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Nerf Guns: The Best Nerf Gun Arsenal

Nerf Guns: The Best Nerf Gun Arsenal what’s up guys Paul from PDK films here
7:30 in the morning right now and I just woke up so I had a bad dream last night
about my nerf guns so I decided I’m gonna go down to the garage where I keep
all the nerf guns I’m gonna take all of them out bring them upstairs and hang
out with them cuz they’re getting lonely down in the garage and it’s been a while
since I’ve been an Arsenal video so I’m gonna set them all up show you guys all
my nerf guns and all that how about that so my bid right now this is my view out
back so yeah we got the downtown San Diego San Diego fam oh ok guys so if you
want me to do an apartment tour let me know in a comment below and smash I like
button we get 50,000 likes we’ll do an apartment tour in the next one to two
weeks so how about that let’s go okay I just have to show you guys this this is
dill juice we got some dope new merchandise guys if
you want to get some go to crab made calm slash PDK or click on the link in
the video description below we got dope t-shirts phone cases all
that good stuff check it good buddy what is this doing it I take my seer I take my seriously very
coffee I take my coffee very seriously yeah buddy I’m gonna skate to the store
get some bacon breakfast coffee gets me Jack to the frig up Lolo yeah girl
where’s Esteban yeah buddy whoa what do we want to use today what happened here this skateboard actually belongs to Eric
my younger brother q Eric show real and when Eric’s coming out to visit in a
few days he’s gonna be dope we’re gonna film our three million subscriber video
and a brother versus brother and maybe even a burrito battle so how about that Alexa who’s your daddy
I was made by team of inventors at Amazon alright guys so Pat and I you just
cleared up so now we can bring all the nerf guns in here alright so we’re in
the garage right here we keep all the nerf guns and these blue bins right here
and then those gray and black bins behind me where we keep most of our gear
magazines stuff like that and of course we’ve got the Jeep what’s up guys so finally we finished
hitting up all the nerf guns we got them all right here my massive nerve arsenal
take a look ok so as you guys can probably see we have a ton of nerf guns
and obviously a ton of nerve Dartz now I’m gonna fill you guys in on a little
bit of a secret don’t find nerf guns and don’t buy a Nerf darts in stores they’re
way overpriced you can buy them online on Amazon for really cheap in fact we
buy pretty much all of our nerf guns all of our gear and all of our ammo all on
Amazon if your student whether it be elementary school junior high high
school college whatever you can get Amazon Prime for free I’m going to put a
link in the video description below for 30 days it’s really good you get cheap
stuff and you get it shipped to your house for free in one day or two day
shipping it’s fire like I said links in the video
description below we’re not sponsored by Amazon by the way I just love Amazon
Prime so starting out with our nerf ammo we have three different types we’ve got
the elite we got the mega and we got the rifle huge shout out the headshot ammo
you can buy a hundred and ten rounds on Amazon for only twenty bucks this is the
cheapest way it’s good consistent ammo much better than the nerf ammo that you
buy in stores and a lot cheaper than the official nerf ammo as well I’ll put a
link for this in the video description below for everything guys that we’re
talking about I’ll throw links up in the video description below how about that
alright so now we got our mega rounds obviously buy these online as well a lot
cheaper and then we got the elite darts now elite darts are super expensive in
stores except we can buy 300 of these on Amazon for less than 20 bucks is the
best way best bang for your buck clip them and sniff them loading clips and
stuff and chicks moving on so now we’ve got I just all right I got it I gotta
talk about this real quick because we’ve got our a cave we got our nerf aks over
here so yeah this is our nerf ak-47 with their custom-made 3d printed an ak-47
for grip now as you can see here all of these a k47 I’ve made myself I painted
them sending them down painted them modded the internals I put together
these myself out of a 3d printed kit and some tubing however they took me a lot
of time so now we’ve got these these custom-made 3d printed ones so this is
my new ak-47 build I went over this in the previous video but to show you guys
how lit this thing is and sure to me it is lit in fact it might catch
on fire after I shoot this thing we’re going to show you guys what it’s like to
shoot ten rounds on a fully modified nerf ak-47 and also I’m gonna be giving
this bad boy away all you guys going to do if you want to win this bad boy
subscribe the PDK films turn on post notifications turn them on then
subscribe to my gaming channel King Kowski turn on post notifications for
that you know maybe follow me on the Graham at Paul Kowski then leave a
comment below on this video and let me know what your favorite nerf gun is and
smash that like button it’s a lot of stuff but you get a free free ak-47 nerf
gun that shoots like this ready whoo-hoo I mean this thing this thing’s
gonna be poking some eyes out guys all right so obviously we’ve got our 8k 47
