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Nerf Gun War 3 Yeah buddy Krispy Kreme vs Tim Hortons Its a donuts shootout Somebody say donuts? Donuts? There’s not donuts here… I saw what you’re working with. And I want it. No, no, no, you saw nothing man, nothing. I want those donuts. All of them. You saw nothing! Zero. Nada. Shut up! You know what, You should really learn to relax. Take on some Yoga or something. Yoga is for girls like you. Now hand over those sweet sugary packages. You’re not the boss of me! These are mine! All mine, and I love them’ You don’t love them like I love them. Hand them over. Never. Nerf War? NERF WAR!! Danny This can all end now If you just hand over those donuts. Not going to happen. There is no middle ground with you is there? If I give you one doughnut, you’re gonna want more! And if I give you one box, you’re gonna want the other one. There is no middle ground. House rules. Tommy rules. You know If you got a job you can buy you own donuts So just get a job. Why get a job when I have a personal slave. And that’s you Danny Boy. Slave hey? Ok. Alright. I got something for you then. Oh yeah. What’s that? Freshly Moded Nerf Rival Artemis Gun! Listen bro Can we talk? Talk. If I get to eat my donuts in peace. I won’t kill you, with this Nerf Gun. This is how I see it. Here we go. You give me your donuts Oh Ok. Hand over the Nerf Gun. So exciting, go on. And your brother Tommy Shoots you dead. I got two words for you: Hell and No. That’s three. What? Three words idiot! Shut up! You’re not my English Teacher! I’m your master. Donuts now! Very sorry sojourner. Donut Shop closed for the day. Ahh, idiot, that was my doughnut hand. You can run. But I got no time to chase you. Cuz I wanna eat some donuts. This will be much fun Ohhh yeah! Oh yes. Not so fast bro. Is that a… Katana! That looks illegal. In most States. Death is coming for you. What the hell? Donuts time. You missed. Did I? I never miss. Subscribe now. To the Nerf Ninja. And click like. For chopping Danny in half. And in the comments below Lets comes up with a name For Danny’s stupid Moded Nerf Gun. How bout the “Danny Sucks” blaster. How bout that? That’s pretty good. Maybe you can come up with something better. Lets hear it baby! Untill next time. Nerf Gun War 3 The End

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  2. First and foremost Tommy greed's too much for sweets. Danny should in the future all ready have backup weapon with him and should eat in the car before coming home.

  3. You suck tommy you killed danny eventually danny has a modded gun and yours suck your a NOOB NEWBIES!!!

  4. Can you make episode then Danny shooting all pizza and donut of tommy and tommy use nefrjitsu and river gun killer Danny and have a bomb in a mouth Danny

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