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Never purchase a used Firearm from Mattv2099

Safety off.
What the FFFF. Carrots?
Are those carrots? WTF?
Alright. Got the magazine issue worked out.
Carrots? I don’t know what that’s about.
Now what? WTF?
Mags good. Pop this thing open.
WTF? Celery?!?!
WTF? I got to take a break.
I don’t know what the hell is going on with this thing.
Meanwhile… In America.
Hey kids. If you want to be an operator then eat your

100 thoughts on “Never purchase a used Firearm from Mattv2099

  1. If you carve a carrot just right i'm wondering if you can chamber it, and pull the charging handle and the extractor will pull out the carrot and it will fly like a spent casing which you must try to catch with your mouth. Is it possible?

  2. I just realized that over a minute of this video is just Matt eating carrots and celery with disco music playing

  3. Bull crap. He doesn't sell guns. If they are old guns, he will find some way to break them. And it was pretty obvious to me that you put those carrots in the mag. Also, at the end of the video, that wasn't matv2099. It didn't look anything like him.

  4. Some Person who Watches and has a really long name because I can have a long name all day long says:

    That's how you eat carrots like an operator, with a glock brand ak47 high capacity tactical assault carrotzine.

  5. damn liberals trying to ban orange tips (carrot ammo) it is a very good round and good for you

  6. You need to actually chamber a round before you can fire your weapon, guy. Love your acting though for this fake video, looks like it was more of an ad for MattV2099's channel (LINK BELOW). Also, you sir just lied. Shame on you.

  7. Man you're the coolest guy I know that shoots guns but the funniest part is you loaded carrots in the mag and dipped it in ranch

  8. You need to be running Glock brand carrots in that there carrotazine. Then it’ll run like a sewing machine. Nice to see MattV home loads his carrots.

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