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New Canik Pistols, S&W and DD Struggle and New SIG’s! – TGC News!

This week on TGC News, Canik drops 2 new pistols,
S&W and DD struggle and a couple cool SIG’s! Welcome back everyone, my name is Jon Patton
and you are watching TGC News. Quick shout out to the guys that made it out
to the meet and greet at MTAC last week. I appreciate you guys coming to hang out! Now this weeks first story is about some of
the most affordable pistols on the market. Canik has done a very good job of infiltrating
the US market and showing just how affordable a GOOD pistol can be. The TP9 line up is FULL of solid choices from
the plain old TP9SA to the TP9SFX competition gun. Well now they’ve expanded that line up with
2 new guns. First is the TP9SFT which is the “tactical”
model with suppressor sights and a threaded barrel. The barrel is actually NOT threaded like most
9mm barrels and instead is threaded 13.5×1 left hand. Silly Russians. They’ve also just announced the new Mod 2
version of the TP9SA. The only real changes that I could find were
a slightly different slide profile, its flatter on top now, AND the formerly ambidextrous
decocker is now only on the left hand side of the gun. They’ve also updated the warren tactical sights
that come standard. Nothing too crazy as far as upgrades go BUT
the fact remains, the value on this entire line of pistols is outstanding. The Mod 2 has an MSRP of 399 which means that’s
easily going to be about 350-375 at your dealer. The tactical model is a little bit more at
519.99 which is less than most standard non souped up 9mm pistols on the market right
now. The M&P9 2.0 has an MSRP of 599 for reference. What do you guys think of Canik handguns? Are you into them or are they still too new
for you to drop the coin on them? Sound off the in the comments below. And in gundustry strugglebus news, American
Outdoor brands, the holding company of Smith and Wesson, Crimson Trace and Gemtech has
announced in a report about their 3rd quarter earnings, which ended on January 31st, that
they were down almost 33 percent, or 76 million dollars. In the same report, CEO James Debney said
“Our results for the third quarter reflected a continuation of challenging market conditions
in the consumer market for firearms.” AKA the market is down and we felt it. You guys know if you watch every week that
this is not a new trend. In large part it actually seems to be leveling
off across the industry or even on the up since the country is facing a massive onslaught
of gun control legislation but who knows how long that will last. In other strugglebus news, You guys know I
like Daniel Defense and unfortunately they were the victim of their own PR mistake recently
when Marty Daniel, the owner, came out in support of the Fix NICS bill. We did an episode of The Legal Brief covering
that bill and that will be linked in the video description. Within mere minutes of that statement being
released people LIT THEM UP. There are a lot of implications beyond the
surface level on this particular bill which I won’t get into but the long and short of
it is that Marty Daniel caught a TON of crap about his statement and could have possibly
permanently damaged the reputation of Daniel Defense. They did however release a follow up statement
which is essentially an apology and retraction of the initial statement. In the follow-up, Daniel said “I released
the original statement because I believed it was the best option available at this time
to hold back the continued attacks on the Second Amendment and the erosion of our rights. I was wrong.” That is a humble statement that I think was
absolutely needed. He went on to explain some of the potential
problems that could arise and further define where DD stands on the Second Amendment. I genuinely think the first statement was
made with good intentions. I think Marty Daniel wants the same thing
we all want, to be allowed to be free Americans celebrating our freedom. It’s hard to say without knowing him personally
if he was simply undereducated or misinformed on Fix NICS but boy oh boy did you guys let
them know how you felt about it. What I want to know is how you feel now that
they’ve released the follow up statement? Do you forgive them as a brand or are you
still willing to destroy your DD as an effigy? Secondary question, do you think more gun
