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Nerf Guns: Star Wars Nerf Arsenal

What’s up guys Paul from PDK Films here
today we’re gonna be going over my massive nerf arsenal whoa well we get started guys be sure to
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alright let’s go alright guys first things first mo mo
isn’t poor and you need a mo to shoot a nerf gun so we’ve got the elite darts
we’ve got the mega darts and we’ve got the balls the rival balls of course all
of these you can buy in stores obviously but you don’t want to do that you want
to buy them online link in the video description you can buy them on Amazon
for a lot cheaper than you can buy them in stores so you can get a lot more of
them for less also guys got a plug we’ve got new merch links in the bio
everything we talked about today links are gonna be in the video description
below we’ve got this dope new shirt burrito full pretty dope if you ask me
we also have a few more shirts all on the store links in the video description
below we’re also selling your own patches you guys have seen these in a
few videos we’ve got the nerf squad patch Jessie guys no nerf squad is back
or released nurse quad haunted house or Halloween video if you guys have seen
that comment below also comment hashtag nerf squad if you guys are excited for
more nerf squad videos now we’ve got the estaban patch as well you guys know
esteban he’s up over there esteban is dope and also we’ve got the esteban
fidgets spinners guys these are unreal so these are going to be as well and
linked in the video description below we’re making a video nerf war fidget
spinner battle if you guys are excited about that comment nerf fidget spinner
down below alright so let’s take these darts over here guys now we’re gonna be
going over these Star Wars blasters which are pretty dope as you guys know
we’ve been planning a Star Wars video for quite some time still
work-in-progress it’ll be coming out soon if you guys are excited for Star
Wars if you guys want to see Star Wars video then comment nerf Star Wars down
below and smash I like but all right guys so we’ve got a lot of stuff here
first we’ve got this sniper rifle in the back it’s gonna be a rebel sniper rifle
it’s pretty dope haven’t used in a video yet we’ve got this longshot sniper rifle
right here it’s gonna be a stormtrooper sniper rifle then we’ve got this bad boy
right here this has actually been used in the video brother vs. brother now guys this thing is lit this is a
rival chaos blaster it’s been paying with the Star Wars theme want to pop
this mag in here give you guys a little firing demo a holiday should go so this
runs off a 3s lipo battery you guys ready for this pretty dope it shoots a lot faster than
a normal unmodified Kaos blaster if you guys think that that was lip and comment
that was lit alright so now we got the Hera blaster now this thing’s been whoa
easy there buddy this thing’s been modified as well so it takes one of
these stick mags huh nice and sticky we pop it in down here nice and tight just
how we like it so now this thing’s semi-auto I mean this thing is lit it ripped this
was modified by I got in Josh he makes all these custom modified nerf guns you
guys can find his store and the link in the video description below where it is
all these mounted nerf guns you can buy them from him they’re pretty dope moving
on here guys pick up the FTL’s you guys have seen the FTL’s before they’re
really dope they just rip bullets out so these ones right here they’re awesome
they’re black and white these are the stormtrooper nerf guns then we’ve got
these black ones up here those are the rebel ones they have decals on them I
bought these from a guy named Jesse he runs his own shop and you guys can buy
these links in the video description below they’re about 400 bucks but
they’re worth every single penny so let me give you guys you guys have already
seen this before but I’m gonna give you a quick firing demo because this thing
rips so we turn it on it’s got the voltmeter in the back we rip it up the
full speed full rate of fire popping this full 35 round drum magazine ooh
watch this boom this is like the craziest nificant I’ve ever owned one so
if you guys are excited for the Star Wars video let me know it’ll come below
and also comment which one of these Star Wars guns was your favorite but we got
one more folks we got this one right here oh yeah this thing is pretty wet
this is also modified and we actually have never shot this thing before I just
got it they’re gonna pop in a few rounds here buy these on Amazon guys by Moana
is a little him now this thing is modified but right now has normal
batteries in it so it might not rip that hard and we like it when it rips hard
don’t we there we go yeah so it needs it needs MA and these higher voltage
batteries to shoot faster but this thing is pretty wet once again guys gotta plug
the merge the patches and the fidgets spinner it’s got esteban on the front
pretty dope you’ll be seeing this in a nerf fidget spinner battle coming out
