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Nerf Guns: Top 10 Nerf Blasters

Nerf Guns: Top 10 Nerf Blasters what’s up guys i’m paul from PDK films
and today i’m going to be showing you the world’s craziest nerf guns now as you guys can see behind me we
have a ton of boxes right here filled with the world’s craziest nerf guns
we’re gonna be opening them up today and taking a closer look but first I have to
show you guys something really cool hi guys here we have a special box just
came in now inside we have a phone right here with zap surveys which pays you
money to complete free surveys on your Android or iOS device alright guys so
take out your phones and click on the link in the video description below to
download and once you do you get six dollars just for signing up it’s a great
way to earn money in your free time if you can use to buy nerf guns burritos or
anything else you may want so huge shout out to zap surveys we’re sponsoring this
video and making all this possible alright guys now we’re gonna start
opening all these boxes I want to take you around the house as well when we
open these boxes to give you guys a tour of our new house but first I want to
open these really big boxes right here because I know you guys are excited
about it now comment below what you think is in this box oh if we actually
have another one over here and I’ll give you a hint what’s in here we are giving
away to you guys I’ll tell you how to enter the giveaway in just a second all
right we’re ready now once again guys comment below what
you think is in here but without further ado here it is woo this is the nerf for
knight tactical shotgun Glasser it’s a mega blaster and we don’t just have one
of them in fact we have one okay so we have 11 of these blasters now one of
them this one is for me but the rest of these I’m giving away to you guys now
make sure to smash that like button otherwise you’re gonna have to clean all
this up so for those of you who don’t know we already give away ten nerf
fortnight’s cars and now we’re giving away ten of these because we love you
guys we love the fans and it’s very easy to enter all you have to do one
subscribe to PDK films and turn on the bell to follow me on instagram at PDK
film and three comment down below what’s your favorite PDK films nerf video is so
don’t miss out on an opportunity to win one of these really cool blasters we’re
gonna be announcing the winners on our Instagram and also on our YouTube
community page which you have to be subscribed to see here we go a lot of
you guys have been asking us where we get our nerf ammo because as you all
know we go through a ton of ammo we fill bathtubs and hot tubs with ammo so you
guys can buy it on Amazon that’s where we get it I’m gonna put the link in the
video description below you can get the mega darts you can get the elite darts
and of course you can get the rival balls and if you want to get one of
these dope shirts this is esteban our pinata right here you guys remember
esteban from a lot of the videos you guys want support PDK films we rock some
nice merch check out our link in the video description below and give
yourself and Esteban sure okay guys we also have nerf blankets you guys can buy
merch shop link below all right we’ve got a package right here I want to show
you guys in a sec but first you might be checking out this chair I have here we
use this inner for 5 million subscribers which is coming out next week so if you
guys are excited for nerf or 5 million subscribers then comment near 4 or 5
million subscribers down below it’s gonna be lit ok guys so we have a
blaster right here custom painted it’s a strife this was made by nerf mods by
Parker I’m gonna put his link in the video description below
pop this together and give you guys a quick firing test
oh here it is this thing is nice I want you guys to comment below what I should
name this nerf blaster now let’s take it for a little demo alright here we go
semi-automatic 22 round mag now this package has to stay cold once
you got to comment below what you think is in this also quick shout out to my
girlfriend behind the camera for filming this video do you guys want to see nerf
or boyfriend vs. girlfriend comment down below cuz it’s going down
also comment who you think is gonna win think we all know who that’s gonna be alright guys as you can see here this is
a rocket launcher we used to use this back in our nerf squad videos super
stoked about this and this one just came in hot fresh out of the oven comment
down below what you think it is is it a burrito is a chicken patty sandwich
Pete’s pizza we have a common you guys will not believe this I am quite thirsty
Oh check this out guys this is a custom painted nerf rapid strike looks really
nice I had this custom painted for me unmodified so I’m gonna mod it and this
thing is gonna rip comment below what you guys think I should name this this
package came all the way from Louisiana I want you guys to comment down below on
where you’re from also what’s in this package check it out
put that on later so guys this right here is a modded nerf blaster it’s part
rapid strike part hyper fire as you can see this is for a nerf Star Wars video I
know a lot of you guys have been asking when it’s coming out and we keep saying
it’s coming out soon but trust me it’s coming out soon we’ve already started
filming it it’s gonna be insane so if you’re stoked comment nerf star wars
down below alright guys I have a feeling this one is gonna rip let’s give it a go this thing is a Ripper Who am I gonna do
one more damn alright guys comment below what I should name this thing I think I
might call it the Ripper before we open this package I want you
guys to comment below what videos you like more nerf wars or nerf first-person
shooters comment below alright guys comment what you think is
in this let me give you a hint it smells like a burrito ok guys here we have two
really cool Nerf blasters as you can see they’ve been painted these are also for
nerf Star Wars this one’s really cool it’s white and orange it’s an alpha
trooper both have been modified as well so if you guys are stoked for their Star
