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New D.D.I. AK-74 Rifles are at Classic Firearms

Hey, everybody. Ben with Classic Firearms
here. First of all, happy holidays, merry Christmas to all of you. It’s December here
at Classic. We’re very, very busy. You guys have us covered up with orders. For that,
we’re very appreciative, so thank you. But we do want to take a moment to introduce to
you a new rifle that we’re very, very excited about. This is a new AK-74 rifle by D.D.I.
D.D.I. has become synonymous with quality in terms of AK-74s and AK-47s, particularly
AK-47s up until now. We have offered some AK-74s in the past by
Waffen Werks. That was the predecessor to D.D.I. D.D.I. bought up Waffen Werks, and
honored warranties on Waffen Werks rifles and so forth, but this is not to be confused
with a Waffen Werks rifle. D.D.I. is an entirely new entity from Waffen Werks, and they are
producing some of the finest AK type rifles in the business. Their AK-47s have a stellar
reputation in the industry, and I’m sure the same will apply for their new AK-74s. We have two different types. This is the base
model. It comes with a Phoenix stock and Hogue furniture. Beautiful rifle. Very smooth action.
KG Gun Kote finish. Both models will have the side rail for the scope mount, which is
very nice because this round, the 5.45 round, will exceed open sight expectations, so it’s
very good to be able to mount a scope on these so that you can get maximum performance out
of the round at long ranges. This one also incorporates the Fenocited barrel. D.D.I.,
I don’t know that it’s proprietary to them, but they have pretty much perfected the Fenociting
process. Some manufacturers chrome line, some use a nitrous oxide process. Fenocite is supposed
to be the best of all worlds. It gives a very long barrel life and improves accuracy on
the barrels. Of course, it has the AK-74 style compensator, cleaning rods, and comes with
a 30 round mag, as well as D.D.I.’s warranty. Their other model is the MOE version. It has
all Magpul Furniture. I personally think this is a beautiful rifle. Same quality [inaudible
00:02:25]. Still covered by the same warranty. Side rail. George, if you’ll come in, I want
the folks to be able to see the D.D.I. receiver. These are new D.D.I. receivers unlike anything
previously on the market. Very high quality in an AK-74 format. We’re excited about these.
We think you will be, too. They’re going up on the site, today. Limited run. I don’t know
how many we’re going to be able to have, so I would encourage you to take advantage of
them. Thank you for your business, folks, and as always, come and see us at

22 thoughts on “New D.D.I. AK-74 Rifles are at Classic Firearms

  1. Just got the moe version and it only took a week to get it. So far everything looks great with the rifle. All rivets are good, no canted sights, fit and finish is awesome. Haven't had a chance to fire it yet but if it shoots as good as it looks then I will be a happy man!!!

  2. Your Guys at Classic Firearms ROCK.I ordered DDI AKM-47 from you.7 days later I was picking it up at my FFL.Good job guys.

  3. My buddy just picked one up from y'all a couple weeks ago . Took it the range and loved it. Fit and finish was awesome came zeroed out the box. I own an slr-104 and u think it's on par. Awesome price too. Other than rd ddi I think has the best American ak's century's c39 ain't in the same league and the ras-47 's I've seen and held look like crap, plus they got some shitty cast trunnions and bcg . It's puts the users safety at risk and is unacceptable , slightly better than the paper weight io's. Keeping putting out quality ak's at a great price ddi, although I don't owns one Ian definitely sold on ddi's

  4. just purchased 2 days ago and impatiently waiting… can't wait to get it in and get some rounds down range. haven't read a negative review yet

  5. how come the ones for sale on the site says no cleaning rods. NOt a big deal but I love the look with a cleaning rod.

  6. I just bought one from you guys I hope I get it soon sounds like an excellent gun I cant wait to see it

  7. Love my DDI I bought from Classic Firearms. I have to say.. I think I am now a fan boy of DDI

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