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Nerf War: BROTHER vs SISTER | First Person Shooter in 4K!

Nerf War First Person Shooter Brother vs Sister Call of Duty Black Ops Gun Game Ohh ok, ahh Ok, ok, ok I got you No! Ok, ok! What? I got you! Ahh ok ok Ohh no I got you I shot you Dude I got you We got shot at same time! Ohh I got you! Oh my God Oh I’m out! no! Ahhh ok Oh shrimp! Yeah! You didn’t hit me! Why did you say ahh?? I hit you! No you didn’t! Why did you say “ahh”? Ohh shrimp!! Ohh YES! wooooow I win!! woooo I win the challenge Yes! Finally I won! And make sure you guys subscribe If you want to see us go at it again And make sure you smash the like button Bye Nerf War Brother vs Sister First Person Shooter Gun Game Call of Duty in 4K

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