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Nerf War: Snipers Vs Thieves 2

Nerf War: Snipers Vs Thieves 2 This video is sponsored by Snipers Vs Thieves You guys can download the game for free by clicking on the link in the video description below We’re giving away 3 Nerf Kriss Vectors to 3 people who download and play the game, so don’t miss out The new winter update just came out and it’s really dope. There’s even a new Santa mask that you can unlock! Protect your loot and become the best sniper in the world, well, besides me of course Or play as a thief and escape to the van with loads of cash And once you complete job number 5 you unlock my very own custom mask So don’t forget to down below, and I’ll see you guys out on the battlefield! Huge shout out once again to Snipers Vs Thieves for making this video possible You guys can join over 10 million people who already played this game by downloading It for free from the link in the video
description below And once you guys complete job number 5 you unlock my very own custom King Kousky mask The new update was just released and the maps are now covered in snow and there’s a ton of new gadgets like the air strike
and deployable turret which we used in this video In the game you can play as
either a sniper or a thief As a sniper your mission is to defend your stash against the thieves You can buy and unlock a whole arsenal of sniper rifles and upgrade them to make them even more deadly The thief’s objective is to loot your rivals while trying not to get shot by the sniper The game has its own black market where you can use your loot to unlock hundreds of weapons and gadgets So you always have new ways to improve your game Thanks so much for watching everyone don’t forget to subscribe, turn on post notifications Smash that like button and leave a comment down below, PEACE!

100 thoughts on “Nerf War: Snipers Vs Thieves 2

  1. Remember to watch part 1 first!!

  2. I have downloaded snipers vs theives but if it is december 24 i will have a kriss vector keep up the good work on the videos thanks

  3. Why i downlowd your game i didnt get any nerf guns and you told us if you dowlownd we get nerf guns i will flash the game

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