companies should step up and open their mouths about stopping gun control? This time our Guntuber of the Week comes at
things from a different perspective. The entire namesake is based on the fact that
3 shot and 5 shot groups are just not enough to determine accuracy for a given firearm. Combining that with an easy to follow and
genuinely entertaining presentation, I’m going to call it now, these are going to people
to watch in the next 12 months. You guys know I’m a big fan of keeping reviews
short, and concise and these guys do that all day. Say hello to 9 Hole Reviews. There is a link down in the description to
go subscribe to the 9 Hole Reviews channel and please when you do, tell them TGC sent
you! If you guys know of a channel that is worthy
of the Guntuber of the week title, tell me who they are down in the comments below. In Sig Sauer news, a swiss company called
B&T just announced a new chassis for the Sig P320. They’ve taken the same concept as their Universal
Service Weapon or USW and applied it to this new chassis. Essentially it is a full size frame for the
Sig P320 with a folding stock attached. I love the fact that this sort of product
is becoming more commonplace. We have the Roni chassis for Glocks, then
the X01 for the 320 and now this. All of which are heading in the direction
of a multipurpose role for that serialized fire control group. I think that’s pretty freaking cool. I was unable to find pricing info at the time
of writing this but we will update you guys if I get a hold of that before this goes live. The only thing to be concerned about is that
this may turn your 320 into an SBR if you use it. I would think the ATF Tech branch would need
to rule on that to be definitive but time will tell. And in more Sig news, they’ve just announced
that they are shipping the US Made P210 Target. For those of you that are unaware. The German made P210 is one of the most highly
sought after pistols in Sigs entire history. They are incredible to shoot with the contoured
grip and are ultra smooth operating. It’s quite possibly one of the best guns they’ve
ever made. The MSRP on the P210 Target is $1699. Friendly Fire questions this week are coming
from the gun collective facebook page. Well if guns never existed the world would
be COMPLETELY different. But if I never got into guns, I would most
likely be a musician, singer or drummer, OR a pro gamer. That’s tough to say with it being so new. I haven’t really covered it here on TGC News
because there’s really not a lot of data available yet. It’s a subsonic AK round that claims to have
some serious power. I haven’t seen a single gun chambered in that
caliber yet so as of right now that caliber won’t matter until that happens. Price will also be a HUGE factor in it taking
off. I think the BEST possible way to get through
to people is to listen to them. Hear and understand their point of view before
even bothering to open your mouth. We can not pretend to move forward in a discussion
until we understand the opinions of those that oppose us. From there, education is the key. We make fun of people on social media every
day for not knowing about guns. Many of the people mocking the undereducated
are also mocking their friends and call them idiotic names like Libtard when trying to
talk about guns. Protip if you call someone a libtard, you’ve
lost before you’ve started. If we are truly going to progress forward
and stop our rights being eroded we MUST respect and educate our neighbors and friends. Yelling, name calling, and personal insults
will get us nowhere. Here’s an example on the hot topic of teachers
carrying guns. If someone says that they don’t think teachers
should be armed, simply say hey I don’t think that teachers should be forced to carry guns,
BUT perhaps they should be given the choice to do that. Gun owners don’t want to force anyone to do
something they don’t want to do. That simple approach will help you take LEAPS
forward in talking to people that might be against us or maybe are on the fence. STOMPING around and saying MOLON LABE will
get you nowhere. I promise you that. Open your ears, listen and then educate. Let me hear your thoughts in the comments
below and If you want your question answered here on the show, you can send that to me
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for watching, we’ll see you soon.