here we got these two bad boys back here these were actually made for me by coop
772 for a Halloween horror video we’ve got some more Nerf darts right here got
the two I forget what those are called the terrorist scout so we got the terror
drone the terror scout therefore humans versus drones Patrick’s solo video where
Pat made the good appearance there yeah this murked out Centurion I think that’s
how you say this was custom made for me by someone in Germany for our of course
a USA versus Isis video how about that look at his bad boy whoo moving on we’ve
got the Vulcan this one is custom painted and everything that we use in
our Isis video three rhino fires over here we’ve got
the two white ones and now we got a blue one haven’t used it in the video yet
though but you guys remember these rhino fires from from a lot of our videos all right so we got these hurricanes
right here you guys have seen these in a few of our videos we’ve got two red and two blue we had a
black one but we gave that away to our previous nerf gun giveaway winner
his name’s Franken gabato or something like that anyway I emailed him got his
address so that’s getting shipped out so these things are pretty dope they were
on three hundred bucks so they’re pretty expensive but they are in fact fire next we got this this is the demolisher
souped-up of course it’s been modified externally with some of these 3d printed
attachments whoa where’s my coffee hold on this you guys all recognize this
Kriss vector nerf strife with the Kriss vector kit you can buy this people
always ask me how I got this you can buy this kit online I’ll throw a link in the
video description below I think it’s only on eBay right now so this thing’s a
beast we’ve used this in a ton of videos singing savage so this is the nerve
something ECS cam I don’t really know it’s the nerf cam ECS 12 so this it’s
got the the ammo counter on it as you can see so you can actually program it
right now it’s programmed for a six round mag you can change it for 12 15 18
25 and 35 round drum mags so each time you shoot it’s got an IR beam in here I
think that’s how it works and every time you shoot a dart it minuses so if you
got a six round mag in here each time you shoot a dart it goes from 6 5 4 3 2
1 until you’re out so it’s pretty cool let’s you know when you’re out of ammo
this is from ammo counter comm it’s pretty dope and we’ve used this in the
nerf war boy versus girl brother for sister videos alright so this is the Evo
scorpion crisis whatever mod I don’t really know what this is called it’s got
like 8 words to it but this thing was custom made for me as well as this and
this this is an Arctic camo strife this is like a prototype rapid strike with
like an urban type camo and this is the urban camo stripe Evo scorpion crisis
whatever what we modified like I said I didn’t make these three so we used this
what did we use this one in we use this in first-person shooter 11 lastly down
here we’ve got of course got this this was also used in the USA first Isis
video fully modified rapid strike I painted it
and mounted it myself I love this thing got two of these these are called like
dart something blow dart I don’t know these things are dope we’ve used these
in a lot of videos they are savage so all you to do it’s been fully
modified internally and externally just kidding
you boy you put a dart in like this whoo and then you just go like this
swords which we use the nerf for Christmas battle Eric use these and of
course we’ve got our grenades guys you got to have in there for grenades
obviously we’ve got this one and we’ve got this one of course we’ve got these
we use these a lot Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton remember Gatling gun haven’t used in the video
yet but check it I mean that just gets me that gets some of the juices flowing
I’m a at about a fifty five sixty five percent job at this point probably
shouldn’t have said that some swords over here these are the new
zombie strike swords we didn’t use these ones in the video yet but we use some
older versions of these an adult video near squad twenty the tower now guys speaking of their squad we’re
bringing their squad back new video is gonna be filmed with my brother Eric is
here and their squad it’s gonna be huge on our channel if you guys are stoked
about that let me know in a comment below because a lot of you guys have
been asking for it so we’re bringing it to you guys so I read the comments like
to know what you guys have to say but appreciate any suggestions feedback
stuff like that and yeah okay so moving on we’ve got our modulus blasters back
there we have to try strikes we’ve got two modulus CCS tens now we’ve got the
zombie strike series and guys if you want us to do a nerf zombie series let
me know in a comment below but anyway we’ve got three doom inators we’ve got
the crossbow which we use in first-person shooter – we’ve got the
brain saw we’ve got the double strike ah we’ve got this I almost went down I
almost went down fam this you give it a little juice you know you can like you
can cut open some skulls these are called the sledgefire I believe these
things are sick we use these in first-person shooter 9 I just down here we have a lot of smaller nerf
guns mostly pistols this thing’s actually one of my favorite what is this
the bow strike I think this is part of the zombie strike series you like this
