*NEW* Automatic Sniper Rifle LEAKED! (COMING SOON) – Fortnite Battle Royale

in this video I’ll be talking about the
new leaked automatic sniper rifle that we’ll be coming to for night very soon
and let’s get right into it guys just before we start this makes you guys are
using my supporter creator code BenBGamerYT in the item shop if you
guys are going to bite the bow pass for this season but yeah thank you guys so
much for supporting now epic games sent to many items and weapons to the
fortnight vault once the season ten started and now the game has enough room
for the first new guns to arrive for night data miners already found one of
these new guns they say an automatic sniper rifle will join the game very
soon it will most likely be added in the next week’s update now this weapon will
be available in uncommon rare epic and legendary variants which is unusual for
new weapons epic usually releases them in two or three low rarity variants or
an epic and legendary variants so that’s a pretty unusual release if all rarities
come out at the same time this gun deals 30 31 33 and 35 damage per shot
depending on its rarity it has a 16 bullet magazine size and it’s reload
time is four seconds for the uncommon variant down to 3.4 2 seconds for the
legendary variant now though we have yet to see a gameplay video of the automatic
sniper rifle to understand how to play it its name is a pretty good hint we can
guess that they just need to hold the trigger button for the automatic sniper
rifle to shoot non-stop now it might not be too accurate but it probably shoots
faster than the semi-auto version and less player spam sauce easy now epic has
yet to announce and confirm the release of the automatic sniper rifle in
fortnight now that’s all the information we have for you guys today if you guys
enjoyed this video be sure to slap a la in the comments below I will pin a comic
of all the season 10 leaks all the skins emotes gliders pickaxes
that will be coming out in the item shop during season 10 so makes you guys go
check out that video and yeah I will catch you guys in the next one peace up too many cousin my mind I can’t sleep at
night so I just keep writing I don’t need no help but

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