100 thoughts on “New Canik Pistols, S&W and DD Struggle and New SIG’s! – TGC News!

  1. DD Lost my respect they did it to have money, not to support the gun community. Or they would of did their homework first before the statement.

  2. 9×39 is used in a few guns but we have legislation that makes them virtually impossible to get. That being said the ballistics data is available for a rough comparison. I'm with John on the fact that all of that won't matter if we don't have firearms that can actually use it.

  3. Just like you said in the video. The best way to show how us gun owners really are is to listen to what the non gun owner say, stay respectful and educate them on how life really is. He have to over come the uneducated and misinformed. Personally I’ve have the opportunity to bring several “non gun people” out to my range, teach them the basics and let them pop off a few rounds with the old trusty 10/22. Of the 20 or so people I’ve did this with every single one of them left with a smile on their faces and a new respect for guns and gun owners. Of the same 20 I’d conservatively say 15 of them are now gun owners themselves.

  4. No matter what DD statement was and no matter if it was retracted or not, I wouldn’t have sold my DD rifles and would have still purchased more. Everyone has their opinions and they make one of the top rifles you can buy. Also, yes I think big gun companies should speak out against gun control, instead of just making all the revenue from scare buying.

  5. My answer is this gun control the way the masses want it. It's all about the hearts and minds. Those in power don't want armed citizens. Fine you don't want a firearms great, but don't infringe on my rights due to your opinion. Read behold a pale horse by William cooper. The is a reason Hitler didn't invade the Swiss, it's the same reason he called for citizens to turn in their firearms. Big problem is those against personal gun ownership think anyone who does is Yosemite Sam just waiting to brandish the gun for any reason. It doesn't help that when people found out you can lawfully carry a rifle in the open, lots of people did, not thinking of using restraint with a right. Another problem is the news never shows a responsible gun owner.

    I knew this one person who now avoids me because of a POSSIBILITY I may own a gun. Was fine with me before,but soon as that possibility was out there, they avoid me. Someone else has gone as far as accusing me of chosing gun over a child. As if buying a gun equals the lose of life. As soon as a gun is bought they think some where the soon to be buyer has a choice gun or kid.

  6. I would want to try a Canik before buying one, although I've heard good things. That thread pitch is no problem for us Sig owners 😉

  7. John, would you please do an expose' on F&D Defense? They are making some very bad-ass weapons. Expensive – roger roger, but the quality is outta this world.

  8. Marty Daniels, I love your ARs – but – we must burn into our DNA the eternal resistance to government tyranny. Never cave one inch to the leftist fools.

  9. I don't think gun companies voicing support for the 2A does any good. They're not damaging the situation, but any opinion from a gun company will simply be preaching to the choir.

  10. I have 2 Canik's. The C100 and the T120. They are 2 of the most enjoyable and dependable firearms I own. Waiting for a 10mm version to come from Canik.

  11. Did DD not learn from the mistake Springfield made? Gun owners dont want to hear their companies want restrictions. Literally shot themselves in the foot.

  12. DD ruined there name with that statement. I used to sell 5 to 10 a month of there firearms. Ive sold none since & plan to not buy anymore.
    Yes i agree if we dont listen and educate we have lost.

  13. I have the tp9 da. I love it. Has a great triger and the dubble action mode makes it perfect for carry. I also like the 18 round capacity.

  14. We bought a couple of the Caniks; have been very pleased. Wife chose them for weight and grip, then I began researching them. Well built and priced very nice! …….and 19 rounds before reload, concealed……yeah!

  15. Why are you promoting a Turkish handgun? As side from the fact that Turkey lambasts the USA all of the time.. and they do nothing to help the USA but expects American tax payers to just hand them money every year…. Just last year Turkish president was just in Washington DC where he sent his security guards to beat up people who were across the street from the Turkish embassy in DC protesting dictator erdogans abuse against Turkish teachers…. so the president of Turkey was beating up people in the USA to inhibit their freedom of speech…. no freedom loving American shouls support turkey or their industry

  16. Gun companies need to step up and speak out against gun control. DD made a huge mistake and I believe when a person speaks the first time its what their real opinion is … sorry but DD wont be in my safe at all. That also includes Springfield armory also. Their position was to screw gun owners and it backfired on them because we found out.

    In the end when a gun company speaks out against gun control and shows it then their sales increase. This is another reason why i wont purchase anything from Barrett firearms. Their manufacturing facility is in california which is the gin control capitol of the world. When Barrett leaves the state then I will buy a 50 cal from them but not until they leave.

  17. Is this the absolutely worst time to buy S&W? I was going to get a Sield as a first ccw.. But im thinking I should just wait.

  18. Just watched. You need to update. You tube is killing gun channels now. And if guns never was then many many games would not exsist(spelling). If teachers don't want to carry a gun then ok, but they tthen should not expect someone else to protect them as police and military can't be every where at the same time. Self preservation is instinct and those willing to protect themself and others are needed from all responsible citizen's.not all people wanna carry a firearm but they should have a plan to be defensive and offensive when it's needed. Rocks,knives,slingshot of something that will have a positive effect.

  19. I don't like striker fired. DA/SA hammer fired. The long double action first shot pull is deliberate and safer. I can always see what the hammer is doing for further safety. I just got a Bersa TPR9C for carry. Most folks are looking for carry pistols right now. My neighbor just got a SCCY striker fired. It was the most comfortable fit for her. Most of my coworkers are looking at Taurus PT111 striker fired types. DA/SA hammer fired or striker fired aside the most important thing is comfort and fit to a shooter while still providing concealability if concealed carry is its purpose. Affordability is a must for folks. The commie gun control politicians running gun scares sell more guns than any dealer ever could.

