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NERF SWAT GUN GAME with NERF Rapidstrike

It should be here any moment where is it? it’s here my package let’s see …. is this what I think it is? yes !!! that’s exactly what I need today Nerf Rapidstrike motorized rapid nerf dart blasting adjustable stock 18 dart clip tactical rails everywhere shoots 27 meters that’s just perfect unboxing time !!! awesome gun camera man, are you ok there? good, come closer, let’s see what’s inside we have an instruction manual 18 Nerf darts 18 dart clip and of course the rapidstrike here we have a jam door adjustable stock 5 tactical rails nice !!! hey, camera man, can you through the box back to me, please ? so, I need 4 C batteries I got the batteries cool, now I’m going to run a quick gun game simulation let’s see, who shall I fight today? I’ll spare my little brother zombies? too scary, may be next time SWAT team? sounds about right for this gun load it up gun game simulation loading you gonna need some nerf accessories for this nerf battle get ready nice Nerf Modulus Distance Scope Nerf Modulus Drop Grip Nerf Modulus Tactical Lights and Nerf Modulus Long Range Barrel extension wow … you have 10 seconds before SWAT arrive hurry up you must hit 8 targets to complete this Nerf gun game simulation good luck hit from behind what’s going on ? the power is down oh man, he’s right behind me I got hit again oh, Max, hi … what are you doing man? I’m just playing nerf gun game by the way, do you like my new NERF gun? hey, do you want to shoot this gigantic paper cup pyramid? yeeeessss what? try another one round two awesome reload your Nerf, we got some more over here wait, I have something awesome to show you you see the torch fits perfectly into the scope so you can have a supper beam scope for your nerf well done, you hit almost all cups isn’t this gun awesome? it’s my favorite Nerf gun now super Nerf gun guys, if you like this video, hit the like button and don’t forget to subscribe to RM Bros see you oh man, who is going to clean up? subscribe to RM Bros

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