soon now guys moving on to the good stuff these are all of my zombie nerf
guns right here alright guys you guys have seen these in a lot of our videos
we use this in brother first brother we use this nerf crossbow and one of our
first zombie videos and then we use this sledgefire
is that is that what this is called in our most recent nerf first-person
shooter zombie video this is also one of my favorite nerf guns cause it’s like
dope barrel break close it up boom we pop a zombie so guys these guns
right here these zombie guns are very important because as you all know here
at ptk films we love killing zombies just like the one right over there that’s how it’s done now I want to take
a quick moment here guys to thank our sponsor The Walking Dead no man’s land
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Walking Dead no man’s land for sponsoring this video guys remember you
can download it for free by clicking on the link in the video description below
now guys one last thing we are planning on making a new series based off of The
Walking Dead it’s gonna be a nerf zombie series you’re gonna be using all of our
nerves zombie guns here as well as a few of our modded guns if you guys are
excited about that and want that to happen in comment nerf zombies below and
smash I like but if you haven’t done so already alright guys so these are a lot
of my modified nerf guns right he they’re all really joke you guys like my
modified nerf guns comment below hashtag modified nerf guns alright so back here
we have the sr-25 of the 3d printed kit it was using brother versus brother and
roommate battle featuring pad of course next we’ve got this custom-made rhino
fire has the front cut off it’s been modified this thing rips it was using
modified nerf battle next we have this nerf Gatling gun which
I haven’t used in the video yet but it’s pretty lit we’ve got this alpha trooper
with a custom-made 3d printed kit now these 3d printed parts guys you can buy
from 3d SL it’s gonna throw a link in the video description below he makes us
our nerf ak-47 pieces and all that cool stuff so this is pump action pretty dope
haven’t used this in a video yet though now we’ve got two modified modulus
blasters this one’s been integrated with the long shot stock modified internally
of course then we’ve got this modulus plastic with a really dope paint job and
a our stock in the back oh yeah this is all sewn up and using a video yet either
we’ve got a rapid strike right here folks this thing was used in brother vs.
brother as well we’ve got this Evo scorpion gun it’s based off a stripe
it’s got a nice urban camo paint job on it and she’s pretty lit we used this in
brother versus brother and a first-person shooter lastly we got my flamethrower here fully
modified of course it is very good for roasting burritos turkeys people a
little bit of everything and I used this in one of my older videos to do some
recycling leave a comment below if you want to see
me use this bad boy in a nerf video let’s go oh yeah hey I’m gonna have you stand
over there and put some gasoline yeah she’s a lot of fun and I actually it has
gas in it so I mean I don’t even know what that word means but – moving on
over here we’ve got these really cool guns right here we’ve got an HK 416 a
honey badger and an mp5 these guns have been featuring a lot more of my recent
videos they have these really nice 3d printed kits on them they look really
cool like real guns and they’ve been modified internally of course we’ve got
the Kriss vector I have a lot of these bad boys but I’ve been doing a lot of
Giveaways with them this is one of the OGIS fully modified of course and then
one of the favorite videos we’ve used this in was Donald Trump versus Hillary
Clinton hashtag nerf war Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton part two it’s
kind of long but if you guys want a part to comment that Pat was actually Donald
Trump in the video so he shout out to Pat this is the nerf Cammy gs-12 it’s
got an ammo counter built in so he popping a mag and you can program it if
it’s like six round mag twelve round mag each time you shoot a dart it counts
down once so you can know how much ammo you have left this was made by ammo
counter you guys can check his store out links the video description below he’s
got a lot of cool nerf attachment so you can put on your guns our ammo counters
it’s really dope next we’ve got this ACR kit right here the stock is broken
unfortunately we’ve used this in a few videos as well also modified so guys
this right here you might recognize as rival Zeus blaster that shoots the
yellow balls but instead it’s been modified to shoot full auto it takes
this Buzzbee magazine through the side full auto it’s really dope it doesn’t
have batteries right now but I’ll cue a clip of it shooting this was made by mag
two one two so go check him out have this guys this is a nemesis blaster I
know you guys like the riot limits this blaster if you do then comment rival
nemesis down below of course so this one’s been modified and it’s been has
