Nerf War: LIGHTSABER Gun 2!!

Nerf Lightsaber 2! Looking for something? Ohh, hey, ahhh… What’s going on here? You looking for trouble? Are you looking for food? What if I am? Listen dude I’ve had a really rough day at work ok but you know what? I’ll do you a favor I’m gonna get you some sliced meat. Sliced meat? From the Pepperoni tree? No, sliced meat… As in, I’m about to slice you up. Careful with that thing… You might loose a finger. Oh I don’t think I should be careful I think you should be careful cuz this thing cut your head off last time remember that? Thanks for reminding me. Maybe its time for a little payback. Well you might call it a pay back but what am I gonna call it? A big mistake. A big mistake huh? You think you can challenge me when I have a Lightsaber in my hands man?? Yeah, I guess. Well do you also know that I’m CONAN The Barbarian when I hold a Lightsaber in my hands man?? Is this gonna take much longer? I’m seriously hungry. Ohhh its slice and dice time baby! Come out wherever you are little guy. Where are you Tommy? You’re a sneaky little guy aren’t you? Ohh now its on. Hand over the Nerf Saber! No way dude Find your own Nerf Saber. That’s it. That is it. Flushed you out your rat hole. I know you’re in there. Tommy, I know you’re in there Open up its your brother Danny. Ahh, Tommy not here Tommy go to Vietnam. Vietnam? Then who am I talking to? House keeping. House Keeping? Yeah, house keeping I, I make bed for Tommy. That’s not possible How much do you charge him? Ahh, five dollars. Wrong! That’s you Tommy and I know it you don’t even know how much housecleaning fee is No, not Tommy Guatalupe. Open up now! NO! I mean No senjour Danny. Senjour Danny? HERE’S DANNY! That’s my door idiot! Time to die. I’m unarmed. Have you no honor? Why don’t you go grab an empty gun and come out here. Why don’t you fight me like a man. Oh yeah Well what do you suggest? Lightsaber Duel part deux! I’m in. Living room, 4 o’clock. Don’t be late. Hey, where’s my shield? You don’t get one! What the crap dude You’re a cheater! Well you know what, if you actually got a job You can probably afford one of these But you don’t have a job So you don’t get one! Or I could just, you know STEAL YOURS! Subscribe now To the Saber sensei That’s me Terrible Tommy And click like For that crazy action man There’s a good reason we’re the most copied channel on YouTube We freakin rule dude! And hey listen in the comments below you got to come up with a better name than Nerf Light, light…. See it sucks so bad I can’t even say it. Nerf Lightsaber gun? Guys come on that’s lame dude. You can come up with something better Lets hear it. Or read it I can’t read When he re-spawns I’ll get him to read it for me And I’ll pick the winner

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