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Nerf War: Gun BABY 14!

Nerf War Gun Baby 14! Tommy? Oh no Its just you. What’s this? Its a Fort, what do you think it is? What’s this doing in my kitchen? Its MY kitchen. We can work around this ok Just don’t get angry alright. Baby gun How do you always find those nerf guns? I’m going to have to lock them up, into a safe. Don’t even think about it. If I don’t lock them up I’m going to destroy them, forever. I got to get to him somehow. You want to play with Danny little baby? I am not a baby! That is it. Now you forced me to go to my gadgets Time for me new nerf teleportation app To go into effect Come on Location services Yes Ok Come on, why is nothing happening move, move, move WOw, where am I? Get out of my way MOVE Here we go, I’m out of here Wow Wow, hey Its just me, its just me I messed up my coordinational mappings I’m out of here Finally got you little guy You’re mine Its all over dude Click like and subscribe The End: Nerf War Gun Baby 14

100 thoughts on “Nerf War: Gun BABY 14!

  1. Dear gun vs gun can you guys do a video on when Tommy by the brand new car with Danny's credit card and it's very very expensive so they start shooting at each other

  2. Gun vs gun could you make a video where Danny and his kids have a big nerf war against tommy and devil dude

  3. I remember watching you guys when I was younger and it brings back memories I’m happy you guys still post

  4. Я хоть и Русский 🇷🇺 но всеравно смотрю вас!

  5. Dear Tommy your awesome your my hero I'm the biggest Tommy gun fan Danny is trash but your a pro Danny makes me sick thanks cyrus

  6. Dear Tommy gun I'm a Tommy gun fan put c4 in Danny's donut box p.s Danny is trash I hate Danny Danny a noob Tommy
    Your the best your a pro thanks cyrus

  7. Make a video where Danny force devil dude go to school but Tommy disagree devil dude doesn't want to go to school devil dude and Tommy gun trys to kill danny thanks cyrus

  8. Yay you yyay yo yo yo yo yo yyyooyjlk
    Lay yyl yyy
    YlllyylyyyyI lyllyyllyllyyyylyllllllyyyylylyllylyyyyyylyyyylyyyyy

  9. Baby gun I don't know why you have Nerf guns with modded ammo and I don't like when I see you try to kill Danny

  10. Danny got a new skill teleportation now the skills he has is teleportation,force field and rikasha means the bullet bounch of the wall while Tommy has ninjutsu the little ball and ninnerfjutsu means he has a sword to a gun

  11. I hate to break it to everyone but I think that kid is very smart I mean do dude find all these Nerf guns and then he makes a fort so quickly that Danny and the other kids are bigger than him and they came and keep an eye on him and their father gets all pissed off with them because they can't keep an eye on devil dude I don't know what's the point of keeping an eye on a freaking toddler when their uncle is the reason the devil dude is running around like a freaking has manian just finding everything in its path then just targeting everyone except Tommy Gun and I got to hand it to devil dude Danny thinking that he got the upper hand behind devil dude but one thing he did not know is the rules of engagement is always look up before and engage the target because you never know what the target will do when you get behind him sometime Danny always got to learn the hard way

  12. And the legend says " the baby became a kid then every couple of months he goes to his father's armory/gun room and showing no mercy until the kid says so"

  13. Denny baby gun he always get you and why you do episode when your win that because baby girl always get you all the time.

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