would you it kind of reminds me of that dinosaur from Jurassic Park you know the
one that’s like this is a custom-built sr-25 I mean look at this bad boy
oh we use this a nerf war brother verse brother you guys want to see this in a video
again let me know eight more rapid strikes right here we’ve used this in a
plethora of videos plethora oh yeah you’re right plethora Who am I
dude I don’t pronounce anything right I’m so bad with pronunciation plethora
great I just sounded so dumb to the Internet I guess there’s no going back
so moving on we got the hyper fires we’ve used these in a lot of the videos
my favorite video that we’ve used these in Donald Trump verse Hillary Clinton
which is one of my favorite videos actually now we’ve got all our stripes and as you
guys know the strife is my favorite nerf gun also guys if you want me to do a mod
guide let me know in a comment because a lot of you guys have been asking how I
modified strife now guys oh I probably should have done that so down here we’ve
got the Raven I need to modify them I plan on using them for my nerve Squad
series I’m so stoked to be bringing their squad back guys so stoked
oh shoot we’re out man oh yeah you like this one don’t you bro this is a
stampede all around great nerf gun yeah let’s get back over here
whoo got all of our rival blasters here rivals shoot the yellow balls as we all
know we’ve got the Zeus we’ve got some red ones and the blue ones now my
favorite video that we’ve used the Zeus is in in fact this is women they first
came out the first video that we use the Zeus in nerf war christmas warfare now we’ve got the Kaos blasters we’ve
got four of them – blue – red we use these in there for the new nerf
gun we’ve got the Artemis blasters these things are pretty dope I got three Reds
two blue and then we’ve got the Apollo we use the Apollo for the first time and
they’re for our nerf fps Easter edition and then I forget what these ones are
called what are these fatties called up here our doorbell is a sheep it’s I’m I
think it is I’m not kidding about Amazon guys you need to sign up for Amazon
Prime if you don’t like it you don’t have to do it but you get 30 days for
free like I said links in the description below
we’re not sponsored by them I just love them so much i order all my nerf guns
all my ammo my clothes my underwear my socks everything from Amazon in fact
when you’re an Amazon connoisseur such as myself I got a little hungry this
morning and I ordered some goldfish and they already came in the mail can you
believe that let’s hit this you want some bro these are flavor blasted this
box will be gone in about an hour wow those are so good I guess I know
what I’m having for lunch and dinner tonight
I had a box of Triscuits for breakfast alright guys so finishing up we’ve got
our Vulcans back here we got a sonic a green sonic version I guess that’s what
it’s called we got the red one which we used in a Christmas video we’ve got some snipers we got this blue
longshot haven’t used this in video yet we’ve got this sonic ice Centurion
burrito battle we got the new Alpha Hawk haven’t used
this yet we’ve got to read Centurions drone attack the yellow longshot never
used this in a video yet but this thing is frickin dope a white long strike
Savage blaster as well and we’ve got the blue long strike which we use in some
older videos we’ve got two mega mastodons you probably remember this
from nerf war the underdog three we’ve got two more demolishers and we’ve
got our retaliate errs and we’ve got some zombie strike blasters here this is
our iRobot Roomba 980 T this bad boys been used in quite a few minutes
therefore a brother versus brother featuring Esteban therefore trickshot
addition therefore burrito battle yes but that would eat those annoying I
mean this thing’s literally part of the friggin Arsenal nerf gun giveaway all
you have to do subscribe to PDK films this channel and my gaming channel King
Kowski turn on those post notifications for both channels follow me on the
Graham at Paul Caskey I post a lot of BTS type stuff on there then leave a
comment below I want your favorite nerf gun is that we talked about and I’ll be
announcing the winner probably in the next week or two for this the nerf ak-47
there’s not one nerf gun in the world out there like this now to end the video
I’m gonna give you guys a quick firing test this is a normal nerf strife
unmodified normal here goes actually wait this one is modified I think but
it’s running it’s running stock batteries normal double a’s so this is
the modified ak-47 fam ready look at that look at that paint it over there
Pat I mean this thing is a friggin beast
anyway guys thank you so much for watching the video copy yourself some
new merch it’s pretty dope I wear this shirt like pretty much every day shout
to Pat for filming Pat you can give yourself the plug as well if you need to
a so guys stay tuned next week we’re back to our normal nerve for videos
we’ve got some dope content coming to you guys this summer
also I’m releasing a new series on my gaming channel called nerf GTA it’s
gonna be like a first-person shooter based off the GTA video game but it’s
gonna be a third-person shooter so gonna be dope hopefully you guys into the
giveaway to win one of these bad boys and that’s I keep feeling like I need to
keep talking but I don’t let’s end the video right here peace

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