this unreal paint job I think this is one of my favorite paint jobs I’ve ever
seen on a nerf gun it’s got this like jungle like red herb Encanto going on
here true it dope hasn’t been used in a video yet but if you guys want me to use
this in the video let me know below and also while we’re going over this Arsenal
guys I want you guys to let me know what is your favorite nerf gun that I
because I’ve got a lot of them I’m not quite sure what my favorite one is
actually my all-time favorite nerf gun is the nerf stripe of which I have a
plethora of alright moving on we’ve got the hyper fire right here this is a nice
little paint job going we love paint jobs here at PDK films alright so we’ll
just pop a quick mag in here this was using a first person shooter she rents boom isn’t that dope if that was dope
then you know what to do alright we’ve got this demolisher it’s
been painted red it’s got this really cool looking drum mag the punisher drum
maggie going here doesn’t have batteries in it right now but this thing’s been
modified haven’t used it in a video yet but we will also guys we’re gonna be
doing more nerf gun games and we’re gonna be doing one with modded nerf guns
if you guys want us to do a gun game video with mod at all modern nerf guns
let us know I’m gonna come in the comments below so we’ve also got this
long shot right here that’s been painted and modified internally this thing is so
hard to pull back it’s got a really big spring in there I’m getting my workout
in for the day so next we’re gonna move on to the stripes as you guys know the
stripes are my favorite all-time nerf gun we’ve got a few different ones here
we’ve got orange we’ve got blue we’ve got these new white modulus versions
which are really dope so we’ve got our stripes here guys and
actually believe it or not I have way more stripes than what you see here so
yeah these are my stripes guys I love stripes and my favorite that is here Oh oh yeah just another little delivery Oh we’ll
record so guys you’re really gonna buy things on Amazon that’s the way to do it
that’s how we do it here PETA gay films also not sponsored by Amazon I just love
Amazon see what we got in here oh yeah we’ve got even more we’re planning a
very big World War two video with the stripes you guys are excited about that
coming nerf World War two down below it’s not gonna be first-person shooter
it’s gonna be a normal nerf video with the stripes but as you can see guys
we’ve got a lot of them the nerve stripe if they if you guys like the nerve
strife let me don’t want to comment below alright let’s get it back onto
these bad boys so it’s the reason I love the stripe is because it’s small compact
but it’s easy to mod so this one’s been modified 3x lipo battery in this thing
ramps there we go super loud it’s got rhino fire motors in
it and with the stripe you can modify it internally but you can also do all these
external mods make it look cool so this is our a k47 builds right here pretty dope as well and of course we’ve
got this customized nerf gun this just has normal nerf attachments here
modified and then of course we’ve got our blue
nerf a ak-47 right here and guys these custom-made 3d printed nerf ak-47
attachments can be bought in 3d assault links in every description below doh so
describe my all-time favorite nerf gun and we’ve got a lot of them and a lot
more and the nerf World War two video guys if you’re excited for that nerf
World War 2 comment below alright so now we’ve got our mega guns we’ve got the
mastodons back here these have been used in a lot of our videos most recently I
believe the care package so we’ve got the mega Centurion blasters back here
these big snipers we’ve got two red ones and this blue one which still hasn’t
been using the video yet somehow but we use these in Donald Trump versus Hillary
Clinton now we’ve got these two roto Furies right here one of the favorite
videos that I’ve used these in was probably first person shooter 9 and you
guys can see this double breach right here this thing’s pretty sick we use
this in the most recent nerf gun game so in the back here we’ve got some Vulcans
we’ve got a red one which was using Christmas battle we’ve got a green one
which hasn’t been used in a video yet we’ve got two yellows which was used in
the most recent gun game so right here we’ve got a bunch of rapid strikes
rabbit tricks also one of my favourite nerf guns because it’s got bottom
attachments to table attachments top rail up here side attachments front
attachment point and they’re pretty good when they’re not modded full auto but
when they’re modded they’re also really good one of my favourite videos that
we’ve ever used the rapid strike in was nerf war 1 million subscribers
speaking of which guys we do have nerf war 3 million subscribers filmed it’s
been so long since we made that video we film with it back in May we’re planning
on releasing it either next week or the week after but if you guys are really
excited about that and wants to push it out comment in there for 3 million
