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New: Browning Cynergy Ultimate Turkey Shotgun

[music] It’s a new day for turkey hunting 2017
browning is thought of it all if you haven’t had a chance to see the Browning
Cynergy composite open the turkey over-and-under shotgun here it is! Mine
is a 26 it also comes in 24 inch barrel lengths. It’s got full extended turkey choke tubes, Picatinny rail for your light’um
up scope, low-profile receiver, it’s got an adjustable comb and it’s got an
inflexion recoil pad. I bought it on Friday and I’m out here in the woods on
Monday let’s take a look at a hunt on the opening day of turkey season for
2017. [music] [gun shot] [gun shot] Got it! Oh man! Well folks, listen, I tell you what,
turkey huntin opening day it’s been an adventure. ah! Birds talk a lot early this
morning, then Goblin. This year I’m on my own
place something I’ve developed here over the
past year. Birds have been in this area quite a bit of been watching them
tracking them on game cameras. Again, opening day in South Carolina it’s
always exciting! Not much talking this afternoon. But with that bird right there
he just pops through the woods and I wasn’t going to let him go.
Looked like he had a probably a maybe a 6, 8 inch beard from what I could tell
from here just a little bit of a of a beard that’s been looked like pulled
away. Hey listen, I have to give the folks of Browning a new push here this is the
new Browning Cynergy turkey over-and-under shotgun. What an awesome gun!
It is just one of those shotguns that I’m very familiar with shooting it over
and under you see me do it with quail sporting clays but now for turkey all
camo’ed up. Extended turkey choke tubes three and a half inch again the Browning
Cynergy it is one of those guns that truly is the best there is. All right,
let’s go take a look at this bird I think he’s done flopping for a while oh
and I forgot to tell you about the new Browning turkey loads browning the best
there is an ammunition three and a half inch right there number fours and there
be the wad. mmm Okay, I must leave this leg down here to
see what we got here mmm good spurs probably a good oh I’d
say at least inch and 3/4 those might even go a little bit more than that I
hope you enjoyed that opening day hunt with my new brand-new Browning Cynergy
composite ultimate Turkey. If you don’t have one you still got time to get on down to
your local dealer and get you one and I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about the
rounds that I was using brand new Browning ammunition the turkey BXD
extended well yeah it was extended I had three and a half inch number four so as
you can see browning ammunition log on to browning ammo calm or if you want to
get shotgun to match log on to and find a
dealer near you. you

9 thoughts on “New: Browning Cynergy Ultimate Turkey Shotgun

  1. nice shot gun, but you left out the most important part, what gage is it, a 10 or 12 gage, I use a 10 gage up here for Canada geese and snow geese, it be really hard to find any turkey loads up here, you would never find a wild turkey up here other then the wild ones I got eggs from and hatched along with my white 50 lb turkeys I raise

  2. I too would like to know what scope (or red dot?!) that is… I know the gun comes with a Picatinny rail, but can't figure out what optic is that…

  3. Oh, BTW – I've beeb using a Cynergy for turkey hunting since 2012! 😉 That Picatinny rail though makes me think of getting a 24" version and put a slick red dot on it…

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