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New Champion Shooting Bags: Rear Bags and Rifle Rests

welcome to the social regressive! please
excuse the damaged eye. I think it is healing. it feels a little bit better
today. what we’re gonna take a look at today are some range bags. in the past in
some of the demonstration videos that you’ve seen me do at all kinds of
different distances we’ve used a couple of different things to try to get
neatly on target. of course you want a nice solid bipod up front if you’re
doing really precision work like with the long range you know the mile test
that we just did we’re here recently and make sure you go check that video out
because we were starting to get more consistent hits out of that distance but
for those kinds of tests a lot of time it’s difficult to use some of these
really nice leather bags like this one this is a protector rear bag I’m gonna
put a link in the description below so you can check this one out
this one is you see this all the time out at the range a lot of the
competitors use these there are a couple different models some with kind of a
hard base this one’s this soft based model some are taller than others and
this is one that I’ve been using for a good long while and it is it’s quite
tough of course it’s you know it’s a nice kind of thick leather has a little
bit of squish to it and this one just plants itself because it’s kind of heavy
now this can be a bit of a problem for some of the types of work that you
might want to do like maybe you’re getting out into the field doing some
some kind of mid range hunting where you’re gonna have to get down low with a
rifle and you know for things like that you don’t want to be carrying around a
big old brick of leather and what I assume to be small rocks in there and
maybe you don’t want to be carrying around a sock full of rocks either
because again this is kind of heavy this does work though I’ve used these for
quite a bit of testing but what we have here are some new models from champion
these right here come in a variety of form factors they’re actually a couple
of others that are not shown on the table here these are the three that I’m
going to be testing out because I think they’re going to be really kind of
flexible for range use and for getting out in the field this little guy right
here you’ve probably seen a lot like this this is just a cylinder and this is
full of styrofoam beads you can fill these with airsoft pellets
this actually came prefilled and because it is full of those little styrofoam
pellets it is extremely lightweight this would not be a burden to carry out into
the field at all especially since you do get that little carry handle you’ve
probably seen ones like this like I mentioned we actually used a Midway one
of these on the mile challenge and it turned out to be just great for that
test because with the kind of uneven terrain that we were dealing with and
having to get you know different heights with different guns this low model which
is great for the range just didn’t really work out we weren’t able to get
quite the heights that we’re after and these can be extremely flexible you can
you know kind of squeeze them to maintain a bit of extra height and then
when your rifle pushes down you can kind of let it sag a little bit if you want
it to be able to fit you can turn it different directions in order to get
different heights for whatever setup that you might have and you can do it
all really quickly with something like this so yeah this one I expect to be
using quite a lot in the future this one is going to be an excellent one for
range use this is designed to act as they call this the wedge bag and you’ve
probably seen a couple like this as well but it’s supposed to fit right along
this angle that you get kind of under the heel toe area of your stock and then
this you just kind of push it backward to decrease your elevation with your
rifle and then bring it forward to increase your elevation this one is yeah
just wonderful for bench use and it’s gonna be very solid overall it’s gonna
sit very neatly on top of or under the stock here and then it’s easy to move
back and forth it’s also a great width so that as maybe you’re on the bench or
at the range it’s not knocking against your your elbows or anything it’s gonna
it has enough width that it’s gonna see even your widest stocks but then it’s
not so much that it’s gonna be interfering with anything this is a
really cool design one thing I should point out about both of these is that
instead of being the usual Cordura kind of very thick nylon fabric which
you know is fine for a lot of the work that I’ve done these use a little bit
more of a sticky it’s like a rubberized fabric substance here and I think that
this is going to grab onto this stock very well and be able to hold it and
kind of plant with it a little bit easier then you can see on the underside
of this one that where it interfaces with the bench it’ll be doing the same
thing you have this kind of rubberized material so I think that this should do
a really good job of staying put when you’re out of the range now this one is
kind of the funky one and you might be wondering what in the world this one
could be used for and the hint is right in here you can use this for mounting on
fences barricades and then probably for some of you hog hunters out there that
okay here in Oklahoma the hog population is so bad that they have basically
removed all restrictions on hunting them you don’t have to have even a hunter
hunting license when last I checked to hunt hogs if you want to go out and
blaze away at them yeah you don’t even need a hunting license you don’t have to
do anything you can be hunting from a vehicle and this is a really cool
vehicle bag right here you can mount this over your windowsill and maybe if
you do roll up on those hogs you can just mount your gun right in this side
here and start taking shots out your window if you get those shots of you
know those those targets of opportunity this is the one that’s gonna make it
happen and this is one that you could probably pop between the barbs on barbed
wire you know pop that down there yeah if you’re doing competition work a
barricade and overall even though this looks like it should be nice and heavy
because it has kind of that polyfill instead of like rocks or sand or
anything like that this actually is pretty darn portable this would be easy
to get around and for you guys that are taking those shots out the window or
whatever and check it out you do get a little bag here so you can drop your
empty brass or maybe a spare magazine in there that’s
that’s pretty rad I’m not sure about the prices on these yet as I go into the
editing booth and put together the final version maybe we’ll have the an idea of
what the real retail prices will be like but I expect them to be very reasonable
because overall champion targets whether the paper ones the steel ones in general
for you know kind of the market prices these are gonna be on the the lower end
even though they’re gonna perform really a lot like the higher end like the
Machine wrist that I have down here that I’ve been using for a while they do make
some pretty uprated stuff at some very decent prices so thanks a lot for
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coming up soon I’m gonna be changing up the way that this channel works we’re
going to be introducing new kinds of content that I think will be applicable
to more of you especially hunters coming up here people that are concerned about
maybe what the terminal effects of different projectiles are going to be
we’re gonna be finding out some really interesting things we’re gonna be doing
a bunch of optics reviews too so don’t miss out thanks everybody that has made
these videos possible thanks to champion for sending these bags over for me to
test out here in the future and thank you to patrons of the destructive arts
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  1. Did you fire a left hand rifle with no eye relief? A sock full of rocks out of the freezer should reduce the swelling.

  2. rear range bags ..Christ do you not feel like a fool .. bi-pods , lead sleds , tri-pods sticks .. use a fucking sling , your shoulder .. shoot like a man .. wimp

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