subscribers hyper fives right here hyper fires are good too they’re actually
better than the rapid strike in terms of their rate of fire and the speed that
they can shoot their belt-fed but the thing that I don’t like about the rapid
strikes is they don’t really have any attachment points not on the front no
rails or anything so you can’t really customize them but these bad boys have
been modified of course let me show you how much this thing rips
here though we’ll shoot this one pretty wet this was also modified by
Josh Schmidt Schmidty mod works his link was in the video description below so
we’ve got a modulus blasters up here this was most recently using and one of
my favorite videos nerve for two million subscribers so we’ve got these two
regulators I actually really like the regulator’s they’re select fire single
burst or full auto these have been modified as well by Josh and these
things rip as well the most recent video this was in was nerf or World War two like that thing that rips all right
we’ve got to try strikes over here used in nerf gun game 2.0 alright guys so
moving on to the rival blasters if you guys like nerf rifle comment below nerf
rival is pretty cool because I shoot fast or they shoot the yellow balls and
we all love balls and they’re geared towards older kids so first we’ve got a
bunch of chaos blasters back here we’ve got three red three blue and we’ve also
got three red Zeus blasters and three blue Zeus blasters now these have been
modified perfect so this thing rips as well guys check it out that’s pretty crazy so if you guys want
to buy some of these modified blasters like I said check out the link in the
video description below Josh does a pretty good job with all of
his mods also he does these ones for me as well these Zeus blasters I would show
you guys all what a normal stock version that’s unmod looks like but I think you
guys already know but watch this we’ve got those these are all pretty
dope I love the rival guns like I said guys let me know what your favorite nerf
gun is here so we’ve got the Atlas blasters is that what this is called no
this is the Artemis this is the Artemis most recently we use this in gun game 3
pretty cool pump action and unmod it does a really good job at getting those
rounds off nice and fast oh right here this is the Atlas plasterer this takes
the stick same mag pump action whoa we also use this in gun game 3 the Nemesis
blasters comment nerf nemesis if you want to see us use one of these in a
video and a modded gun game video because these things
two of them are stock two of them are modded but these are really dope
blasters they don’t really do very well when their unwanted but the bottom
versions rip see if I get any rounds Oh actually I can put some balls in here
always got my balls nice and strapped here oh comment balls below if you are
just kidding got plenty of balls here at PDK films
folks we like them squishy we like them firm we like them hard sometimes alright
shake the balls around a little bit get them nice and lubricated in there so yeah this is pretty dope because you
don’t to worry about having mags loaded up and you know we’re always carrying
balls around am i right so just slap them on in there when
you’re good to go we’ve got these hurricane blasters now these are made by
out of darts I think two of them are broken right now I don’t really know
what the problem is one of them started smoking and also the most recent video
we use these in I believe was a roommate battle so yeah these are really good
blasters but some of them are broken so I got to fix them up there we’ve got the
Apollo blasters use this in the Easter video I believe they’re kind of cool
because you can just say oh I’m going down so we’ve got a lot of cool blasters
back here first we’ve got this doom lands double dealer double down double
something we use this in nerf gun game two next we’ve got this nerf zombie
longshot gun which is pretty dope use this in first-person shooter five all
right so now we’ve got the rhino fire this thing is unmod so it’s not that
quick but josh is working on a couple modded ones for me where I know fire is
a good gun it looks cool these things jiggle huh I know one of my favorite
videos we use this in was nerf underdog too if you guys haven’t seen it you
should check it out with IVA moving back here we’ve got the alpha hawk now guys
comment below if you saw what happened with this in nerf gun game 3 now we’ve
got these two long strikes in the back we got a blue one we’ve got a white one
blue one was used in our old nerf squad series now guys if you’re excited about
a nerf squad comment nerf squad hashtag nerd squad below because we made a nurse
squad Halloween video didn’t get them any views maybe it was too scary for you
guys were you guys scared of it was pretty scary if you ask me I couldn’t
sleep with the lights off for about a week after filming that one but guys
comment nurse squad below let us know what you want to see what kind of videos
you guys want us to make because nerf squad is like one of the big series that
