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Nerf Hack: Accustrike Slug Darts, the Smallest Nerf Shotgun In The World And The Shotguniest!

so basically Drac tried cutting Accustrike Darts into slugs which I thought was a good idea. Jolt wished the thought of that! in fact I thought it was such a good idea I decided to run with it. if Accustrike Slugs wont work in a rainbow blaster… what kind of blasters will they work in? Tang’s wearing a tactical vest from Raython toys. What’s that you say? My Nerf Jolt? Why, yes! That does have a dart post removed! I reckon we could fit Accustrike slugs down that and indeed… so we can. These are going to be so much harder to find the regular Nerf darts. Alright here’s the thing… if you cut the Accustrike Dart Slugs down to half a dart size, what stops you from stuffing two in… and firing them both at the same time? oh yeah! The smallest Nerf shotgun in the world! In earlier videos I define Nerf shotguns by their ability to fire more than one dart at the same time. Which is why the nerf Mega Double Breach isn’t one! LIES IT’S ALL LIES! This is actually so much fun! Wonder if it would manage three? that’s incredible! who needs a Nerf Sledgefire? they don’t work in rainbow blasters but these Nerf Accustrike Slugs have turned the humble Nerf Jolt into the smallest nerf shotgun on the face of this planet. it’s more of a shotgun and you’ll ever be! I would say personally the three Accustrike slugs is little bit fiddly in terms of finding them all afterwards but two’s about right. But why stop with the Nerf Jolt? I mean after all the Nerf Pocket Strike is just a jolt reskin. Remove the dart post Shotgunage! and actually any front-loading blaster with the dart post removed could do the same job. Nerf AS1 secret shot Accustrik slug shotgun goodness. oh look more front loaders. You think we should test them out tactical Tang? Iiiit’s Accustrike slug shotgun time! Nerf Nitefinder Accustrike slug shotgun! Nerf Firestrike Accustrike slug shotgun! Nerf Hammershot Accustrike slug shotgun! Absolute genius! Nerf Strongarm Accustrike slug shotgun! oh my goodness! That’s as much fun as it looked! 6 x 2 that’s 12 Accustrike slugs! 12! And breathe! Nerf Zombie Strike Flipfury Accustrike slug shotgun! p the nerve outbreak You do the math! The Nerf Outbreaker Bow Accustrike slug shotgun! The Nerf Doomlands Negotiator Accustrike slug shotgun! you get the idea okay so my Nerf Doomlands Negotiator is actually just a chopped down Nerf Doomlands Lawbringer but it’s got 4 more shots than your Doomlands Negotiator has, Hasbro! The nerf zombie Strike Doominator Accustrike Dart slug shotgun! Well, that wasn’t as good as I though it was going to be! That’s better. Woo. Yay. that’s more like it! But for me this is the piece de raisistance. That’s French. The stock sledgefire shell with the hole in it has dart posts on the inside so they’re unsuitable for Accustrike slugs. These worker ones however don’t. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? The Nerf Zombie Strike Sledgefire Accustrike slug shotgun SHOTGUN! The SHOTGUNIEST Nerf shotgun IN THE WORLD! From 3 at a time to 6! Even though the humble Nerf Jolt is now the smallest Nerf Shotgun in the world like and subscribe if you had a Nerf shotgun at home and never knew it! The Nerf Sledgefire is still the shotguniest! yes it’s the word. copyright justajolt 2017. Hasbro WISH they thought of that! Drac’s rainbow blaster experiments truly have led to a revolution. and you don’t have to chop up Accustrike darts. You could use Nerf Elite Darts too! or kooshes and it will work with anything with removed dart posts. I should say anything with a single or rotating barrel. I haven’t tried this on blasters with intelligent AR yet. That was way more fun than it should have been. please leave a comment to tell me which Nerf shotgun was your favorite. I personally like my Nerf Doomlands negotiator. What’s in the stock? well what else would there be. dart ends. all the more fun for making Nerf Slugs and Stefans. Right, tactical Tang? This is Justajolt… shotgunning off! Nerf Nitefinder Accustrike slug shot… (messes up tongue twister!)

100 thoughts on “Nerf Hack: Accustrike Slug Darts, the Smallest Nerf Shotgun In The World And The Shotguniest!

  1. I bought 3 nerf jolts today and opened them and did everything you are supposed to do and they don't work the dart doesn't come out of the barrel why and then I removed the air restrictor shot it nothing why and I cut a dart too, and nothing still

  2. You claim the sledge fire is the most shotguniest shotgun? Say that to my woodlands judge with a 90 bullet capacity and 9 slugs per shot! And on top of that I gave it the biggest possible spring I could, so it actually hurts a decent amount at close range

  3. Then he throws his other big blue blaster out the window and a kid finds it and the guy seems on the news there rare blasters

  4. I know this is pretty late, but what if you put an extended pusher in a rapidstrike and loaded a magazine with these in it. Fully automatic shotgun?

  5. Bigshock is an oversized Jolt, making it a Jolt Reskin.. But what else is a Jolt reskin?

    Is… Is one of the most popular Nerf guns a Jolt reskin? THE STRONGARM?

  6. You may have made the worlds smallest shotgun, but can you make the worlds smallest pump action shotgun? I have, thanks to your video

  7. I saw a video of a guy ( who took two sledgefires and combined them into a sort of double barrel shotgun, with the ability to either fire both blasters at the same time, or individually. Now, imagine the damage you could do if you took the idea of chopping nerf darts into slugs (halves or thirds) and smashed that together with what TheSodaCanMan calls the Damnation.

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  9. Mother of Mary, I just found you, and I have to say, you might be my favorite Nerf YouTuber.. Shhhh, don't tell Drac..

  10. this is genius, using a shotgun shell using nerf with accustrike slugs make it shoot so much at a time

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