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Bewm! That should be enough for today’s pizza Hello brother… Danny boy! My favourite looser What’s up man? Just stop Spare me the talk alright I saw what you go there I have no idea what you’re talking about Yeah? Ok Let me quickly open up my Bank app And check my status huh? I have a better idea How about you don’t? From what I see here A large chunk of my money has been withdrawn half an hour ago You should probably switch banks Idiot! That’s my money there isn’t it?! You are my personal slave You work for me! This is MY money! Ok Ok You’re dead! Don’t make me do this bro Just give me the cash back! Nevaaa This all makes sense now I had random withdraws… Off my bank account in last two weeks and I haven’t seen you around the house last two weeks either What can I say man I was busy You should be busy with trying to find a job but that’s not what you call busy is it? Absolutely not I’ll make you pay it all back I don’t think so Yes Listen bro Lets make a deal What? I keep this money and I let you keep your life I only see one deal on the table yeah and what’s that fatboy? You give me the cash that’s on the island Ok Hand over the Nerf Desolator Oh ok, what else? and I shoot you in the face right below your left eye Anything else fatty? You give me back my money!! Sorry no refund If only I had time to chase you around but I don’t because I got cash to spend baby I was saving this gun but its time its time for this gun to come out the Shadows Judgement Day! my babies Not so fast Ahhh, what’s that? Its the Penetrator Of course it is Hand over the cash Don’t do it Don’t even think about that gun Pizzaa!!! Yes Yes Guys Click like for my epic Rough Cut Mod And hey in the comments below help me decide as to what I should name it I’m thinking The Penetrator or Nerf RoughCut 9000 But if you have better ideas Let me know in the comments below If you want to see more Nerf Wars like this and more epic Gun Mods Make sure you subscribe to Gun Vs Gun Click this little circle And you’ll instantly subscribe For those already subscribed Thanks! My bro over there will respawn And he’s gonna come after me He’ll be very angry And Christmas is coming This is very bad timing I got to go Things are gonna go down Ahhh

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