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New Compression Burster Sniper And Hydraulic Bow Gameplay Review – Fortnite STW

What’s up guys the compassion Buster just came out into the shop it’s the second bull in the game. I’ve set the boom bow and It looks pretty good. This is how it looks. This is the model that I’m displaying right now Then moving on to its stats it can wrote the same things on it as the boom bow It’s got the same amount of tread chance and create damage as the boom bow It has one magazine size and the reload time is 1.3. So every shot is a reload The only difference between this and the goombah is that this one snares targets instead of afflicts them? With the perk being energy on this and the perk being energy on the boom bow The boom bow has more damage and headshot damage So the boom bow has more base damage Looking at the stats. The boom bow has 14,000 more damage than the Compression Buster, but the only thing is I put 45% more damage when the targets are students near it So when you have that in action, it’s gonna have more damage in the boom book, but that’s in percent less crit chance for my hero loadout I’m gonna be using rabbit radar Jonesy because it gives me two hundred and twenty five percent critical damage with my snipers preemptive strike Quick scope for sniper damage locked and eluded because I’m gonna be reloading for every shot I see shots for what’s a fixer my critical sniper shots? sahrin might because you know everyone’s like I’m gonna shoot so this will work well and But to be because I wanna be eliminating a lot of enemies and it’s just not stuck Nicely in the game now with my built and the maxed out boom bow Let’s test her against some level 140 husks. I Didn’t I don’t think he crit. Oh, that’s some nice damage about seven hundred thousand One thing I can say for sure is that this weapon has a lot of knock back The stats say it has 10,000 range and transfer stars arranged on the boom Bob I think they have the same amount of range because they have infinite range if you can align your shot with That M like to think aiming your aim relative assisting your aim, yeah Like the taker in the intro When your boys feel like when your arrows fully charged stop it’s gonna like do it then So units for the charge the pie issue if their enemies right in front of you you can just shoot it But you need to jump so it goes a little bit farther away Because you’re shooting a this is gonna go on the floor and I and very slowly soon as you can see from the fighter Jeremy used the boom boom and see how it compares. Hmm the staunchest This will make good practice What’s this glue it looks like an atlas That’s strange We are dealing with mortar for us this weapon can be able to tedious to use boy if you’re using your abilities, maybe not so It appears that it does look good to shooters nor does the explosion Stretch inside the shoe so you have to get into the shooters bubble and hit it from there I Was able to fully complete the staunchest but I Was able to get enough husks eliminated. So get one present from it If you’re using sub-zero’s anything to store for to 3200 gold now you’ll be able to freeze enemies on critical hits which could be useful While you would lose so much damage with this weapon when you charge it up. Like I just did it’s quite viable but This weapon will surely have its uses Alright guys. I hope you enjoyed the video and enjoy the gameplay too. If you have any questions comments or suggestions You know just leave them down in the comments you guys you get this weapon. I’m sure to be pretty fun to use And there are many different builds you can try with it, especially the freezing good works on you. Hope you have a good day See you in the next with the next video episode

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