  20. Marty Daniel wants to sell guns. That’s all he wants. The only thing he’s sorry about is that he put his opinion on social media. Fuck him

  21. Canik = Very High Value at great prices. Daniel Defense = #forgiven. S&W I don't see it getting better. The new P320 thingy = no interest. I respect all educated opinions. The problem with the vast majority of anti's is they don't have a clue about the Constitution, and don't care to debate the issue. It's like debating with a rock, seriously. So, I hear them out and politely dismiss myself from the conversation.

  22. Bought. The first generation canik love it wish I had bought all colors. The ever ones are great priced right and people that I know like then.

  23. Not interested in Turkish guns, my next purchase was actually going to be a DD AR, looking at other brands now. Won't buy DD.

  24. Canik pistols are fantastic, I bought a Tp9sf and later a Tp9sf elite. I love them they are both accurate and reliable. DD shot themselves in the foot and should pay the price for attempting to assist in stripping 2A rights.

  25. Bought a new mos 34 last week and now going to buy the comp canik love the trigger it's a very good pistol

  26. My friends Canik had a heavy trigger, but you didn't notice it. Short reset and follow up shots were nice. Very high quality for the 289 he spent (early adopter days). It makes me want to pick up an SFT model, but hat lame threading!

  27. I think you hit the nail on the head. I'm an assistant instructor, and I get tired of hearing people put down the gun ignorant incessantly. Admittedly, I'm also guilty of it as well. I think it comes from position entrenchment. If you've devoted time, energy, and money to a thing, finding out you're wrong is a tough pill to swallow. In the past couple of months I've taken the softer approach. I don't always convert people, but I often get staunch anti gunners to admit that they don't know much, if anything about guns, but more importantly, their fear of them. So my thoughts are as follows.

    Education is wonderful, but experience is the only true education. Get your fence riders out to the range, or enrolled in a class. The only to get back to the old views that guns are tools is to treat them as such. You wouldn't have someone do a rip cut, if they've never used a table saw before. Be good ambassadors, teach your passion while showing patience and treating people with dignity, even though it may not be reciprocated.

    Okay I'm done, I'm overbudget on my words for today!

  28. Tpsfx shoots awesome and comes with a sweet trigger. Which is made even sweeter with a few Glock replacement springs.

  29. Attacking DD is why we are a shit show on protecting the 2A…we need to all unite rather then tear each other a new ass

  30. Dang Daniel Defense made a huge mistake. Well I like BCM rifles a little better anyway. DD rifles are still high quality though.

  31. The comment about which is the best way to promote "our point of view," is the dumbest comment that I have ever heard. It is very clear the presenter nor the people commenting here have absolutely zero real world experience.

    The reality is that the ONLY way You can "get Your point of view " across is the same way and the reason we are focused on firearms. And that is the principle of "The Best Defense is an Aggressive Offense…"

    American Gun Owners have been "trying to get their point of view across" for the last 100 years. To date, it is not working. And the reason it is not working is too many people believe "an informed respectful point of view along with 'education" is the best way to deal with anti gun owners. How exactly has this been working out for us in the last hundred Years? Not to well.

    Actually, based on the DATA, the reality is that people advocating these kinds of tactics are the enablers of gun confiscation. Is this true? Yes it is and it is not an opinion, but a FACT. Just ask Australia, ask the UK ask Europe, and Ask Canada. In very one of those countries, people like this clueless presenter have been advocating the very same policies that He is currently advocating and we see the results of their efforts.

    There is ONLY ONE WAY to make a difference and to make a statement. And that is to use the forces and numbers of gun owners and march, Advocate, resist and force Your point of view on politicians.

    You don't see Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, The Women's March, Leftist Organizations, ANTIFA all sitting down calmly drinking their tea trying to get their "point of view across and "educating people…''' Obviously theses group learned a long time ago what this Nitwit pontificating has no clue about. You live in a country in which power, force, control and VOTES make the difference. Calm, reasoned, logical, rational deductive reasoning has no place in this discussion.

    It is all about power and control. The NRA which says it has 5 million members is the biggest OBSTACLE to resolving this issue. They continue to hide, and refuse to use these five million members to fight back, demonstrate, protest and march.

    You are 100% GUARANTEED to LOSE if You keep doing what Gun owners have always done and expect different results. That is not me saying it but the historical record of countries like Australia, the UK, Europe, and Canada. They have ALL handled their responses EXACTLY like the presenter is saying and the results have been massive gun confiscation. It's not Rocket Science.