Wars seriously comment down below this is gonna be a really dope video here we
go all right this box is coming out of the
closet comment below what you think is inside woo what we have here guys is to
nerf ECS can blasters really dope blasters we use them a nerf war boy
versus girl where I fight my sister Anna be sure to check out her channel goober
media link in the video description below also subscribe to her these are
really cool and I’m gonna modify them we’re gonna use them in nerf GTA so if
you’re stoked that comment nerf GTA down below ah here we go small package oh you
know what they say the smaller in the package the juicier or the squeeze now
for those of you who don’t know this is a Jupiter blaster made by out of darts
completely 3d printed shoots rival balls this is my first time owning one of
these I can’t wait to give it a fire and test let’s go cut to that ooh Santa must have gotten stuck in the
chimney because this was in there pretty good
now guys comment nerd for Christmas battle because we’re making a Christmas
video soon because our last nerf Christmas videos did really well as you guys can see this is a custom
modified nerf Raven really cool it’s got a little flashlight on the front this is
for nerf call of duty modern warfare the new modern warfare Call of Duty is
coming out this fall so we’re making a really dope Call of Duty video if you’re
stoked for that comment nerf Call of Duty down below alright guys we’re gonna
move upstairs to open a few more packages because I want to give you guys
a little tour of the house but first another one as you guys can see this is a super dope
nerf sniper rifle custom modified and painted now this is for nerf war snipers
verse thief’s part 3 you guys loved our nerf snipers verse Steve series the
first video second video millions of views so if you guys are stoked comment
nerve for snipers restiess down below love this thing also comment what you
think I should name this blaster alright guys I’m super stoked to show this to
you this is my nerf wall right here and right over there where I have my most
prized nerve blasters it took a long time to get this all set up but it looks
beautiful you can see here we have our super stripes full auto stripes with 3d
printed Kitts mp5 aka scar right there from nerf fortnight comment endure for a
night down below huge shout out to Chris and the boys at project nerf but hooking
this up they did all the mod work on this they have their own shop I’m gonna
put a link in the video description below and if you guys think this is dope
then comment down below alright guys so many of you probably have no idea what
this is this is actually a magazine loader as you know we use tons of ammo
tons of mags in our videos because we shoot a lot of darts this thing
automatically loads your Nerf darts I don’t really know how it works yet
because I just unbox it I’m gonna get it all set up and then give you guys a
quick demo ok guys this is my room right here as you can see you probably
recognize it from one of my videos and I’m gonna give you guys a quick second
to comment down below what you think is in this box all right as you can see here we have a
nerf demolisher now it’s been custom painted this is for our upcoming video
nerf war noob vers pro so if you’re stoked for that comment new burst Pro
down below also if you think I’m a noob or I’m a pro I want you guys a comment
down below this room right here is my office guys this is where all the magic
happens I do all my editing over here over here is where I do all my mods and
stuff I keep a lot of equipment in the back there
if you guys think my office is cool then comment down below now guys this might
look like the nerf mega macedon but this is not a normal Macedon this one has
been overhauled modified and this thing rips when I unbox it throw a battery in
it and do a quick firing demo Macedon aka the big juicer all right guys this package is a juicy
one I want you guys to comment down below what you think is inside so guys
this right here is another Titan rocket launcher as you can see it’s just been
painted so shoots the rocket just like this really cool can’t wait to use this
in our videos comment down below what you think we should name this bad boy
alright guys so we’re up here on the roof as you can see we’ve got the silver
panels up here juicing up that Suns volumptuous light and I have a nice
specialty package to open up a very special package comment below guys what
you think this is let me just say it’s one of the world’s most powerful nerf
guns ever this my friends oh my goodness a gold-plated nerve jolts the world’s
most powerful nerf gun as we all know and and a silencer oh my gosh
are there stealth kills so watch this you load the dark pop on the silencer
and then he’s not too happy about that so guys
let me know what I should name this bad boy right here gold-plated nerve jolts
Khan reminds me of James something you’ve seen James Bond comment down
below we have two boxes right here they’re related to these somehow I want
you guys to comment down below what you think they are here we go so this is
also a nerf for tonight tactical shotgun but unlike this one this one is a Super
Soaker so it shoots water because we’re making a nerf Super Soaker video this
summer if you’re stood for that comment nerf Super Soaker down below here this
is also a four-night blaster but like that one it’s a Super Soaker it’s the
rocket launcher it’s gonna be really cool this summer I want to make a lot of
Super Soaker videos if you’re stoked for that then eat a burrito
alright guys that’s everything hope you enjoy the video remember if you want to
win a nerf for a night tactical shotgun and we have ten of them all you have to
do is one subscribe to TDK films and turn on the bell to follow PDK films on
instagram and three comment while your favorite PDK films video is down below
giving away 10 of these gonna be announcing them on instagram and on our
YouTube community page hope you guys enjoyed the video make sure to also
check out our merch dab on them haters and we’ll see you guys next week with
our next video woo please

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