got us big on youtube and we’re trying to bring it back higher production value
better locations better plot so yeah if you guys wants to make more nervous
squads let us know below give us video suggestions the best thing you guys can
do is of course subscribe turn on post notifications smash that like button but
also common because that’s how we get your guys’s feedback that’s how we know
what you guys like what you don’t like here we’ve got some Spectre fires we’ve
got three blues two yellows we’ve got two long shots back here we’ve got a
blue one Pat use this in room eight battle and then we’ve got this yellow
one over here we have some retaliate errs a bunch of them we’ve got the
drones over here guys we used these Tarot drones in Pat’s
debut nerf war humans verse drones we also used this in the nerf squad
Halloween video guys check that one out didn’t get that many views we’ve got
some Raiders slash rampages the older ones are called the Raider so this is
used to be one of my all-time favorite nerf guns back in the nerf squad days
like we felt so cool Eric and I and guys if you miss Eric leave a comment below
I’ll get Eric and somebody assume he’s at the Naval Academy
alright so this bad boy takes a drum mag to the side it’s pretty cool like I just
remember growing up before they even had the electric nerf guns yeah this was the
first drum mat gun I’m pretty sure and like you guys I mean you guys are
growing up a lot of you younger guys and girls and girls like you guys are used
to these electric guns but back when Pat and I were younger like they didn’t even
have electric nerf guns they were all pump-action which we loved pumping them
but this was one of the favorite ones of Eric and eyes we use this in a lot of
the old nerve Squad videos it’s a classic blaster so we’ve got two of
these Raiders clear one as well we’ve got two rampages these are the newer
version and now which is pretty cool we’ve got these these Raiders here the
cs35 these are like the orange limited edition I swooped a few of these from a
friend and I’ve got these two and we’ve also got this recon and all orange these
are pretty dope I forget what the last video I use these in but I’ll cue it
right now once I find it and yeah we’ve got two more retaliate ORS up here a red
one and a blue one we’ve used these and some gun games that haven’t been
released yet a lot of the videos we film guys might not make it up on YouTube for
months later so like I said three million subscriber video with zooms back
in May hoping to get it out in December but comment below if you guys want it
you guys tell me what you want alright demolisher this thing is dope it
used to have a silencer on the front but when we were filming the Halloween nerf
squad video bin was still afraid of the possessed Donald Trump that he
accidentally broke the front of it off but this thing’s really dopes got a
flashlight oh that’s the laser pointer and a
flashlight which is pretty cool now this is also a
demolisher but if you notice the bottom part where the grenade shoots has been
cut off and it’s been modified internally so this thing is actually one
of my new favorite nerf guns it looks like kind of like more like an
assault rifle it’s pretty dope we got two more demolishers over here back over
here we’ve had some a plethora a variety of different nerf guns I’m trying to use
advanced vocabulary but I dropped out of college son Oh actually before we go on
with that this is our skateboard Arsenal over here Pat actually got hit by a
Range Rover when he was skating downtown the other day we had to pick him up from
the hospital but that skateboard I don’t know where that one is but it’s broken
in half somewhere anyway this is my penny board that’s been used in a few
videos here and there we’ve got Eric’s skateboard which has
been using a few videos and of course we’ve got Esteban’s skateboard right
here this boosted board the Hsiao Esteban gets around got a few blasters
we’ve got this really dope Star Wars nerf gun right here like I said guys
hashtag nerf Star Wars if you want to see that video soon and this was used in
the most recent gun game I’m irked Pat at the beginning of it this was also
used in that same gun game this is like a cool little shotgun thing this was
used in our first ever gun game nerf gun game one if you guys have seen that
video comment below we filmed that up in Mammoth really dope video straddle bow
this was used to nerf gun game – do you guys want to see when nerf Hunger Games
let us know that’d be kind of dope this just reminded me of Hunger Games I think
the last time we used one of these bows Eric used it in burrito battle gee we
love burritos here p2k films and as you can see I’m repping the burrito murkier
burrito full pretty dope if you ask me you guys can copy your merch in the link
in the description below alright so finishing up here guys we’ve
got this these nerf Mavericks the Mavericks these were some old-school
nerf guns as well mine and Eric’s favorites back in the day we filmed a