    Open Your eyes and get off the Crack Pipe.

  32. I now own four Caniks. I love them and I think they are great values and really wonderful guns. We have a lot of choices now a days. They aren’t a Sig Sauer Legion but they are very good guns, great shooters well made and I like that I can buy three of them for the price of my Legion P226. I shoot 9mm most of the time and I take ten guns to the range when I go and 500 rounds of ammo. The Caniks eat everything i give them, are accurate out of the box and have light felt recoil. The only negative I’ve heard is that they are made in Turkey. I don’t think that is a bad thing Turkey is a proud NATO member and they do their part. They are well crafted.

  33. Canik is Turkish, not Russian. But I am really liking the tp9sf elite. It’s great. It’ll stovepipe if I limp wrist it… but so does my Glock 19, so wtf. Hold it right and it works. I dig it! Bummer about DD. This idiotic gun control shit has to stop. I guess anyone can make a mistake and speak before they’ve thought it all the way through. I’ll forgive them I guess, but they didn’t help the cause at all. Shame on them.

  34. I've had a TP9SA for a couple years now. I've run over 1,000 probably closer to 2,000 rounds through it. Still love it & it's a great firearm period

  35. But if DD goes bankrupt where will I buy $3700 AR's that come with cool posters of beard-wearing tacticool Navy Ranger Recon Seals in the box ?? ?

  36. I find it odd how channels claim to be fans of sig like nutnfancy while after a full decade of reviews mentions the original P210 exactly zero times…. it's because nutnfancy is a glock fanboy first

  37. If some of the gun company's would bring their prices down, consumer would buy more! I understand all the craftsmanship and all that stuff that SW does, but some of there jframe revolvers are priced like they are made of gold!

  38. I own the coyote than canik tp9sf and its freaking amazing anyone looking into getting one I did my research this gun is worth it and accurate and a bang for your buck

  39. I have a tp9sfx had it a little over a year honestly didn't shoot but high grade ammo the first time I shot it (repeated stove pipes) talk to the gun store where I bought it said it should have done better sent it back in replace recoil spring and has shit flawlessly ever since and put 1000's of rounds not one mishap with cheap cheap ammo and anything in between. Now before you say it's junk shouldn't have to send it back well I had to send back my glock 3 times and it is still not reliable in my mind so say what you want but the Canik is a great gun for the price great gun at any price I will never waste my money on another 9mm unless it a Canik on complaint is I wish they made a few more calibers something in 5.7×26 would be cool so I don't have to drop a G on a FN 5.7 lol

  40. Damn dude, chill out a little. Drop it a gear. I don't want to have to lower my YouTube volume every time I watch one of your videos. At least normalize the volume, no more Ear-Rape please.. Good video otherwise.

  41. Marty is a damn traitor worried about his bottom line. DD is dead to me. If they aren’t to you then you’re a traitor too.

  42. I've had a TP9SA for three years. Solid gun, great value, would buy same gun again, and would pick to go into the apocalypse with. Canik is a solid line of pistols. Big fan!!

  43. Thank you for being a rational pro gun activities. Calling people snowflakes and libtards is no different then when liberals say all gun owners are racist or Nazis. If you want to protect your second amendment trying to out bully the other side just hurts your own position.

  44. I'd buy another Canik, but the slide and the frame are too fat and heavy. I sold both of mine. But I think they have the best factory triggers and I love the new sights.

  45. Yea for more voices no matter where. Gun companies should be up there… Supporting rights not against

  46. 1:46 "silly Russians"? Canik firearms are made in Turkey. "Canik" is actually the name of a city.
    Jeeze…don't Americans ever read?

  47. CANIK TP9 SFX is the best gun i have owned! I have own a lot of different guns! It's perfect for me… I have out shot all my friends. They are all buying CANIKs one by one.

  48. I own two Caniks (TP9SFX and T-120). Everyone who shoots them likes them. What else can you say? What else do you have to say?

  49. I bought a Canik 55 TP9 (gen 1). I like it. I found 1 brand of ammo it does not like, but everything else has fed flawlessly.
    BTW – I prefer the original trigger (except for pull weight)

  50. People who dont want their children killed should just move out of texas..they love their guns more than their children

  51. Best gun I ever bought for 300. I highly recommend it to anyone that wants a very good gun that shoots like a Glock without the price.

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