AR10 is simply a better platform, they can be had for cheaper, produce better results and in more and more cases are more reliable.

    I feel as if the FAL market has become a niche group like the M1A guys become because "Mah battlerifle" club and the unwillingness to change to more efficient platform just for nostalgia sake.

    Seriously, even 13 inch barreled FALs come in at nearly 10 pounds unloaded while the AR10 pattern with a 16 inch barrel is nearly two pounds lighter, more accurate and takes more available mags.

  5. Pushing 60 are you? Remember that 60 is the new 50. I wish you many happy healthy prosperous decades to come my "old friend".

  6. The AR10 is a failed, obsolete design that should have never made it to production. Gas piston will always beat DI on any platform.

  7. Mike is a GREAT GUY! My Shop Ordered 4 rifles from them yesterday. Awesome stuff. Cant wait to get behind the RPD!

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