New Book – How to Shoot any Handgun, Pistol or Rifle – Navy SEAL Shooting

Hey everyone I’m Chris Sajnog
best-selling author of how to shoot like a Navy SEAL and my new book is Navy SEAL
shooting and it goes on sale August 31st now Navy SEAL shooting is everything I
know about how to shoot any semi-automatic pistol or rifle and
you’re gonna find it right here in this book there’s 386 pages there’s 385
images and custom illustrations to to make sure you know exactly what to do to
become a better shooter so let’s go ahead and just quickly look at what
you’re gonna get so the first section is on training and this is crucial because
if you’re not training properly it doesn’t matter what you’re learning you
know the techniques you learn are meaningless if you’re wasting your time
training so I’m going to teach you actually how to use this book and how to
train most effectively the next section is called mindset and that’s you know
how to use your mind to be able to focus you know to be able to be a more
confident shooter and you know learn to shoot most effectively
there’s meditation and visualization exercises I teach you and how to just be
positive and think positive to become a better shooter after that this third
section is marksmanship so a marksmanship it’s really everything from
how to shoot like a Navy SEAL but it’s expanded with a lot more images
and just tons more detail in there the final section is called operations and
operations is all your pistol and carbine mounts clearing malfunctions
movement shooting on the move shooting moving target shooting with both eyes
open so a lot of information in here you can order Navy SEAL shooting now at
Amazon or you can get a signed copy at chrissajnog.com one thing you want to
do is after you purchase the book go to Navy SEAL shooting dot-com and register
your book with your order number by doing that I’m gonna send you two free
videos that I filmed of me teaching something directly out of the book now
you’re not going to be able to see those videos anywhere else besides registering
at Navy SEAL shooting comm so you do that okay so go by the book and
start paving your path to perfection

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