lot of videos with the Mavericks we’ve got these white out edition and one of
the rare or orange ones now we’ve got this Stampede right here Josh also
modded me this so the Stampede is an older nerf gun
that doesn’t work very well when it’s unmod it but the modded version works
great finishing up here guys we got some Ravens yellow two blues and a green I
don’t think we’ve ever we use this in a gun game that hasn’t been released yet
these two blue ones were used back in the old nerf squad days pretty dope I’m
gonna get these things modified so they shoot faster then we’ve got some pistols
down here these big shocks I really like I like to start gun games out with them
like the most recent one and also the fire strike is dope I usually use this
in a gun game this little guy over here is real dope this is like a little
zombie strike but bow strike goes like this like opens up every time I see this
it reminds me let me know what you guys what this reminds you all right now
comment below tell you what it reminds me of it reminds me of that dinosaur in
Jurassic Park you know or eats that bat guy it’s like it like opens up to ya it
has the hood spits like some black stuff on him this is just reminds me of that
every time dude every time well here comes the freight train so we’ve got
this modified Roomba over here this thing’s been triple modified internally
and externally it’s got the CC for 200 motors the honey badger fly wheels in
there she’s pretty dope and yes she’s been
using quite a bit of the videos actually she’s essential for the crew here at
Peter Kade films we’ve also got some of these pistols down here using the first
gun game I believe oh and the jolts guys let me know what you think of the jolt
the jolt honestly is arguably one of the best videos I have a very good example
of Pat using the jolt and one of the crew mate battle videos but yeah let me
know what you guys think of the nerf jolt is it lit or is it not not lit this
was used in nerf war first person shooter 13 but as you can see it’s got a
really big spring in there you can hear it alright guys so I forgot to talk
about these super modified items over here we have this Nerf dart it was made
out of a super modified pool noodle and if you hit someone with it they die it’s
pretty pretty intense it’s been used in I think modern nerf gun battle we’ve got
these grenades here I use these my first-person shooters to take out the
bad guys quite essential we’ve got these grenades Hillary Clinton
let me tell you crooked Hillary she loves using these grenades to take out
bad guys especially Donald Trump like I said Donald Trump versus Hillary
Clinton part two let me know in a comment below if you guys want that
we’ve got this now guys this as I always talk about imported from the Peruvian
Amazon Niagara Falls rainforest it’s been the tribes have passed this along
and modified this thing from the olden days ancient days folks in this thing
let me tell ya super modified like and it never jams on
you like you could put four darts in this mother and it won’t Jam so let’s
show you one dart look at those lips up get them good nice and lubricated just
how we like it here if you keep them it’s gonna seal go in there nice and
tight also just have a light key here P to keep films loosen up those shoulders
oh whoa this is what we do here look at that range Supermodified now when we can
show you guys here just call the number below 1-800 and you get one of these for
free just get a couple of these in here you can shoot four at once
only if it’s modified though watch this look at that what you do here you don’t
even have to load the dart manually you can just pop her in there I get her kind
of like that and then you just suck and blow just I would like to get pretty
close look at that so super modified guys highly recommend
this thing pretty dope and of course you can always use it mainly if you have to
now we got these super modified nerf goggles here Pat really likes to use
these in nerf wars helps him out with his aim and everything and of course
just modified a nerf knife it’s very sharp very sharp got to be careful with
it so guys thanks again for watching the video be sure be sure be sure subscribe
hit that Bell turn on post notifications if you haven’t already that way you guys
won’t miss out on any new videos also we’ve got our limited edition nerve
Squad patches that you guys have seen some of the videos our estaban patches
as well and our estaban fidget spinners all for sale links during the video
description below as well as the ml nerf guns all that cool stuff that we guys
talked about so comment below what your favorite nerf gun was guys let me know
what you’re really excited for what video
you guys want us to produce and with that said we’ll see you guys next week
with an awesome and their fourth video please once again everyone remember you
can download The Walking Dead no man’s land for free by clicking on the link in
the video description below whose

100 thoughts on “Nerf Guns: Star Wars Nerf Arsenal

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