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NERF WAR: Chainsaw Fun 3!

GunVsGun Presents Nerf War Chainsaw Massacre 3 This is payback Tommy! Payback? For What? You cut off my head with a Nerf chainsaw You’re still mad about that? You gotta learn to let things go man. It’s not healthy Oh I’ll let it go after you’re dead. You do remember you cut off my head first right? So? So I cut off your head as payback for you cutting off my head. Which makes us even. Oh yeah. I guess you’re right. All that shooting made me hungry. Tommy. Why is the refrigerator empty? I dunno, maybe because you forgot to buy groceries IDIOT! You ate everything in the fridge?! How is that even possible?! I left the vegetables. That’s it. I’m gonna cut off your head with the Nerf chainsaw. Not if I cut off your head first. Are you suggesting… a Nerf war? Indeed I am. Nerf war. Nerf war. Nerf war! Nerf war! So many Nerf guns! But I need the Nerf Brainsaw! Oh come on where is it!? Gimme the chainsaw! I don’t have it! Where is it?! You had it last! Where did I put it?! How am I supposed to know?! What the heck? Come on! COME ON! Where did I put that Nerf chainsaw?! If Tommy lost it I’m never gonna find it. I gotta order a new one. Damn that’s expensive. Prepare to die Tommy. My laptop! Bingo. Good riddance nerd. What the crap!? There’s no food! Vegetables aren’t food! Danny! Vegetables aren’t food! (Nerf Chainsaw ROARS) How do you like those vegetables? Guys subscribe now because I guarantee my brother is gonna respawn and come after me. And in the comments below, tell me what weapon I should use on him next. Oh and click Like if you love chainsaw massacres! Now watch one of our other epic Nerf war videos…

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