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Nerf Hack: Accustrike Slug Darts Go Mega! REAL Mega Nerf shotguns (unlike Nerf Mega DoubleBreech)

This question was asked by Drac: Accustrike
slug darts are they viable? Accustrike slug darts most certainly are viable. thanks to this simple Nerf Hack accustrike slug darts have given rise to Nerf Accustrike slug dart fully automatic nerf shotguns. possibly the most fun I’ve had with Nerf Accustrike
darts since the Nerf Raptorstrike. Hasbro whish they thought of that! in the nerf
hack Nerf Accustrike slug darts an full auto shotgun shotgun video (fully automatic nerf
shotgunsand stuff) several people asked about the possibility of doing Nerf mega
slugs. Failman. cheesyman. That Nerf guy allfinegamer
and monkeytron collective. monkeytron collective’s a personal friend of mine by
the way He brings me Scottish money sometimes when he
comes to Grim Up Nerf! Fail man’s comment actually had like 16,17 likes or
something. I’d better do this. so I think it’s Mega Accustrike Slug Darts time!
actually it just mega slug dart force of habit! Let’s do this! I’m actually really excited
about this because so far the only Mega blaster that claims to be a shotgun (it’s a
lie) it the Nerf mega doublebreach blaster just fires one at a time even
though it looks like a shotgun. the Nerf mega double breach unboxing was a bit
of a disappointment to be honest. you are really cheeky. and the people who sold me the balster tried to sell me batteries! why would you do that? lies! let’s start off with the trusty Nerf mega big shock. the dart post in the Nerf bigshock is removed best with the screwdriver
towards the outside of the dart post. the bit that connects with the
outside of the barrel. then it’s as simple whacking it with a hammer.
here’s one I whacked earlier. shotgun slugs in and we’re ready for a test fire pretty good fun nothing wrong with
that. I’ve chopped down some Nerf mega slugs to make them even smaller. that last one didn’t come out second time I’ve done that .three
shotgun slugs… only two of them came out. I guess two Nerf slugs is where it’s at for the big shock. time to get this open once again the blade of a coping saw
same as last time…. and out it comes I haven’t completely removed these
because to be honest I want to be able to still put the worker inserts
in and I think that these will provide a good guide as to where they
need to stop. one thing I have done though is file these bits down a bit so
they don’t rip up the little kind of rubbery feely spongy bit by the air
restrictor. I mean this bit moment of truth haha superb. Nerf Accustrike slug darts… I mean- Mega slug dart cycloneshock shotgun! Nerf Accustrike Mega slug darts next?, Actually, Hasbro, Accustrike mega darts Now that’s an idea! now the next step up is the Nerf Mega Rotofury before I go ahead and open it I’d just like to say it’s been a good week I find my favorite screwdrivers again!
seriously they were lost for absolutely ages dooby dooby do ba… the singing helps
guys the singing helps this is one of my favorite tools ever
right now this coping saw blade fits right into one of these and away you go dart posts removed so here we have the moment of truth well that wasn’t very impressive that was a little bit better. in the
Nerf EBF-25 havokfire Nerf darts are fired through a tube and there’s a little bit of space in
between so maybe they get caught let’s try firing them once more they’re
like twice or three times the size but they’re just as easy to lose. I suppose they are bouncier. Sound of Nerf Mega Slug Rotogury shotgun shooting for some reason firing it that time was a lot
better . I don’t know why that was. Maybe I pushed them down harder and did a better
job engaging the air restrictors let’s do it again
that’s much better still the same issues Nerf Mega Slug shotgun firing Still similar issues though. well I think it’s good fun but
it’s very inconsistent the thing is that it’s fun enough but I kind of want to
keep doing it when they fire, they’re absolutely fantastic. it’s really really good fun. I think it’s fair to say that we have here a Mega slug dart
shotgun. whilst I am a shade dissapointed about how the mega blasters have performed
in this little test, I did take the dart posts out of the humble Nerf barrelbreak. I genuinely feel like I’ve improved the Nerf Barrel Break. What’s in the stock? well
that’s one we haven’t tried yet Sound of Nerf Mega Slug Shotgun Firing

100 thoughts on “Nerf Hack: Accustrike Slug Darts Go Mega! REAL Mega Nerf shotguns (unlike Nerf Mega DoubleBreech)

  1. Justajolt im a fan you are really funny but i have a question.

    If i cut my darts in quarters and place 2 in one nerf barrel, is that all it takes?
    Or do i have to somehow MOD my blaster for it to work?

  2. Top Nerf guns I want so much
    1. Firefly
    2. Rapidfire AS-20
    3. Magstrike
    4. Titan ASV
    5. FuryFire
    6. StrikeFire
    7. Recon CS-6
    8. Maverick REV-6
    9. Swarmfire
    10. Vulcan EBF-25
    11. Barricade REV-10
    12. Hornet AS-6
    13. Mega Rotofury
    14. Mega Cycloneshock
    15. Stampede ECS-18
    16. Reflex X-1
    17. Rival Artemis
    18. Rival Atlas
    19. Rival Apollo
    20. Hammershot

  3. Cut the heads off mega darts,keep the body,stuff it into the barrel,then put in the head. You've got a working shotgun shell,but nerf.

  4. A slug round is a round with a single projectile, making it more accurate at further range, no hate just think before you name

  5. I love how in the entire video there is like one hundred videos /cuts. I absolutely LOVE how he zoooms in at a gun, gets pissed, or happy. Good vids keep up the work

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